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  1. jorge massoud says:

    In the process of research, we came to
    the conclusion that a human was an energy and information system that
    receives information from outside. This is precisely why a human can
    manifest paranormal abilities."

    1. Marc Hubs says:

      I have known this for a long time. In 2007 I achieved telekinesis and mental time travel using the exact same principle you use to summon UFOs. I tried to rationalize it for years and tell myself I imagined it all – but it was all real and I have seen evidence of that again and again.

  2. Marc Hubs says:

    This is absolute truth, I have learned how to do it myself and have done so several times. They also show up on photos and videos and are therefore not delusion or hallucination or trick of the mind. It’s actually incredibly easy to do and uses the same principle as paranromal powers – coherent conscious thought, which can be used to accomplish telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, mental time travel and more – I have achieved all of these phenomena successfully. They are as real as the shoes on your feet. People all over the world are “summoning” UFOs – check out the CE5 videos – this contact is real and you can prove it by opening your mind ans giving it a go. The results may very well surprise you!

  3. After reading this story, i will tell you this My name is Charles H Price Jr Creator of THE MINUTEMAN FILES: The Unexplained and Paranormal I created this show 4 years ago due to an ability i learned i have at a very early age due to a near death experiance that cracked my skull open over 6 inches wide at age 5 i died three times in the emergency room. When i woke days later i was no longer a 5 year old i was fully aware and my IQ increased dramatically as a result. This change lead to one of the most fantastic unexplained stories ever told. Mine, At age 5 i discovered i had the ability to move objects, read thoughts and worst yet project harm on others with a single thought. In addition to these abilities i could see things no other could things that exist all around us in plain sight in what seems like another frequency we cannot see like we were deliberately altered this way. one night at age 19 i discovered who and where parts of the human race came from, How you ask this is the crazy part i was walking home from work in southern California about 10 pm at night, when all of a sudden 4 men came out of no where and surrounded me. I instantly went into panic mode as these for men were carrying sticks or clubs. they began to threaten me when all of a sudden i heard a extremely loud crack then what sounded like a fast moving train all around me with a sorta hollow rattlesnake sound. At that moment my head felt as if it was going to exploded so i grabbed my head and fell to the groud and then i saw what looked like a giant ant like being all i could see was it massive head i could hear its thoughts the weird part is i was looking through its eyes then i realized this creator was more like a pilot driving some sort of robot and it was inside looking at these 4 men who all where lying on the ground in main holding thier heads. this thing project a death thought into these four men telling them your going to die soon. before i knew it the whole event was over in 2 minutes or less as the four men stood up and ran away as fast as they could a moment or two later i picked myself. and headed home. The next day a man died in town from a mysterious death when he fell out of a pickup truck while riding in the back. This man was the same man who attacked me the night before. it took 20 years to full comprehend and understand what happened that night but one day i realized what i saw was a alien and i learned how humans where created and why what i can tell you is the Egyptians where 100 % dead on about esp and the gods who came to earth.

    Take a look at one of our ancestors now you did hear me when i said one of our ancestors. I am Charles H Price Jr on of the world most gifted people and what i told you is 100% real and it happened to me in my lifetime. p.s i recently discovered one of the biggest lies in america and i have proof come see what im working on these days to prove terminator robot plain are real and there flying over your house right now in plain sight invisible to the human eye and i have video proof there real these strange aircraft pilot the fireballs seen over america and i have proof of that as well.

    have a look folks

    Photos below one is our ancestor these are not grey aliens there much worse and extreamly hostile the other photo is a drawing of the real fireballs over america piloted by a new terminator like drone with a pair of giant yellow eyes like an owl these new aircraft attach to the bottom of the fireballs and explains the white blinking light seen flying around the fireballs nation wide i spent four years proving what these fireballs are and have countless video and 1 daylite video proving these aircraft are real and one in the same enjoy
    c price

    1. Marc Hubs says:

      Great info and I absolutely believe you. I’ve had very similar experiences myself and also have developed similar capabilities, such as affecting physical reality with my thoughts (whether for good or bad). I can also use the same power to manifest UFOs which I have photographed/video recorded and have had multiple corroborating witnesses. All the phenomena I mentioned below work using the same principle – it’s all just mind over matter. Reality is a manifestation of our inner consciousness. I’ve also seen orange fireballs although one particular event when it got very close, it was also accompanied by a red/orange fiery looking triangle. They remained in formation the entire time.

  4. one last thing for over 4 decades i have been woken up by a reoccurring voice it almost sounds as if its in a deep hole a very raspy hollow deep voice keeps yelling the word “eeee-na-whaaaaa eee-na-whaaaa” over and over i have interpreted this as take me home as the voice seems as if its reaching for the skies at column 16 what is column 16 in the ancient past???? is this Sumerian or another???? i keep seeing this giant column with hieroglyphics all over it or some other picture type writing?????

    1. Marc Hubs says:

      Don’t overthink it. Let it come to you naturally on it’s own. It’ll all begin to make sense, the more time goes on. For me, feelings of deja vu or coincidences/synchronicities are very significant and usually serve as a reminder of things from the past and how those things are related to things which are soon to manifest in the future. If I silence my mind and tune in on that deja vu or feelings of intuition, I often get precognition/premonition of things which then happen a couple of days later.

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