Siberian Craters Might Be Portals Leading to the Inner Earth, UFOlogists Claim

portals in siberia

As humanity goes forward, new threats emerge as the old ones are being forgotten. Explanations for weird occurrences these days tend to be strictly related to present phenomena and world threats, denying what has happened in the past.

At the end of 2014, huge craters were discovered in the Yamal Peninsula by helicopter pilots surveying the area. At first, there were only two craters, with others being discovered shortly after. After examining the area, Russian researchers realized that the craters were more widespread than they first thought, with one large crater surrounded by 20 smaller holes.

At the moment, there are over 7 large holes with over 30 tiny ones, measuring over 230 feet in depth and 2,000 feet in diameter.

Recent exploration of the mysterious pits have shown that icy lakes have formed at their bottoms, with water cascading down their permafrost walls.


Recent theories claim the craters were formed as a result of climate change, meteorite strikes, gas explosions from the underground or even nuclear tests. Each of these might sound plausible but the mysterious sightings seem to contradict all of this.

Judging by the smooth surface of the walls, also linear, and the lack of debris on the surface, we can’t possibly talk about a massive impact which caused all this. Besides, other craters have the same characteristics so there can’t be a coincidence regarding one of the holes.

Mighty eruptions of gas from an underground reservoir was the official information given so the local population wouldn’t panic, but considering the frozen lake at the bottom, this hypothesis seems rather wrong, as there is no big fissure in the icy surface.


Additionally, Russian scientists found no solid evidence while exploring the first crater:

No one knows what is happening in these craters at the moment. We plan a new expedition. Anyway, we must research this phenomenon urgently, to prevent possible disasters.

In two cases locals told us that they felt earth tremors. The nearest seismic station was yet too far to register these tremors” – Professor Bogoyavlensky

So what might be the cause of this strange phenomenon?

Turning away from the scientific information because it doesn’t add up much certainty to the matter, I stumbled upon an interesting theory that connects the past to the present.

We now know that two of the huge craters turned to lakes, which implies a deeper trail inside the holes than it was first thought.

Siberia is a mystical place, with a lot of alien encounters over the last 100 years.

The Hollow Earth theory also applies here, as UFOs are believed to access the portal to inner Earth from here. And what place serves as a better cover-up than a lake in the middle of this desolate, icy landscape?


Lake Baikal is found not far away from the Yamal peninsula. This ancient lake from the mountainous Russian region of Siberia is considered the deepest lake in the world, with a depth of over 2,400 feet, and is also renowned for its spectacular UFO sightings and alien encounters.

Are these mysterious craters linked to the Lake Baikal and the portals leading inside the Inner Earth ?

Fishermen Films Millitary Jets Chasing UFO Over Mediterranean Sea

ufo chased by military jets

An ordinary day in the Mediterranean Sea, near Spain, has led to a series of unimaginable events, fortunately captured on tape by some local fishermen.

A group of Galician fishermen were taking care of business when they heard some loud noises coming from the horizon.

Apparently the footage was captured in late 2009, offering a relatively low quality image but, the streak of events that followed offer a shocking view of a UFO submerging into the Sea with military jets hot on its tail.

Turning the camera on with panic and confusion, the fishermen manage to surprise what seems to be two fighting jets coming in from the right side.

Over a short period of time, a UFO appears to the right, quickly submerging into the water, followed by the two jets that previously passed by the fishermen’s boat.

Panic can be read on the Galician fisherman’s face, unaware of what is happening.

While still in shock, the guy holding the camera surprises a military helicopter approaching the boat, with its personnel yelling at the crew to remain in position.


If this video is supposedly real, then we are witnessing a magnificent scene of an UFO chased and at the same time harassed by the military.

The fishermen’s face is cloaked, and so is the name of the boat for obvious protection reasons, leading towards the conclusion of the video being legit.

As it happens, the Mediterranean Sea has seen other encounters of such sort.

In 1968, a NATO squadron performing in the area on a battleship witnessed a similar event, this time during nighttime.

Strange bright lights appeared over the sea, performing a number of maneuvers and then disappearing into the sky. The lights were like flares and rose out of the water near the port beam.

There were five of these objects, at first coming out of the water and vanishing into the same place but, after a few minutes the mysterious objects rose out of the water and performed synchronized maneuvers, moving up and laterally in perfect formation. The entire scene lasted for about three minutes.


