Telescope Spots Huge Unidentified Object Taking Cover in Orion Nebula

This is one of the largest UFOs you will ever see and it might belong to a belligerent species of aliens.

YouTube channel UFOvni2012 is at it again with the remarkable discovery of an enormous unidentified object hiding amid the gas and dust in the Orion Nebula. The nebula can be found just south of Orion’s belt, so you can say it’s his sword.

The fact that a telescope was able to photograph this obscure object from so far away attests to the UFO’s incredibly large proportions. If it were to enter the Solar System, it would definitely cause some gravitational waves as its size dwarfs that of our planet by a magnitude to over 100. Such an object could not have been constructed by a civilization that did not attain at least a Type II on the Kardashev scale. If the unidentified object in the photo is an artificial craft of some type, its builders would probably look like gods compared to us.

The Orion constellation is one of the most memorable constellations in the night sky and it also has a great backstory. The mythological Orion was a great hunter with a pride to match his abilities. After boasting that he could slay any wild beast on the face of the Earth, the great hunter was ironically killed by a small scorpion.

orion nebula
The unidentified object was spotted hiding in the Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula, also known as Messier 42 is one of the brightest nebulae and on clear nights, you can see it with the naked eye. Located at a distance of around 1,350 light-years away, this nebula is an enormous region of gas and dust some 24 light-years across.

One of the most studied and photographed regions in the sky, the Orion Nebula has offered astronomers insight on how stars and the planets orbiting them form. In the field of UFOlogy, the nebula has also provided some valuable information about the species of aliens that inhabit our galaxy, their history and reasons to interact with mankind.

One popular theory regarding the inhabitants of the planets in the Orion constellation claims these extraterrestrials are combative and their expansionist policy has allowed them to colonize multiple areas in their vicinity and even further.

According to extra-dimensional channeler Lyssa Royal, most Orions have a Vegan ancestry while a smaller proportion originated from the Lyra star system.

“Orions have a reputation for possessing an aggressive nature and have been involved in many destructive wars,” she wrote. “Note that the masculine energy is associated with the evolution of beings from the star systems of Orion, which are related to Earth, whereas inhabitants of the Sirius star system, also very much involved with Earth, carry the feminine energy or polarity.”

Possessing highly-advanced technology, the Orions have also achieved a higher understanding of consciousness and spirituality. But their warring nature pretty much determined their path towards favoring technology over mind, physical weapons over mental prowess.

It’s been claimed that the Orions are the original creators of the Grey alien archetype, giving us a clear indicator of their ruthlessness and inscrutable plans. The same theory posits that the Orions are at war with the entities we call the Elohim, arguably the oldest group of aliens in our known universe.

Having been the first to achieve immortality, the Elohim must be immensely powerful and wise. They can be seen as the original creators, the seeders of life in the cosmos. If the Orions are in a direct conflict with these beings, it would seem they have the technology to match the Elohim, so a UFO the size of Jupiter might be one of their own space-populating arks, craft meant to disseminate their message, mentality and lineage. Or it could be some star-destroying weapon capable of obliterating entire solar systems.

If we can look at the wars of man to get a better picture of what conflict might mean, we can easily imagine the violence of a cosmic war that engulfs regions far greater than mankind’s battlefields. In the eventuality the recently-photographed unidentified object is an actual weapon, let’s hope they have no plans for us.

Spherical UFO With Vapor Camouflage Photographed in Japan

The extraterrestrial enthusiast community is excited by the appearance of a spherical UFO in the sky over Japan. Cloud or UFO camouflaged to look like one?

The best way to hide something is (arguably) to leave it in plain sight. And what sight would look as plain as clouds in our sky? If aliens are trying to hide their presence while studying us, why waste the energy to turn their ships invisible when they could just extract moisture from the air and surround their space ship with a thick layer of fog? If they did this, wouldn’t a spherical UFO look like the cloud in the photos below?

Numerous close encounters mention the apparition of unnatural fog at times and temperatures where it shouldn’t be able to form. Clouds and fog are essentially water vapor and it wouldn’t be too hard for a UFO to use the heat from its engines and the gravitational pull they exert to attract and heat water molecules until a gaseous shroud is in place to keep them hidden from watchful eyes.

Is this phenomenon behind the recently-photographed, extremely conspicuous cloud that appeared over Japan? Is there a spherical UFO behind all that fluffy white?

spherical ufo or spherical cloud

The internet seems to think there is. Social media has become inflamed with comments proposing the alien hypothesis.

It’s an alien space ship with its cloaking device,” one Reddit user commented. His comment is the most upvoted.

