Forbidden History

Were the Elohim or Shining Ones the Creators of Mankind? Where Are They Now?

shining ones elohim
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  1. Sue Emily says:

    they are here studying earth humans consious levels

  2. Theoldlady says:

    Only Lucifer is called the up-right shining one in the bible.

  3. Bot Otac says:

    Nonsense. Calling church “all-rulling” in modern antichristian world is ridiculous. And none ever supressed the book of Enoch. It was freely available to monks around the world and printed & published in 19th century. In fact, there are three books of Enoch and one was part of orthodox Christian apocriphal literature and that is how it become known in the west (the slavonic Enoch). