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NASA Scientist Admits Portals Are Opening Around Earth – Proof that Project Pegasus is Real?

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Many people believe the Universe can be explored in almost a blink of an eye, using energetic portals and our consciousness. The Ancients knew about these means of traveling to other Star Systems, but also to the inner Earth using crystals, pyramids, and other earthen structures aligned with the ley lines of our planet. Alice’s rabbit…

Edward Snowden Reveals Intricate Details about Earth’s Innermost Inhabitants

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Among the groundbreaking disclosures forwarded by Edward Snowden to humanity, one speaks of the possibility of the inner earth being populated by an advanced civilization that had been monitoring us ever since the beginning. By some he’s considered a traitor, but some think of him as a hero. Edward Snowden had the courage to reveal secrets…

Contactee Claims our Moon is Artificial and Was Brought Here from Another Galaxy

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Contactee Alex Collier claims our Moon is actually the interstellar transport ship that was brought here from a distant solar system. It contained an experiment run by the grey aliens and their reptilian masters: our genetically-engineered ancestors. Fluke or not, most Sci-Fi writers proved to be quite visionary, if not somewhat prophetic. The book “Letters…

Romanian General Describes Encounter With Reptilian Beings

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Romanian general reveals an intriguing story about reptilian beings seen right outside a public area. There’s a conspiracy theory claiming that important political figures worldwide are nothing but disguised reptilian humanoids that secretly govern the unsuspecting human civilization. These allegations are based on several discoveries of huge underground cities in various regions of the globe, but also…

Did NASA Discover Alien Life on Titan?

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When it comes to alien lifeforms in the Solar System, Titan – the largest moon of Saturn is one of the most likely candidates. Whenever considering the possibility of finding alien lifeforms in the universe, scientists are mostly focusing their search power on exoplanets, or celestial bodies that have the optimal conditions for liquid water…

Alien Sounds Recorded Near Jupiter by NASA’s Juno Spacecraft

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Alien Sounds Jupiter NASA

Chilling, alien-like sounds have been recorded coming from Jupiter, and they could be made by enormous creatures living in the planet’s atmosphere. The sounds were picked up by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, set to enter Jupiter’s orbit today [July 4th], after a five-year journey through interplanetary space. The space probe is set to stabilize in a…

Fossilized Remains of a Dinosaur Discovered on the Martian Surface

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Scouting for answers on Mars, a group of enthusiast anomaly investigators discovered the fossilized remains of an unknown creature peaking from the Red Planet’s arid terrain. At first sight, the anomaly appears to be related to the ancient dinosaurs that had once roamed the Earth. When we consider the possibility of a former Martian civilization…

Curiosity Rover Beams Back Photo of Stalking Mechanical Robot on Mars

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It’s a rock…it’s a natural formation…No, it’s just a giant robot that’s peeking on NASA’s unaware Curiosity rover. Mars seems to (unofficially) have it all. From liquid water, to living creatures that crawl over the rocky surface, to flying unidentified objects, and even dusty relics reminding of a complex culture that had once flourished in…

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