Moon Doubt Sets in After New Analysis Shows It Could Be a Hologram

moon hologram
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  1. Brian C MacDonald says:

    So… This is what I’m thinking….

    The moon is in fact an alien base…
    And this ‘lunar wave’ that we see, hologram or not…. Is a mask over what the moon really is as to hide the real features of the moon.

    If there are in fact aliens on/in the moon and the Elite is in fact hiding that fact from is, it would be entirely possible and logical for them to create a hologram over the moon; especially with our increasingly powerful telescopes and more people being able to observe more detail at will. The Elite probably had already thought that with advancements in technologies and more powerful telescopes that eventually any one would be able to see the surface of the moon and what is really there.

    We haven’t been back to the moon in over 40 years…. And I believe that cost has nothing to do with it when the government spends the money on a lot less important things.

    I believe the fact is aliens are there. We are not welcome. And either The Elite themselves, aliens, or both have created this hologram as to keep the secrets secret.

    1. Side says:

      Very good observations. Many strange things are happening all around us and since we are prisoners of society, living inside communities that offer us all the comfort we need, we refuse to go over the boarders and search for the truth. The elite noticed this and now they use the human species to achieve their goals and also experiment on us. Just look at all the chem trails sprayed all over the world, all the UFOs and all the officials in a continuous denial. Never doubt a thing, always investigate and do your own research and the truth will eventually come. As a wise man once said: We are all puppets, but at least I can see the strings.

    2. Abigailon says:

      I was just going to make that same statement. Indeed it is a projected camouflage over the surface to hide the activity. On the website THE LIVING MOON, a gentleman described what he saw through his high powered telescope one night. He said that for a matter of about 2 minutes the entire face of the moon changed, revealing structures, lights, roads, bridges, machinery. And in a flash he described it was like someone rolled up a window (like a wave). This is the lunar wave. Holographic camouflage technology.

  2. George Meladze says:

    According to Buddhism, whole reality of ours is a kind of illusion or, if you like, a hologram. From this viewpoint, the moon also may be regarded as an illusion or as a hologram.

  3. btheist says:

    Anyone care to explain a mechanism by which a ‘hologram’ can raise tides?

  4. What is the frequency of the lunar wave? In other words, how often is it observed?

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