Trees Spotted on the Surface of Mars Reveal Massive NASA Cover-Up

mars trees
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  1. Koroush Tajdini says:

    I must say directly I can prove that NASA, either do not know or want to keep secret that what is really in the picture. now I want to say can be very funny, but I say it anyway.

    these are no trees and the sand are actually fossils of beings from some centuries ago.

    1. Curt says:

      Prove it talk is cheap!

  2. Curt says:

    That is nothing more then just shit flowing down hill much like this site… Dont u wonder why the “trees” are only on the backside of every dune and not randomly scattered. What u think is standing up is really going down

  3. Michael Schmichael says:

    water and trees would form on the lowest point, not on top of dunes…not possible

  4. treeloc says:

    For God’s sake please grow up. There are no such things as elves. This website is complete garbage.

  5. Kris says:

    Well isnt that the Pot calling the Kettle Black LMFAO……
    ” For gods Sake ” what Are You Really Serious ????
    Here you Have Some one Saying Elves do Not Exsist LoL
    How Ever Show Me the Fuck Prof that God Actually exsist….
    Please Be the Grown up and Show Me LMFAO ????

    1. George says:

      Spot on kris!!!!!

  6. 1ordjulius says:

    What if its a few giant creatures. Their probably like swimming and that all you get to see.

  7. jim says:

    if you look on the right side center you can make out two headlights looks like a vehicle of some kind but there are tire tracks also

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