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[VIRAL] Video of AZ Plasma Entity- UFO or Evidence of Blue Beam Hologram?

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plasma entity ufo blue beam

A viral video showing a plasma entity over Arizona has people fearing the artificial apocalypse draws near. The controversial video was posted to Facebook yesterday and in a very short period, it was viewed and shared thousands of times. According to the uploader, the video was shot this month in Arizona and the comment section proves…

Dark Figure over Russia Sparks Controversy: Black Knight Satellite or Ghost of Rasputin?

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black knight satellite rasputin

This is definitely one of the weirdest sightings to ever occur in Russia. For a short time, the sky over a major Russian city became the playground for a dark apparition resembling the infamous Black Knight Satellite or something just as mysterious: the cloaked figure of an influential monk who refused to die. The sighting took…

Is the Universe One Big Alien?

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universe one big alien

Could the entirety of existence be one humongous extraterrestrial entity? Columbia University astrophysicist Caleb Scharf believes it’s possible. According to Scharf, the driving force behind the entire universe might be the near-infinite intelligence of an alien civilization so old and advanced that it moved its entire existence into the quantum realm. In a stimulating article…

Viral NASA Photograph Show Mysterious Blue Sphere in Front of the Sun – Was it the Prophetic Blue Kachina?

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nasa blue sphere blue star kachina

On November 17, NASA’s STEREO satellites photographed a giant blue sphere moving in front of the Sun. The strange images quickly went viral and the internet is full of theories trying to explain the highly unusual occurrence. Is the Blue Star Kachina finally here? The viral NASA photograph was first uploaded to Facebook by Pamela Johnson…

Why is this Fleet of UFOs Leaving the Moon? Are they Harvesting Something? [+7 BONUS Lunar Theories]

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fleet ufo moon

Is something threatening the alien presence on our natural satellite or is this something that happens on a regular basis? On the day before November’s supermoon, YouTube user Geri Vigil pointed her camera towards the lunar disc and to her surprise, she managed to capture stunning footage of what appears to be evidence of intense UFO…

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