alien mining base on the moon
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  2. John Richardson says:

    Can you guys do an article on the 32 year old man who was just born yesterday? True story.

    1. D Efiant says:

      He’s already dead mate.

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  4. Bobby says:

    All supposition. What they’re looking at is simply part structures lost in “the big bang” from planets long before our existence.

    1. Terry Mcgregor says:

      you seem to know it all,..stay posted

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  6. Omega Ovnis Ufos says:

    Omega Ovnis Ufos:
    Ufos vs Ovnis:

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  8. nightshade345 says:

    There is a NASA video of a command module flying over the Moons surface and below to the left of the video what looks like a pipe sticking up from the Moons surface is shown a puff of dark smoke coming out of that pipe, this clearly evidence of something going on within the Moon.

    1. katerina says:

      Seen it as well.

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  10. Ken says:

    ” Smoking gun – or smoke and mirrors” perhaps smoking pot is closer to the truth.

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  12. allba45 says:

    that’s not the moon it’s the desert just south of cairo .

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  14. David Valle-Segal says:

    “Sign a pact”? People, listen, extraterrestrial beings need not “sign a pact”–quit thinking in earthterms!

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  16. lifeiznuts says:

    Oh, brother. By accidentally finding this article I will now probably be inundated by strange emails.

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