Missing 411 Part Two: Cover up or Mass Hoax?

Following on from my last article where I discussed the Missing411 project, today I will be examining the responses and the action taken by various official bodies in response to M411 cases, focusing on a particular case. Young Dennis Martin The case I refer to is that of Dennis Martin, a six year old boy […]

Missing 411: An American Conspiracy

David Paulides is a name that, for better or for worse, never fails to spark discussion amongst fringe theorists and conspiracy realists. Paulides is a controversial figure, intrepid journalist to some, distasteful hack to others, but whatever your opinion of him you cannot dispute that there is something weird going on in the National Parks […]

NASA: Hidden Agenda Part Two

In my last article, I briefly ran through the sordid history behind NASA’s origins, including the NAZI engineers and scientists instrumental in forming NASA. I also briefly touched upon their more recent conspiratorial efforts such as the constant live stream issues that NASA supposedly encounters. This article will be an expansion of that point, and […]

NASA: Hidden Agenda Part One

NASA, or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the current dominant space administration authority in the USA. NASA was established in 1958, and was preceded by NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Like many of America’s biggest institutions, NACA had a military focus and beginning. Founded in the midst of World War 2, […]

Val Thor, The Missionary From Venus

One of the most enduring UFO stories of the last century is that of Val Valiant Thor. Valiant Thor was supposedly a benevolent extraterrestrial hailing from the planet Venus who, in the late 1950s, landed in a small town in Virginia. After hearing word of this, the Pentagon allowed Val Thor and his 3 man […]

UFO Stops in Street Tells Man in Stopped Car “I’ll see you again”

One of the most infamous and most prolific cryptids is The Mothman. Any Fortean worth their salt will be able to tell you about The West Virginia Flap of 1966/67, but among these reports of the Mothman in Point Pleasant there lies a potentially even more astonishing story in the case of Woodrow Derenburger and […]

The Giant Of Kandahar

It is no secret that throughout human history tales of giants have been widespread and varying. From the Biblical writings of the Nephilim to the Native American conflicts with the Si-Te-Cah tribe, the idea of a parallel race of giant humanoids co-existing with our own species has endured through the ages. While many historical reports […]

The Lizard Man Of Scape Ore Swamp

History of Lizard Men Lizard men. Reptilians. Gorn. Annunaki. Whatever you like to call them, there is no shortage of sightings of lizard-like humanoid creatures. From questionable video evidence of “reptilian shapeshifters” to the centuries old Egyptian accounts of the god Sobek, the idea of humanoid lizard beings existing amongst us is an enduring one. […]

Project Horizon – The Space Base That Never Was

The Artemis Missions NASA announced recently that in 2024 humanity will be returning to the Moon in an attempt to establish a sustainable relay station called the Gateway. This moveable orbiting station will provide supplies and act as a halfway point between the Moon and Earth allowing for an easier and more effective lunar landing. […]