Before finally putting the issue at rest and calling it a cloud, take a look at what showed up in Wales last week:

spherical ufo or cloud

On December 2, a weather watcher from Tremeirchion, North Wales was out walking her dog when a crazy fog cloud looking like a perfect dome caught her eyes.

“I just couldn’t believe how perfectly dome shaped it was,” the woman told BBC. “After about 10 minutes it started to flatten and looked like low lying cloud along the fields but over quite a big area, it was huge.”

It’s intriguing to note the similarities between the two foggy objects. Although the one in Japan is up in the sky, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t land. If it did, it would have probably looked the exact same way. Also, both countries are island nations. Could it be that landlocked individuals present less interest than those surrounded by water on all sides?

Mysterious Object Washes Up on NZ Beach – Monster or Alien Capsule?

mysterious object on beach

Stumbling upon a mysterious object with a vague, alien appearance doesn’t happen everyday. You can imagine the shock beachgoers felt when they saw this weird thing.

People visiting Muriwai Beach, a coastal community in New Zealand’s Auckland Region were amazed to see a mysterious object resembling an alien capsule covered in strange dendrites.

The incident caused an awful lot of confusion on social media, with both concerned locals and the authorities investigating what object’s nature and origins. As always, opinions are divided and include a variety of scenarios and explanations.

Witnesses invoke the mysterious object’s appearance as proof it could be the badly-decomposed body of a sea monster. This description quickly earned its name as the Muriwai Monster.

The mysterious thing’s entire body is covered in what look like tentacles or a mass of sea creatures so the term ‘monster’ seems fitting.

Others believe the object could be an alien pod or some kind of time travel capsule. Skeptics suspect the monster is actually an art installation. It wouldn’t be the first time one such piece of art caused confusion and anxiety but up until now, no one has claimed it as his own.

Currently, the area is seeing an increase in visitors, undoubtedly attracted by the oddity. Locals say they’ve never seen anything like it before.

mysterious object muriwai monster

This is the biggest one I’ve seen. It’s got a putrid smell when you’re downwind and when you look closely it looks like wiggling worms,” one resident told local press.

Sensing the unrest, New Zealand’s Marine Sciences Society intervened with a more down-to-earth explanation: the Muriwai Monster is actually a piece of driftwood covered in gooseneck barnacles. These filter-feeding crustaceans attach themselves to the surface of rocks and flotsam and even on dry land, their appearance resembles tentacles.

Perhaps the recent earthquake that hit New Zealand dislodged the mass of wood from its resting place and the water later deposited it on Muriwai beach.

While this occurrence could be explained as a natural phenomenon, the reality remains that people are always half-expecting to witness an alien capsule opening right before their eyes. Should we blame Hollywood or is this the result of a collective awakening taking place? Are people ready to meet aliens?

Alien Expert: We Are Now Sharing Our Planet With a NEW Species of HUMANS

In an interview with best-selling author Alexis Brooks, an alien researcher reveals her reasons for believing a new species of humans is living among us.

Recently, alternative news journalist Alexis Brooks met up with Mary Rodwell, author, ufologist and hypnotherapist. Rodwell is a prominent figure in the research of phenomena related to Star Children, a race of hybrid beings with alien DNA, also claimed to be a new species of humans with superior cognitive abilities.

Her insights have allowed Rodwell to present an intriguing theory on the possibility of a new human race emerging during our time. She believes the increase of young children claiming to be aliens is not determined by contact with the media but an actual result of abductions and alien experiments.

Regression therapy sessions with many patients have allowed Rodwell to foray into the psyche of the abductee and the experiences they relayed seem to have convinced the researcher that a new breed of Homo is ready to enter the scene.

new species of humans
What will this new species of humans look like?

They are upgraded,” Rodwell said. “They have the ability to think and reason way above the curve. The children had a lot more conscious awareness of multi-dimensional experiences. While their parents were afraid of the experiences relayed by the children, the children spoke naturally of their experiences.”

Studying the differences in perception exhibited by these children makes Rodwell assume that a number of conditions they are often diagnosed with could also be a sign of latent abilities. To her, syndromes like Asperger’s and ADHD might be a direct result of genetic manipulation by a technologically-advanced race of extraterrestrial origins.

If this is the case, the so-called ‘junk DNA’ in our genome could serve an array of functions we never bothered to study or understand. Compared to the past decades, we might know a whole lot about our source code at the moment, but there’s still a lot to learn. We don’t know how deep the roots go or how one gene influences another. The mechanism through which life constantly upgrades itself is one too fine to be properly understood by modern science.

Therefore, the answer to the question Where do we come from could have been right in front (or inside) of us this whole time, we just don’t have the language skills to decipher it.

