Edward Snowden Shares Details On Earth’s Inner Inhabitants

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  1. Lintury Emenyi says:

    These things are all a creation of the governments. Scientist have cloned superhumans and other lives and are simply bringing them to appear and terrorize people as ‘extra-terestrials’ so as to create fear and uncertainty in human populations. This will be an excuse to kill people and reduce the human population on earth in the name of extra-terrestrial attack. Do not be fooled. Don’t take the bait.

    1. I love how you say that with such conviction yet you cannot prove in a literal sense, anything you have just said.

  2. Robin Heiret says:

    two words….proof reading

  3. Steven Lewanski says:

    Check out Admiral Byrd’s diary,
    Col. Billy faye Woodard
    And the bucegi mountains, entrance to Agartha

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