Pyramids and Alien Structures on the Moon May be Why We Don’t Go There Anymore

pyramids on the moon
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  1. nightshade345 says:

    One of the reasons Neil Armstrong didn’t want to talk about what he saw in the first Moon landing, there has to be something that they saw and were threatened not to talk about it by NASA.

    1. Andy William Couper says:

      The truth is OUT there!

      1. nightshade345 says:

        There are NASA employees who know the truth but are afraid of the consequences from the higher ups.

  2. Lex Larsson says:

    I just don’t get it, why are they caring so much about hiding whats out there?!
    And who are they to decide what the rest of the world should know or not?
    I like to know if they are out there for real, but i personally believe were not alone!

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