Alien Probe on Mars? Curiosity Rover Stumbles Upon a Levitating Sphere, Everyone is Baffled

alien sphere on mars
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  1. Abigailon says:

    TRUST NASA???? Did you really say that??? I..I…I don’t know how to respond to that. NASA policy has always been and will always be to deceive the public of any real finds.They are the only agency that never admittedly discovers anything significant but continues to syphon money from the taxpayers. But they have made discoveries and big ones. NASA. NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER.

    1. Terry Mahnke says:

      Agreed! “Trust NASA” indeed!

  2. Terry Mahnke says:

    So… ” a simple shape that cannot occur as a result of a natural phenomenon, but only through an artificial manufacturing process.” Must mean that the earth and all planets are artificial. Either that or the flat-earthers were right?!?!

    (Not saying that I disbelieve in the object, I just disbelieve the statement.)

  3. rms5366 says:

    why would it have an effect religion? God created the heavens and the earth and everything in between. That includes the Dinosaurs and any other civilization in the universe. It will not erase religion.

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