Curiosity Rover Beams Back Photo of Stalking Mechanical Robot on Mars

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  1. nick schaefer says:

    I am a believer in alien life. But these little articles are kind of funny. I’m 49 now and when I was 15 I wrote an article that I believed earth was in fact colonized by aliens. It seems like we are finding out more and more information that this is a possibility. To think we are alone is comical when you look at the vastness of the universe. If it did come out that there was no “god” I think the weak minded would fall apart. And it would financially ruin the big business of churches.

    1. Voice Of Reason says:

      The existence of alien doesn’t contradict the concept of god, but as you said the some might think so.

  2. 2broke4 her says:

    I have several blocks of cut concrete blocks around 1 foot square and 8 inches thick every morning when i look out the windows to the backyard i see a rabbit, because of the way they are stacked. and the shadow they generate.. So i moved them around and now I see a skunk! because of the shadows in the morning! whats even bad about this, footage, there are enhancement program that NASA uses, and those same programs are available to the public.. please go buy one then do an enhancement!

  3. murat says:

    Could you please release the exact process you used to enhance this image? It would be very credible if anyone who has access to image processing tools could recreate this for themselves. Otherwise it is just another CGI’d image for all intents and purposes…

    1. Kolin Evans says:

      i just looked at the ‘original’ and it’s probably just a game for NASA now but the circle and the lines down the ‘leg’ are there on the original – they’ve probably just made it a game at this point. it’s not compression because i can zoom it out enough that the circle and the lines are still there.

  4. Kolin Evans says:

    here above I cut the image from the original here :

    I added ‘curves’ and auto fixed the lighting – this is just to prove that the circle and the lines on the leg are present and are not compression – also the circle piece at the top.

  5. david leoni says:

    Everyone is always looking towards to the stars and space for a different race of beings instead of the obvious – Our Oceans. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. So far, less than 5 percent of the Earth’s oceans have been explored. Best place to hide could be right under our noses, beneath the waves.

  6. Giovanni says:

    I just did some test and magnification and that thing is just a piece of rock, I magnify with Photoshop, did enhancement but all those details on the left pictures are CG, not real, is a simple rock, with no sign so ever of being separate from the rest of the rocks, the white part that seems to be a hole forming the “leg” is just a rock that reflect light and he make it looks like a hole. Last but not least, JPL would check and double check their pictures before uploading on the web, if it was true of that thing, they would not put the picture in there, is not a leak, is in their web-site.

    1. Giovanni says:

      This is only one example, no hard edges in between the “robot” or whatever you wanna call it and the rocks.

  7. stu8 says:

    Simply a rock formation made out to be something else via cgi, I do believe there are other lifeforms out there and quite possibly on mars itself, but please stop with these stupid fake videos.

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