June 18th, 2022. A UFO was spotted during a wedding in a city in northern Michigan called Grawn. The sighting occurred near Traverse City Michigan. A city that is in the northwest corner of the state. Many UFO sightings over the great lakes surrounding Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada and Ohio have been reported.

This sighting was different in that it was a blue ufo and had a blue ring not too far from it. Wedding onlookers saw the sighting and even the groom noticed it. He snapped this photo:

No one knows exactly what it is, but it’s clear to see that its’ a blue and round. This is also connected to a blue ring that is located down and to the left in the same photo.

No one knows exactly what this is, but it’s definitely a UFO of some kind. Whether it is military run or some foreign entity from far off, one thing is for certain. They don’t want us looking up in the skies because when we look up in the skies we see things like this and then we have bigger questions.

What do you think this is? What is the ring to the bottom portion of the photo? Do you believe that is connected to the UFO sighted in this photo?

There will be many UFO sightings this summer. Keep your eyes up, on the skies!

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