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‘Deep Skull’ Unearthed in Borneo Proves Human Evolution Theory is NOT so Accurate

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‘Deep Skull’ discovered a few decades ago in Borneo has challenged the human evolution hypothesis claiming that modern humans evolved after the disappearance of the last Neanderthals by proving they actually co-existed. In 1958, a group of diggers exploring the so-called “Hell Trench” of the Niah Cave in Borneo unearthed the clear remains of a human…

Open Your Third Eye, Like the Ancient Egyptians Did

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Few cultures were as preoccupied with the afterlife as the ancient Egyptians. Their society relied heavily on a mythos of rebirth and transformation through the attainment of higher levels of consciousness. This is especially true of the fortunate few that made up the ruling class, as evidenced standing the symbolism-heavy narrative they left behind etched…

Was There a Great UFO Battle Over Sweden in 1665?

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This historic account from 1689 tells about a massive UFO sighting that took place over Sweden. People witnessed a great battle in the sky and afterwards they fell sick in mysterious circumstances. Sightings of paranormal phenomena are not so unusual as the term might suggest. Our vast imagination casts its reflection onto anything new we came across, to…

Ancient Giants and The Underground Hyperborean Gallery Unearthed in Romania

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Stories of giants living peacefully in complete harmony with nature have touched our ears from the earliest of ages. But who knew those stories were based on real events with ancient giants that once ruled over the lands surrounding the Carpathian Mountains? Around 3500 BC, an enigmatic civilization called the Agathyr, belonging to the Scythian…

Ancient Statues at Nuka Hiva Reveal Possible Race of Extraterrestrials

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An island in the Pacific Ocean has an unusual heritage left behind by its mysterious inhabitants – the statues of otherworldly beings. Could these be representations of alien visitors from the distant past? Undoubtedly, the original meaning and purpose of a great deal of ancient artwork has been lost over time. What started as an…

Fossilized Remains of Ancient ‘Dragon Man’ Exposed by Eccentric Japanese Collector

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The fossilized remains of a presumed reptilian have recently surfaced on the internet provoking a massive excitement inside the paranormal community. Are these photos proof that reptilians are not just a myth? There’s a conspiracy theory circulating on the internet about the possibility of reptilian beings disguised in human form that are secretly ruling the…

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