Sharing this opinion is The Human Genome Project’s Prof. Sam Chang, one of the first specialists to refer to junk DNA as having off-world origins.

These alien sequences have their own systems and resist certain drugs,” he was quoted as saying.

Adaptation is the mother of evolution. But these processes take thousands of generations to become norm. So when there is such a wide gap between two successive generations, there must be an external factor in the middle. That factor could be willful manipulation of the human genome. Extraterrestrials with their own agenda and the tech to back it up could be planting the seeds of the next gen right as you’re reading this.

And judging from the state our planet is currently in, maybe a race of better, faster, stronger and most importantly, smarter humans could be a godsend.

As a species, we’ve become advanced enough to have the means to satisfy our greed. Technology lets us dig deeper for resources, the blood and bones of our planet sucked dry and picked clean. You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to see our global civilization is steadily going downhill with cut brake lines.

We expect scientific breakthroughs to save us, to make it rain free energy so we can all pursue our dreams free of burdens. We halfheartedly dream of utopian futures where man has subdued the planet and is comfortably living in sterile environments, no need or want.

But deep down we have already accepted the grey future that looms over the horizon. Resources are getting sparse. Overpopulation and climate change will bring about new exoduses and new conflicts. One way or another, we’re going to have to change our ways. Otherwise a new generation or a new species of humans altogether will have to mitigate the damages we’ve caused.

The question is, will all of humanity become activated to a ‘higher intelligence’ when the new players arrive? Or will we be put away in the dark recesses of humans that were but now aren’t? Will we share museum space with the Neanderthals we drove to extinction with our bigger brains and appetites? Will our desires be the end of us?

Give the video below a watch, the answers to some of these questions might satisfy you.

Did a Crashing UFO Cause the Recent Siberian Explosion?

crashing ufo over siberia

A massive explosion over southern Siberia turned night into day and our attention to the possibility that a crashing UFO could be responsible.

The unusual incident occurred this Tuesday at around 6:50 P.M. and left locals once again wondering if they were being invaded by an alien force. The possibility of a crashing UFO was also invoked.

According to news outlet RT, the explosion was seen in the sky over the town of Sayanogorsk. Witnesses reported a huge flash lighting up the sky, shortly followed by an extremely loud bang. Residents of the Krasnoyarsk region also reported witnessing the strange phenomenon.

At 6.50 pm in southern districts of Khakassia republic, a shining object was visible in the sky,” The Siberian Times reported. “The shining thing (supposedly a meteor) burned in the atmosphere and the burning came with a bright flash and a distinct sound.”

Experts chalked the incident off as a meteor entering the atmosphere and burning up due to friction and the Russian Emergencies Ministry also issued a similar statement. But that hasn’t stopped the massive wave of speculation regarding the detonation in the sky.

When the authorities announced there had been no missile launches in the area and that no space debris was scheduled to enter the atmosphere, conspiracy forums and websites immediately proposed the extraterrestrial hypothesis, accusing the government of yet another cover-up. Siberia has seen its fair share of unexplained phenomena and it’s understandable how the recent increase in unusual activity in the sky could be attributed to aliens.

Noticing the alarmed state of many of the witnesses, experts joined hands and expressed their views over the probable cause being a bolide.

It was several times smaller than the one over Chelyabinsk, but its fragments may be found,” said Ural Federal University’s professor Viktor Grokhovsky. “Determining where they landed would require accurate calculation of its path. This may take a day or so.”

In the meantime, the official explanations do little to quell rising fears over alien ships falling from the sky.

It was as bright as daytime. I did not understand at first what it was,” an alarmed witness told The Siberian Times. “Then an explosion followed and the boom came from a long distance away. I’ve seen shooting stars before, but nothing like this. I don’t know how to describe it properly. From a tiny spot above my head, it turned into a huge ball, bigger than a car. There was a bright flash, like in the middle of the day; then for about 40-to-60 seconds we heard a loud boom.”

Evidence seems to suggest the explosion was caused by an erratic space rock but the entire event once again brings into attention one of the most pertinent of modern fears experienced by mankind: something far greater than us coming down from the sky.

Come to think of it, this fear is not so modern after all.

Alien Hunters Spot Three Huge Artificial Towers on Mars

artificial towers on mars

And the most intriguing aspect is that all of them are on the same straight line. Too odd to be natural, right?

Mars is full of surprises and our understanding of this mysterious world grows each day with the help of intriguing discoveries such as the following one. Artificial towers on Mars would be just another addition to the long list of enigmas catching sand on our planetary neighbor.

The three towers are featured in a video uploaded by YouTube channel mundodesconocido and we strongly encourage you to turn on the captions and give it a watch. But do hurry since these controversial discoveries tend to be quickly censored.

artificial towers on mars surface


While investigating the Red Planet with the help of Google Mars Map, channel curator Jose Luis discovered a row of enormous towers on the martian surface. Each of the three towers stands almost a mile tall. This would be a very impressive feat of architecture considering that the tallest building on Earth is only half this size.

Google used data from the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) and its photographic instrument. The specific image showing the towers was captured in 1999 so a lot could have changed in the nearly two decades that have since passed.

The martian towers are located in a region known as Terra Meridiani. Coincidentally or not, that exact region was chosen as a landing spot for NASA’s Curiosity Rover. But when the stakes are literally this high, there is no room for coincidence. Just imagine the rover leaving tracks at the base of these towers or the knowledge that could be gathered if a manned mission ever got the chance to explore whatever these so-called towers are.

The location of the towers seems to have been specifically chosen for its equatorial position. It stands to reason that the ancient martians might have also relied on solar power even if they were farther away from the sun. And what better place to get sunlight than the equator?

Standing apart from the surrounding plains like three sore thumbs, the towers seem to have withstood the test of time. This could be considered a testament to the proficiency of their builders or it might also mean the towers are still in use. No use in erecting something as majestic as these martian skyscrapers and then abandoning them. If there is still someone left on Mars, that is.

NASA Images Show Monstrous UFOs Sucking Energy from the Sun

UFO hunters have uncovered new evidence of parasitic activity near the star that supports life on Earth.

This very moment, there could be a large squadron of massive UFOs siphoning energy from the Sun, YouTube’s Streetcap1 claims. The UFO hunter managed to discover evidence for this activity in a recent set of telescopic images captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

The skywatcher says his attention was drawn to a peculiar object when he noticed there was a thin line of plasma connecting it to the surface of the sun.

Is this a massive UFO feeding off sun energy?

ufos sucking energy from the sun 1

“The fact that the UFO is a different color and shape to the rest of the connected line is what convinced me to upload this,” the video description reads. “I was not a great believer in this plasma sun energy theory, but this has got me thinking.”

At the same time Streetcap1 was making this discovery, alien hunter Scott Waring spotted hundreds of Moon-sized and even Earth-sized UFOs in the vicinity of our star. Looks like a feeding frenzy!

It’s been suggested before that life could potentially survive and even flourish using nothing but sun rays as its energy source. In terms of providing fuel for advanced spaceships this scenario gains even more traction.

Another popular theory concerning UFOs and the Sun claims that the extraterrestrial craft are using our star as a means to achieve portal travel. The Sun’s immense electromagnetic output could give birth to all manners of exotic phenomena and there’s practically no way for us to detect when or where they occur.

One of the most vocal proponent of this theory is Swiss researcher Nassim Haramein, a scientist famous for his unorthodox philosophy.

Haramein claims alien starships are able to manipulate the unbelievably intense forces present in or around the star and thus open wormholes that connect our Solar System to a variety of destinations in the universe. They could even break the barriers of the known universe and travel to places we wouldn’t even be able to dream of.

The Swiss scientist claims that the black spots that appear on the surface of the Sun are in fact black holes. Under very specific conditions, these black holes may twist space-time in such a manner that they form wormholes.

Once opened up, these cosmic pathways take months to close, enabling safe passage between destinations or dimensions. These black holes are created and maintained open by Hawking radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation exuded near a region of the black hole called the event horizon.

If this theory has a chance of being true, we have a possible reason for UFOs being present near the Sun. As you probably know, a large number of UFOlogists subscribe to this theory.


“Are these unmanned giant drones sent to get energy for planets far away?” Scott Waring asks himself. “I would say yes, but they don’t have to be unmanned if their technology can protect them from the incredible heat.”

Even if plasma from our life-giving star is being siphoned by aliens with great energetic needs, there’s still plenty to go around. The Sun is so massive that even if it loses plasma through coronal mass ejections and parasitic aliens, it’s still going to burn bright for another 5 billion years. Then it’s going to expand, blow its outer layers away, contract and turn into a white dwarf. Awesome spectacle, too bad we won’t be around to enjoy it.

St. Martin Surfer Films Shapeshifting UFO Pulsating Over the Ocean

surfer films shapeshifting ufo

A surfer from the Caribbean just had one of the most intense experiences of his life: he saw and managed to film a shapeshifting UFO as it pulsates over the ocean.

Earlier this month, Jason, a surfer who lives in the Caribbean got the chance to record his UFO sighting.