After the bright UFOs performed their spectacle, they flew towards the sky, disappearing into the night.

Aliens and UFOs are believed to possess such technology that allows them to travel underwater or underground. They allegedly pick remote areas to perform their rituals and are sometimes surprised by humans, unaware of what is happening.

We are not surprised that aliens tend to run from us, as they get chased and sometimes even captured by the military or secret agencies. They try to offer us a peaceful lesson by not using their advanced technology against us.

In return for their friendly approach, we show the world how they are greeted by our Governments with battle devices meant only for destruction.

How will humanity manage to establish contact with these advanced species, which prove to exist after all, if all they receive from us is aggression and death?

UFO Hovering Above First Atomic Test Site Perplexes US Army

ufo first atomic test site

Are UFOs attracted to nuclear explosions? According to a 1957 Army report, they are.

Nuclear detonations release tremendous amounts of energy. They also set loose a shower of gamma rays, making them very hard to go unnoticed. Astronomers already have the technology to detect distant nuclear bursts in our galaxy. It goes without saying that a civilization advanced enough to master interstellar travel could easily notice if we blew up one of these weapons of mass destruction.

Ufologists often compare detonating nuclear weapons to putting up a sign that certifies we now have the ability to destroy ourselves. If there are peacekeeping aliens out there, they would certainly be keen to investigate the matter.

On July 16, 1945, mankind set off its first nuclear device. Bearing the code-name Trinity, the affair was carried out at the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico. The operation was considered a success and the knowledge gained would be used to level down Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The death toll numbered in the hundreds of thousands.


Twelve years later, the Chicago Tribune ran an article titled Object Hovers Near A-Bunkers, which describes a radiant “oval” being spotted near the bunkers used during the first nuclear explosion.

WHITE SANDS PROVING GROUND, N.M., Nov 4, 1957—The Army today reported that a huge oval object ‘nearly as bright as the sun’ was spotted Sunday hovering near bunkers used in the first atomic bomb explosion.

The sightings were made 17 hours apart by two different military police patrols on this southern New Mexico missile testing range.”

At approximately 0800 hours, a two-man patrol radioed their commanding officer to report a bright light hovering above one of the abandoned A-bomb bunkers. The bunkers contained no equipment or ammunition that could have attracted the attention of the luminous UFO.

In their written statements, specialists Forest R. Oakes and Charles A. Barlow said that “the large bright light took off at a 45-degree angle and went up into the sky and started blinking on and off.” Shortly after, it vanished.

The patrolmen described the unidentified object as a flattened oval measuring 200 to 300 feet in length and said it illuminated the entire area directly below it. Unfortunately, a camera wasn’t part of their standard equipment.

The nervousness of the commanding officers at White Sands must have reached a new level, as this was the second sighting in less than 24 hours.

The previous incident had occurred at 0300 hours but this time the detonation site had been visited by an egg-shaped UFO of approximately the same size and characteristics. It was witnessed by Corporal Glenn H. Toy and Private First Class Wilbanks.

[…]they noticed a very bright object high in the sky. The object descended until it was 50 yards above the A-bomb bunkers when it went out.

A few minutes later, Toy said, the object became real bright, like the sun, then fell in an angle to the ground and went out.”

According to the two observers, the UFO landed near the old bunkers about three miles from where the MP jeep was parked. By the time they reached the landing site, the object took off and disappeared into the night sky.

The following day, White Sands Proving Ground personnel scoured the area for physical evidence of the UFO visit but their efforts were fruitless.

Photo taken on October 16, 1957, in the vicinity of White Sands

A subsequent investigation revealed that a similar object had been spotted and photographed near White Sands less than a month before.

And if you thought the area has lost its appeal to extraterrestrial visitors, take a look at this 1997 video showcasing what appears to be another object “nearly as bright as the sun” crashing somewhere in the deserts of New Mexico:

[youtube id=”LW7JaAbd3VY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

UFO Mother Ship Chases Jumbo Freighter Over Alaska

UFO Chasing Jumbo Jet over Alaska

In 1986, the crew of Japan Air Lines’ flight 1628 became the unwilling spectators of one of the most intriguing UFO encounters. The sighting remains unexplained to this day.

