Society is at a point thanks to inflation, bad Governance, the printing of fiat currency and a variety of other factors (but mostly these) where energy costs, specifically petroleum are higher than they’ve ever been. Obviously, ‘we the people’ do not like that at all. One internet users solution is beyond hilarious, and perhaps genius.

But first, we must all know at this point that there are many free energy solutions or sustainable energy solutions that do not need to depend on the grid or petroleum.

And we’re not simply plugging our tesla into the grid either. Anyone can do that and that’s still ‘on the grid’ unless you have solar that is detached from the grid or something along those lines. We’re talking truly cheap, sustainable energy solutions that last.

Like this Salt Water Powered Car that gets 373 miles to the gallon with SALT WATER and has 920 Horsepower. What a beast!

Or how about this Hydrogen Powered Car That Goes an incredible 400 miles on only one tank of hydrogen! Insane.

Or how about the story of a man in Illinois who built a gold pyramid and his plants started growing faster and a spring of water quite literally erupted from the earth on his property. There’s more energy surrounding pyramids, and its obvious the more stories you read about pyramids as a whole.

Or how about Tesla’s automobile that existed before Tesla (actually created by Nikola Tesla, not by Elon Musk) here.

Or how about Tesla’s Free Energy UFO? The rabbit hole only get’s deeper and deeper. Especially on

There Are Countless Stories Of Both Sustainable & Essentially Free Energy

You can find these all throughout our website and our stories, but today we bring to you a solution that has never been shared before that is perhaps the most brilliant of them all. Using animal energy from the wild to source and harvest energy for years to come. It comes from twitter user @davidbeking

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I have here the ultimate free and sustainable energy solution for society.

Everyone’s focused on mineral rich and costly solar, windmills that kill birds and other lame solutions.. Boring.

What we have here is an “Alligator Energy Generator” which could power the entire nation at best, the entire state of Florida at least.

It’s very simple, and I won’t even charge for it or license the patent for profit because I want all of humanity to benefit here.

What you have in Diagram 1 is the ultimate “Alligator Energy Generator” it’s simple:

Step 1: Put Alligator (or crocodile, versatile technology) on land.

Step 2: Put any raw meat in front of it attached to a generator.

Step 3: Simply attach the generator to the entire electrical grid.

Step 4: Sit back and drink lemonade while everyone goes to work in their overpriced “energy efficient” Tesla’s to work hard to pay for their overpriced car and energy.

Step 5: Relish in your greatness, knowing that you’re truly an innovative man, or woman, or child, or he/she/they/theirs/them/A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M/N/O/P/Q/R/S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z or any other various pronouns, we’re inclusive here at the ‘Alligator Generator Factory’!

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