Though this is the first time he managed to video the abnormal activity, it wasn’t his first UFO encounter. Scroll down for the video, where Jason retells the incident that changed his life.

“I was basically smoking a cigarette right outside my apartment which is located on the beach out in St. Martin island in the Frech Caribbean. As I’m smoking I see what looked like a ball of energy or whatever it could be — switching shapes and just not looking natural at all.”

shapeshifting ufo phases

He then went inside, got his iPad and started filming. That’s when the light spectacle started getting “more intense.”

Jason walked down to the shore to get a better view. He noticed the object was really low, he estimates it was hovering above the ocean surface at 100 feet or even less.

The conditions were less than ideal and the strong wind can be heard in the video.

As is the case with nighttime UFO videos, the end result never matches what the witness saw firsthand. The camera on handheld devices is simply not good enough to capture the few lumens of light that reach its aperture. But the experience Jason went through seems genuine and so do his reactions following the sighting.

This incident wasn’t even the first time he witnessed peculiar activity over the islands. On another occasion, he and an Australian girl were taking a nocturnal swim when they noticed a strange set of lights on the horizon.

“It was a really strong light and we weren’t really sure what it was, it was really far away. We kind of laughed at it, but within 30 minutes, we decided to get out, walked to my car in the parking lot and that’s when we realized that these lights were actually right above our heads, literally 40 to 50 feet above our heads.”

Jason said he could then notice there were four UFOs, two smaller and two larger, all of them a rounded, classic saucer shape. Despite the proximity, the objects made no sound whatsoever. All around their circumference was an amalgamation of flashing colors, something like “a light game going on between the ships.”

This incident brings to mind a case we previously discussed involving a shapeshifting UFO opening some sort of portal and then materializing into different shapes in the sky over Olympia, Washington.

They were so close to us we could literally throw a tennis ball and hit them”

Jason reminisced that at that particular moment, he felt the impulse to film the objects but couldn’t because neither him nor the girl he was with had their phones with them. He desperately tried to find someone with a camera and managed to find two security guards working the night shift. As you would expect, they started mocking and calling him crazy but when he brought them in the parking lot, the smirks were wiped clean off their faces.

The four of them sat there, dumbfounded by what was going on, until the objects started moving away. One of the security guards jumped in his car and chased the UFOs until –Jason later found out– he lost them going over the mountain.

Drawing on his past experience with unidentified flying objects, Jason went straight to his iPad when the opportunity once again presented itself.

When the occasion came to actually get something on video I went in to get my iPad immediately.”

Jason said that the small island he lives on has actually been the set for many strange incidents involving UFOs. “The place had quite a few UFO sightings and lots of calls were made to the Gendarmerie [the military police on the island]. When you talked to them and asked them about it, they would tell you ‘they’re out of range and there’s nothing we can do about it.’

Below you’ll find Jason talking about his experiences. Footage of the sighting is in the last minute of the video.

[VIRAL] Video of AZ Plasma Entity- UFO or Evidence of Blue Beam Hologram?

plasma entity ufo blue beam

A viral video showing a plasma entity over Arizona has people fearing the artificial apocalypse draws near.

The controversial video was posted to Facebook yesterday and in a very short period, it was viewed and shared thousands of times. According to the uploader, the video was shot this month in Arizona and the comment section proves one thing: people are alarmed about what implications the presence of this plasma entity might have.

The video shows an undisclosed neighborhood in Arizona on an overcast day when suddenly, a streak of electric blue light is seen ascending through the clouds. The ethereal jet appears to be left behind by a capsule-looking object that bursts through the humid atmosphere. Before disappearing from view, the object makes contact with another entity and this could be interpreted as a docking process between two distinct UFOs. But upon closer inspection, things become even more shocking.

alien hand grabs ufo

When the video is slowed down and zoomed in, the details of the first object become apparent. Its shape is eerily reminiscent of an elongated, extraterrestrial-looking head. The object it comes into contact with bears a striking similarity to an alien hand with fingers that are longer than yours. The ‘hand’ reaches down from above the heavy clouds and grasps the trailing alien head. Both objects then disappear from view as the blue plasma-like ejecta slowly dissipates.

The action takes place at least a few miles above ground, suggesting that both objects are huge. They make no attempt to shield themselves from view and this is an important detail. Whoever or whatever was behind this otherworldly apparition wanted to be seen by those below.

If the objects are indeed extraterrestrial in nature, it must mean they understand and make use of symbolism. An alien hand reaching out and grabbing an alien head and then disappearing from view might signify their intentions of withdrawing from our planet.

