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  2. nightshade345 says:

    While this sounds fascinating and all there is as usual no evidence just someone telling a story about what someone else saw, I’m sorry but as interesting these tales are these are still tales. as I do believe there could possibility be alien reptilian species on Earth we still need solid evidence which up to now hasn’t surfaced.

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  4. CrossCountryMan says:

    People are slowly being shown glimpses of the reality we’d rather dismiss than believe. I have seen many things beyong my understanding or previous experiences. But am convinced there is a metaphysical reality way beyond our understanding. And, remember, if you believe Jesus Christ is not a myth then HIS WORDS and WORK on EARTH contains realities which we don’t understand even to this day and why many reject the Bible as a series of interesting stories!

    1. Scott Derkach says:

      Just because you dont understand something doesnt equate to godliness,just your ignorance. Educate yourself

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