A Japanese crew of a jumbo freighter aircraft witnessed three UFOs during their flight over Alaska, USA. The Federal Aviation Administration officially investigated this sighting, eventually leading to another mismatched conclusion. The UFOs in this case were tracked by both ground and airborne scanning systems, witnessed by professional airline pilots, and confirmed by an FAA Division Chief. A few months after this event, the captain of the flight  was restrained , apparently because of his recklessness of reporting a UFO, even though he was a senior captain with an exemplary flying record.

On November 16, 1986, one of Japan Air Lines’ 747 cargo planes was set to carry a shipment of French wine from Paris to Tokyo. Flight 1628’s crew consisted of veteran Captain Kenju Terauchi, co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji, and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba.

As they departed loaded with wine, JAL 1628 took off from Paris and flew over Reykjavik, the next day flying over Greenland and then across northern Canada without notable events.

When they crossed into Alaska, at 5:09 PM local time, the plane was at 35, 000 feet and traveling at a ground speed of 600 mph.


At about 5:11 PM local time, Captain Terauchi noticed the lights of what he first thought it was an American jet fighter from Elmendorf Air Force Base inspecting Alaskan airspace. He saw the lights flying about 2000 feet below and 30 degrees to his left, neglecting them at first. He became nervous after a few minutes, as he noticed that the lights were still keeping pace with his plane, an uncommon thing for a patrolling jet to do.

It was about seven or so minutes since we began paying attention to the lights when, most unexpectedly, two spaceships stopped in front of our face, shooting off lights,” Terauchi stated. “The inside of the cockpit shined brightly and I felt warm in the face”.

The crafts, one above the other, followed the 747 for several minutes before changing position. They were now on a side-by-side arrangement. Described by Terauchi, the lights were amber and whitish and looked like fires coming out of a rocket exhaust port. He stated that they fired in a specific order to stabilize the craft, similar to a Space Shuttle’s landing maneuvers.

Co-pilot Tamefuji said the lights were “Christmas assorted” and also pulsating slowly. Every few seconds, they became stronger, and then weaker, then again stronger and so on. The co-pilot became convinced that he was witnessing something out of the ordinary. Afterwards he declared:

I’m sure I saw something…It was clear enough to make me believe that there was an ongoing aircraft.”

Rendition of one of the first two UFOs, as described by Captain Terauchi

At that point, Tamefuji decided to call Anchorage Air Traffic Control to report this matter. For the next thirty minutes, he maintained radio contact with the ground, describing this strange event. During this time, Captain Terauchi and the flight engineer Tskububa tried to take some pictures of the UFOs but without success, as they were unfamiliar with the camera device and couldn’t get it to work.

Meanwhile, the objects flew off to the left, leaving behind a trail of pale white light, as Terauchi described it. He then decided to check if anything showed up on the 747’s own radar:

I thought it would be impossible to find anything on an aircraft radar if a large ground radar did not show anything, but I judged the distance to the object visually and it was not very far. I set the digital weather radar distance to 20 miles and there it was on the screen. A large green and round object had appeared 7 or 8 miles away, where the direction of the object was.”

Captain Terauchi immediately reported to Anchorage center that the UFOs could be seen on his radar, but the ground team couldn’t see a thing on their scanning system. Surprisingly, after spending a few minutes looking, the military radar at Elmendorf Regional Operational Control Center managed to pick up some sort of signal near the 747’s flight area.

Shamans Could Help Us Understand Interdimensional Travel and Actually Achieve It

Shamans Interdimensional Travel

Equally feared and respected, the shaman has been a key figure throughout the history of human civilization. Could we someday revive their long-forgotten abilities and if so, what could we accomplish using the supernatural powers they once wielded?

Similar to the distinct types of magical practitioners, shamans were also classified into two different tiers – “black” or “white”. The black shamans were renowned as the most powerful and were sometimes called as “warrior-shamans” because they fought evil forces and were named military advisors during a war. They secured their power from the North Star and could be easily spotted as they usually wore black robes with very few, if any decoration.

The main role of the black shamans was to confront demons and the dark gods on behalf of their clients. This role they fulfilled by cursing and blighting enemy crops or herds.

