There’s no doubt that UFO’s are becoming more mainstream. First you had a few UFO researchers discussing it many years back. Now, we’ve had everyone from prominent politicians (including presidents) to the Pentagon that have spoken up on UFO’s. There’s a large list of people who have now come out and spoken what they believe to be their truth on UFO’s. This list may surprise you.

List Of 10 Figures Who Have Spoken On UFO’s:

  • Prominent podcasters like Joe Rogan discussing UFO’s, and then you had the Pentagon release official documents detailing the existence of UFO’s, and even figures in the community have been guests on his podcast. It’s no secret that Joe Rogan discusses UFO’s and aliens. As the most popular podcast in the world however, it is saying something.

  • You even have Tucker Carlson speaking on UFO’s. The Fox news anchor shares that we need to take UFO’s seriously. Saying ‘it isn’t so crazy anymore’ to believe that UFO’s are out there. From one of the most buttoned up anchors in American television.

  • The political list of people who have spoken on UFO’s is rather large and it makes me ask why, Trump has spoken on UFO’s, Obama has spoken on UFO’s too. Hillary Clinton on UFO’s also! Even 3rd party candidate and popular with the young population (because of all his free promises that will probably never happen btw) Bernie Sanders vowed to share what he knows about UFO’s if he’s elected. Here’s the kicker, I bet I already know a lot more about UFO’s than Bernie. I mean, alone is a treasure trove of information. I am biased, but I digress. Big promise that I’m sure he won’t back up just like the rest of the politicians who have since been elected and not fulfilled their word.

  • Beyond Joe Rogan, famous comedian JP Sears did a hilarious video entitled “What if no one shoes up to area 51?” joking about the rush area 51 and how no one may even go, then what will happen?

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