It could also mean that they are willing to offer us an unfiltered view of their appearance and that is why they chose elements of their own anatomy. Since they have been studying us for a while, they know the importance of the head and hand in our languages and cultures. These two parts signify intelligence and action and perhaps by employing these symbols, they encourage us to take our intellect into our own hands.

Maybe they chose these elements arbitrarily and to each, his own interpretation works best.

Saliendo del Planeta?
Que sera?
Ustedes juzguen!
Arizona Noviembre de 2016……

Posted by El despertar a un nuevo mundo on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

But if this weird occurrence was not the work of aliens but an internal event, things turn much darker.

One of the most popular modern conspiracy theories revolves around the infamous Blue Beam Project and the global changes it would entail. A pet project of the New World Order, Blue Beam will seek to simulate an apocalypse scenario and introduce the world to its new overlords. Most conspiracy theorists agree that Blue Beam will consist of four consequential steps.

The first step would have to do with the breakdown of all accepted knowledge regarding the world’s past and major events that led to the formation of various religions and beliefs. According to Biblioteca Pleyades, this first step will deal with “staging earthquakes at certain precise locations around the planet where supposed new ‘discoveries’ will finally explain that the meanings of the basic doctrines of all the world’s major religions are ‘wrong.'”

The recent increase in worldwide seismic activity seems to prove Step 1 is well underway. Various theorists claim that either HAARP or CERN are behind the recent wave of earthquakes that hit Italy, New Zealand and Japan.

Step II of the Blue Beam Project would involve an enormous space show, generated by advanced holograms and laser projections in all corners of the globe. Hit by its hidden fears, humanity would feel vulnerable, and mayhem would take over major cities as the prophetic visions of the world’s religions would play in the sky above them. Carefully-simulated attacks would rise panic to unprecedented levels.

ufo spaceship behind clouds

Steps III revolves around advanced LF (low frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency) and ELF (Extra Low Frequency) transmissions that would directly interfere with the subjects’ (read: us) brainwaves, leading them into believing their divinity is communicating with them.

Once this maneuver is successful, the world is ready and the stage is set for the introduction of the so-called New Messiah who would establish worldwide peace at the cost of everyone’s freedom.

Project Blue Beam is one of the most hideous scenarios and it’s little wonder people shiver at the mere thought of it happening. The prospect of this recent video being proof that the gears of Blue Beam are set in motion is troubling, to say the least.

Fortunately, we have one weapon at our side. Knowledge. It’s much harder to be fooled when you know you’re being tricked. Keep your eyes open and don’t believe what you’re being told. Pass information through your judgement’s filter and be watchful.

My personal take on this video is this video — like many others before it — shows the activity of an advanced extraterrestrial intelligence. Or it could be fake, that possibility is always there.

Man Walking His Dogs Finds Strange Goo in a Field – Is it Star Jelly?

man finds alien goo star jelly

When he returned one week later, the goo was gone but a mysterious circle had appeared in the grass.

While walking his two dogs in a field near Manchester, British man Andrew Holden noticed a strange gelatinous substance had appeared on the ground. Intrigued by the unusual find, the man snapped a few photos and posted them on Instagram. Commenters instantly forwarded a hypothesis involving extraterrestrials and star jelly.

It was foggy so I couldn’t see much, but the goo was clear so it stood out,” he told local press. “It was gleaming a bit. It looked like blobby jelly, like frogspawn, but it definitely isn’t that. I didn’t notice a smell and there are no plants that could secrete something like that. I carried on going further up and I found some more, but this wasn’t as jelly like – this was more crystallized.”

This wasn’t the first time he spotted the mysterious substance but the event remained in his mind so the following week, he returned to the same spot. To his surprise, he discovered the gelatinous mass had disappeared and the area that had been covered in goo looked different from the surrounding marshland.

You can see the grass is raised up in parts, but the circle where the goo was is flat now – about 12 square yards. It’s like something has landed on it.”

This recent incident brings to mind a phenomenon that has been reported since ancient times. The gelatinous substance was also known in medieval times, with one of the earliest mentions belonging to 14th century physician John of Gaddesden. In his writings, the scholar referred to the stuff as ‘stella terrae’ and claimed it had medical properties.

The Welsh term of pwdre ser is connected to legends of falling stars exuding a gelatinous, organic-looking mass that caused anyone it came into contact with to fall ill.

Throughout history, various explanations have attempted to explain star jelly, but up to this day, a definitive clarification has yet to appear.

Furthermore, the enigmatic goo has been associated with a multitude of unexplained phenomena.

man finds alien goo star jelly

Scientific American reports that on November 11, 1846, a luminous object about 4 feet in diameter fell from the sky at Lowville, NY. The bolide left behind a mass of rancid, glowing jelly that dissolved before anyone had the chance to investigate.

