Forbidden History

Archaeologists Unearth 9,000-Year-Old Shaman Sanctuary in Europe

shamans in europe
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  1. warrior 0713 says:

    Our history has been destroyed and the causation cataclysm likeliest reason a mega comet strike between 12800 through 11600 years ago read Graham Hancock as his theories appear to account for how we lost our history.

    1. Tom Shaver says:

      Yes, Hancock is on the right path. Most are not aware that artifacts of the ancient civilization are still visible in many parts of the earth.

      1. warrior 0713 says:

        Gradualism ought be dead.Cataclysm have occurred in our past and certainty in our future.First introduced to concept by a great book worlds in collision.

        1. Tom Shaver says:

          I have long had an interest in the ancients. On my Google+ page one may examine many images of ancient artifacts carved in stone.

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