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“We Really Have No Plan for When Aliens Finally Call,” SETI Scientist Says

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“It would be like the Neanderthals having a plan in case the U.S. Air Force showed up.” –SETI astronomer Seth Shostak. Where will you be when aliens finally call? Do you have things planned out? Because the world’s governments apparently never bothered. Hollywood taught us there’s a well-set protocol for when extraterrestrial forces make contact with…

Pack Your Bags! Researchers Discover Community of Purebred Pleiadians Living Free in Argentina

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purebred pleiadian

According to recent reports, one researcher uncovered a community of unadulterated Pleiadians living the good, simple life in a remote village in Northern Argentina. Feel like getting out? It means you’ve noticed the spiritual degradation our society has been steadily falling into. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an oasis of tranquility and equilibrium, where…

GOV Whistleblower: Obama and Clinton Will Admit Aliens Exist before Trump Enters the White House

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obama clinton admit aliens exist

A UFO disclosure organization was recently contacted by a high-ranking government official carrying a powerful message: in less than 2 months, the U.S. –and the rest of the world — will know the truth about aliens and UFOs. The Paradigm Research Group, a consortium of well-meaning truth seekers might go down in history as the…

This Strange Noise in the Arctic Ocean Could Originate from an Underwater Alien Base

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The Canadian military investigated a mysterious pinging signal coming from the depths of the Arctic Ocean. They have no clue about what’s causing the cryptic sound. Afraid it might scare off fish and game, concerned fishermen and hunters from the remote Nunavut region in Canada reported this strange noise in the Arctic to authorities. They say…

A Blazing UFO Appeared over Washington D.C. on Election Day [VIDEO]

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UFO Washington election day

Such a major event was bound to attract extraterrestrial attention. The world is in shock after Trump’s largely unexpected victory. The United States’ electorate has decided and the global effects–whether positive or bad–will soon follow. Their decision will impact the entire world and it’s only natural. But what’s more surprising is that our alien watchers have already…

Amazing Sighting Kicks Off Search for a Secret UFO Base in the Hawaiian Mountains

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ufo base hawaii

A remarkable disc-shaped craft was recently photographed while flying over Hawaii and UFO enthusiasts are now searching for a UFO base hidden in the nearby mountains. According to a testimony filed with the Mutual UFO Network, the flying saucer was photographed on October 23, 2016 on the island of O’ahu, near Waikane. The witness said the…

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