The 1958 movie The Blob was also inspired by a similar occurrence. In 1950, four Philadelphia police officers stumbled upon a “domed disk of quivering jelly, 6 feet in diameter, one foot thick at the center and an inch or two near the edge.” When they attempted to lift the mass, it melted away, leaving behind “an odorless, sticky scum.”

There is also the case of a woman from Frisco, TX who discovered a number of purple blobs of goo in her yard after a Perseid meteor shower. And the list could go on for longer than you’d be willing to read.

Could this mysterious substance have unearthly origins? If it is indeed brought by meteorites, it could be evidence of an outside force actively trying to seed the universe with life. In that case, the panspermia theory might turn out to be true and our quest for discovering alien life would receive validation right here on Earth.

It would also suggest that life arose very early in our galaxy, since space rocks have a finite speed and range. Seeds of life could be hurtling through the universe in large numbers as we speak.

As for Andrew Holden, he hopes to encounter the goo once again so he could take a sample and send it to be analyzed.

“I don’t know where it came from, but I believe in aliens so I’m not saying it didn’t come from them.”

Dark Figure over Russia Sparks Controversy: Black Knight Satellite or Ghost of Rasputin?

black knight satellite rasputin

This is definitely one of the weirdest sightings to ever occur in Russia.

For a short time, the sky over a major Russian city became the playground for a dark apparition resembling the infamous Black Knight Satellite or something just as mysterious: the cloaked figure of an influential monk who refused to die.

The sighting took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city and a place with a rich and bloodstained history. It is home to the burial vaults of many Russian emperors. During World War II, the city saw one of history’s longest, deadliest and most destructive sieges.

It is also home to the Winter Palace, the official residence of the now-defunct Russian monarchy. Between the palace’s sumptuous walls is where one of modern history’s most controversial figures rose to fame: Grigori Rasputin, the Mad Monk.

This dark character is portrayed in many ways, all of them sharing a particular tone: the man was hardly a man. He was said to possess a mystical power that allowed him to win the graces and bend the will of that period’s most influential family, the Romanovs. His life was marked by a stubbornness that permeated during and apparently, after his death as well.

After attempts to poison him failed miserably, he was shot multiple times, beaten and eventually drowned. Even after he was dead, the Mad Monk still maintained the “devil’s look” in his eyes. Powerful mystic or drunken psychopath, Rasputin fascinates and terrifies. And according to this weird sighting, his spirit might still roam free.

A Mexican paranormal TV station made public details about this incongruous event, sparking a heated debate about the exact nature of the mysterious apparition.

“This new video discusses the possibilities of this being a flying monk that lived in the area,” UFO hunter Scott Waring wrote on his blog. “I do admit that it does have a lot of similarities to the monk. Also, yes, some aliens could fly like this, but not most. For example, energy beings easily move about without the need for legs.”

If this is indeed a local monk, then we now know for sure, he was never human and that he never died, but has technology for living forever and is still to this day watching over his home of San Petersburg.”

On the YouTube channel Tercer Millenio TV, the Rasputin hypothesis gained traction, but conspiracy theorists are inclined to believe the dark figure could be something entirely different: the enigmatic Black Knight satellite. This affirmation is backed by the striking similarity between the 13,000 year-old alien monitoring station and the dark figure in the sky over Saint Petersburg.

This object of worldwide interest has quite a history of interacting with a few of our most brilliant minds in the realm of science, thus making its existence undeniable among our list of unexplained UFO phenomena.

The Black Knight is an artificial body that has been roaming our orbit for 13,000 years and counting. Though it is an ancient neighbor of our beloved pale blue dot, its presence was only noticed in 1899, when Nikola Tesla was experimenting with a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs, and intercepted radio signals from space, which he immediately interpreted as “from another world”. His conclusions were based upon the irregular and unusual signals read by his receiver.

In 1953, four years before the launch of Sputnik I, the Black Knight satellite got originally into the attention of the Department of Defense, after it was noticed by Dr. Lincoln La Paz of the University of New Mexico.

A special committee was created; its sole purpose being the gathering of any piece of information relevant enough to clear little by little the mystery around our close neighbor.

After thorough calculations, it was estimated that the satellite orbited at a distance of about 400-600 miles from the surface of the earth and it weighed around 15 tons, which was another proof of its unearthly origins, because neither the Americans nor the Russians had the capability of sending such a heavy object into space.

Moreover, the satellite’s moving speed was calculated to be as twice as fast as any other satellite launched from Earth. The Black Knight’s unpredictability made it very hard to be seen in the sky, added up to the shroud of mystery that veiled this ancient and unique relic of the sky.