During a war, the black shamans rode side by side with the army and helped to win campaigns using their mystic powers. In times of peace, they had a more constructive role as emissaries, diplomats or political advisors. Some shamans were so powerful and recognizable that they inspected the preparation and signing of treaties with the relevant magical formalities.


Black shamans were extremely feared, even after they died. In the 16th century when an occult one died, he was put in a coffin, his corpse then nailed down with sharp stakes so he could not transform into a powerful undead creature that haunts the living.

In contrast to the powerful warlords described above, the “white” shamans gained their magical powers from nature and everything that surrounded them. They performed at a tribal level, mostly as healers and mystics and they only had to deal with beneficent beings. It was their task to tame angry or evil spirits and exorcise them if they possessed humans. Besides the mystical encounters, they helped the tribe prosper and live at peace with the spirit world as well as the natural environment. On a physical level, because of their great knowledge and power of understanding, they were employed in an administrative role to take care of tribal affairs.

Shamans, either black or white were great spiritual leaders who could change the tide of events that were to follow. They possessed great intellect and understanding of the world, therefore providing remedies for the injured or alleviation for the dying. In ancient times, having such allies by your side was worth more than a treasure chest, as they could help you win the hardest battle.



Shamans of old believed in three worlds of coexistence linked together by the World Tree or Tree of Life. These were the Lower World or Underworld inhabited by the dead who were awaiting reincarnation, the Middle World or Middle Earth, where human spirits were incarnated, and the Upper World or Heaven, the house of the Gods. Various non-human spirits also inhabited each of these three worlds.

The shamans could access these other worlds in trance using the means of spirit travel. It is intriguing to note that in medieval times, European witches were presumed to fly to their Sabbats using their enchanted broomsticks. It is clear that this was not done physically, so the sorceresses were also practicing a shamanic form of spirit flight.

Man Searching for Entrance to Hollow Earth Mysteriously Disappears

Hollow Earth Featured Image

On the 4th of October, 2002, a bizarre guest arrived on the Coast to Coast AM radio show with Art Bell. The host had a reputation for analyzing mysterious themes with intriguing guests, but only few had ever sounded as amazed as this one.

The guest – Dallas Thompson, was a legally blind personal trainer who spent his boyhood in Hawaii, but now lived in Bakersfield, California. Five years earlier, his life had changed forever after a terrible car accident.

He was driving along the Highway during heavy rain when his car hydroplaned at 70 miles an hour, spinning four times before falling from a cliff about 250 ft. When he was found, the top of his car had been crushed almost to the floor. The fireman who responded to the scene was astonished that he hadn’t been decapitated. But miraculously, Thompson survived.

Transported to a “safe zone“, he then had an unbelievable Near – Death Experience. Thompson had visions of the past in which he saw the coming pole shift, and a terrible changeover, claiming at least two billion people were going to die .

  People are feeling it. They know something is going on, but they can’t put their finger on it “.


Besides this vision, he also saw the portals at the poles, a clue from the tribes of old that a safe haven existed deep beneath the crust of the Earth. As Thompson said, he only remembered what was forgotten. After having these visions, it became his quest to inform and protect the people on the surface from the coming pole shift and the rising threat of Wormwood or Planet X.

According to his plan, he saw shelter for humans within the Hollow Earth, and he wanted to find a way inside as he was guided by the visions he had during that near – death experience. He came on Coast to Coast AM to discuss his mission, to uncover and explore the underground world.

Dallas Thompson’s vision of the Hollow Earth was a complicated tapestry of portals and caves, underground secret roads, reptilians and “tribes of old”, ending at the very center with a “bright light”.


He claimed that there were cavern systems which cross the entire mantle, and that the holes into the hollow Earth really exist, that monks frequently travel through the cracks in order to visit the mythical Tibetan village called Shambhala. During his vision, he saw that the beings living there were protected from pollutants and harmful rays because of the special atmosphere in the hole.

Thompson pictured planet Earth as a hive. Aliens from other worlds had other hives and they would travel from planet to planet, from hive to hive, and they sometimes visited Earth. He stated that the civilization beneath our feet was a mixture of various ancient tribes, people and legendary creatures long extinct on the surface, like mammoths and saber-toothed tigers.

It also offered shelter to gods like the Anunnaki and the Nephilim, as well as the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Inside Earth, they existed beyond the third dimension, undisclosed and sheltered from the world on the surface.