Candace Owens is revealing controversial claims and urging people to wake up to hidden truths. She alleges that Charles Manson was a CIA asset involved in the MK Ultra government program, that Kanye West showed her messages from his MK Ultra handler, and that Diddy is allegedly a government informant. Owens questions the official shutdown of the MK Ultra program, suggesting it might still be active based on current revelations.

She stresses the importance of recognizing the malevolence within our government and calls for people to arm themselves spiritually with the armor of God to combat this evil, asserting that ultimately, God will triumph.

“The Diddy lawsuit implies government control over Hollywood, suggesting a gang-like dominance that can’t be openly discussed. Kanye West described having handlers in Hollywood and referred to some individuals as government operatives, specifically accusing Diddy of being a FED, indicating government protection.

Reflecting on this, Owens mentions the book ‘Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties,’ which posits that the official narrative of the Manson murders is a lie, uncovering CIA involvement and Manson’s role as a government asset conducting LSD experiments for mind control. This ties back to MK Ultra, raising doubts about its cessation.

She references threatening messages sent to Kanye West, supposedly from his handler, and draws parallels to the case of Britney Spears, underscoring ongoing manipulative practices. Owens argues that acknowledging the existence of such evil is essential to combating it and encourages faith in the ultimate victory of good over evil, assuring that, in the end, God wins.”


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