These characteristics were of great importance for it assembled an intricate puzzle that reveal a peculiar behavior of this rogue satellite, which made even more clear the fact that it did not belong to our technological state.

More recently, interest in the Black Knight satellite saw a resurgence due to it making an appearance in a set of official NASA photos. During the 1998 Endeavor Space Shuttle mission to the ISS, the object apparently flew closer to eavesdrop on our orbital activity. An alien probe that has been monitoring our progress for over 13 millennia would certainly want to document that.

Though the space agency officially shot down this hypothesis, claiming the object in the photos was just a rogue thermal blanket, the conspiracy world held on to its beliefs. The story is simply too intriguing to discard.

Is the Universe One Big Alien?

universe one big alien

Could the entirety of existence be one humongous extraterrestrial entity? Columbia University astrophysicist Caleb Scharf believes it’s possible.

According to Scharf, the driving force behind the entire universe might be the near-infinite intelligence of an alien civilization so old and advanced that it moved its entire existence into the quantum realm.

In a stimulating article published in Nautilus, Scharf argues that an alien species could evolve to such an extent, it could become indistinguishable from magic. Or physics, because the way it works is simply magic.

“If you dropped in on a bunch of Paleolithic farmers with your iPhone and a pair of sneakers, you’d undoubtedly seem pretty magical,” Scharf wrote. “But the contrast is only middling: The farmers would still recognize you as basically like them, and before long they’d be taking selfies. But what if life has moved so far on that it doesn’t just appear magical, but appears like physics?”

dark matter life

Scharf points out that we don’t understand what most of the universe is made of. We also have no idea how and most important, why it works. Only 5% of the universe is regular matter, the rest being an exotic blend of dark matter and dark energy.

Some astronomers, noting subtle mismatches between observations and models, have suggested that dark matter has a richer inner life.”

Like the night in Game of Thrones, the physical universe we observe is dark and full of terrors.

“In that case, dark matter could contain real complexity, and perhaps it is where all technologically advanced life ends up or where most life has always been. What better way to escape the nasty vagaries of supernova and gamma-ray bursts than to adopt a form that is immune to electromagnetic radiation? Upload your world to the huge amount of real estate on the dark side and be done with it.”

If a civilization managed to live long enough to decode the myriad of subtleties life encompasses, it could theoretically recreate the process in a different, much safer medium; it would be the transmutation of the mundane into the heavenly or as Scharf called it, the “normal-matter-to-dark-matter data-transfer system.”

Maybe this is what throws astrophysicists off and muddles every correlation between astronomical models and observations –the fact that dark matter is being artificially manipulated from within.

“Or to take this a step further,” Scharf added, “perhaps the behavior of normal cosmic matter that we attribute to dark matter is brought on by something else altogether: a living state that manipulates luminous matter for its own purposes.”

I agree with the astrophysicist when he says the universe does “funky and unexpected stuff.” Five billion years ago, it began to expand at an accelerated rate. Scientists believe this is a direct consequence of dark energy, but no one knows why this acceleration happened this late. Is it a coincidence that around the same time, life appeared on Earth?

“For many cosmologists, that means our universe must be part of a vast multiverse where the strength of dark energy varies from place to place. We live in one of the places suitable for life like us. Elsewhere, dark energy is stronger and blows the universe apart too quickly for cosmic structures to form and life to take root.”

Eight billion years passed between the birth of the universe and the day it started to accelerate its expansion. If life began early in the cosmos, it stands to reason it had enough time to evolve to a hypothetical Type V civilization on the extended Kardashev scale. When the universe was much more compact than it is today, it would have been easier to travel between stars and galaxies and thus conquer space. It’s almost certain the universe was a much more energetic and dangerous place than it is today. All the more reasons to migrate into an exotic plane.

In Scharf’s opinion, we might not “recognize advanced life because it forms an integral and unsuspicious part of what we’ve considered to be the natural world.

Dark matter and dark energy shape our universe and keep it together; gravity is simply too weak and the galaxies would simply disintegrate without these exotic components. It is possible that by transferring themselves into this ambient, the hyper-advanced aliens gave life as we know it a chance to express itself.

“Perhaps hyper-advanced life isn’t just external,” Scharf concludes. “Perhaps it’s already all around. It is embedded in what we perceive to be physics itself, from the root behavior of particles and fields to the phenomena of complexity and emergence.”

This intriguing theory is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It explores and validates all the possibilities. In its purest form, it tells us that aliens are real. And at the same time, they’re not. They’re both alive and dead. They created us by letting us create ourselves. They are everywhere and nowhere.

How’s this for a bar story?