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Glowing Green Object Soars over Siberia: Meteor, Missile or Maybe Aliens?

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ufo russia missile aliens

Amazing footage of a bright green UFO zipping through the sky over Siberia has the internet abuzz with theories. On Tuesday night, thousands of Russians witnessed the unusual event unfold over their homes. Considering the recent situation of strained political relationships between the U.S. and Russia, many of the witnesses took to social media with…

This French Town Maintains a Law that Bans All UFOs, Will Impound the Ones that Land

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french town bans ufo

Honestly, this sounds like our best chance to get to see one that’s been caught by the authorities. If you’re an alien, please consider not parking your flying apparatus anywhere near the French township of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It’ll get impounded and however fresh, those croissants and éclairs are just not worth it. Located in southeastern France, this…

These Beautiful Women Claim Aliens Got Them Pregnant and They Couldn’t be Happier

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women sex aliens

  They’re doing it so they can “evolve the human race into a new sub-species which will take over the Earth.” How noble! Based in the United States, the Hybrid Children Community is actively recruiting new ‘breeders’ to be impregnated by extraterrestrials. Describing themselves as “a family, a tribe, and a community of like-hearted people”, the HCC really…

Mass UFO Sighting at Roswell – 15 Military Students Witness Craft Shaped Like an 8

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ufo roswell shaped like 8

But it could also be shaped like ∞. Experts are investigating the claims of an unnamed student of the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), who says he and 14 other witnesses observed the peculiar movements of an unidentified craft shaped like the number 8. Although the sighting happened in August 2009, it wasn’t until recently that…

Internet Goes Wild Over UFO Swarm Caught above Charlotte, NC – Were They Trying to Communicate?

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Recent footage of a swarm of bright UFOs has lit the UFO community on fire, once again bringing up the subject of attempted alien communication. It would seem that extraterrestrial intelligence would prefer talking to us in ways much subtler than landing on the White House’ front lawn. Perhaps by putting on a well-choreographed show…

Using Muons, Researchers Discover Two Hidden Anomalies Inside the Great Pyramid

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Project ScanPyramids has just discovered evidence of two previously undetected apertures inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Just because a mystery is 4500 years old doesn’t mean it can’t be solved…” This isn’t Project ScanPyramids’ motto but it falls neatly along the line revealed by this recent discovery. As its name implies, the project aims to…

The Iraqi and the Anunnaki: Transport Minister Claims First Airport Was Built 5,000 Years Ago

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Politicians often use history to serve their own means. The Iraqi transport minister goes even further and uses forbidden history and unaccepted views about mankind’s past to justify his claims. It looks like Iraq’s transport minister Kazem Finjan has gone over his ancient alien reading list. He brought into discussion the topics first opened by…

UFO Conspiracy Expert Found Dead 3 Days After Texting: “If Anything Happens to Me, Investigate”

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A British UFO investigator and conspiracy theorist was found dead in an apartment in Poland, just days after letting his mother know that he was in serious trouble. This July, 39-year old Max Spiers was discovered lifeless on a couch in the Polish capital of Warsaw. He had been invited there to speak at a conference and…

Before Stonehenge – Ancient Astronomical Observatory in Australia Could Be 11,000 Years Old

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Wurdi Youang Stone Arrangement

A team of researchers are currently investigating the remains of an archaic astronomic observatory that could predate Stonehenge by nearly 6,000 years. New evidence uncovered by the researchers suggests the Wurdi Youang rock formation could be recognized as the world’s first astronomical observatory. Today, about 90 blocks of basalt remain standing, but with an estimated…

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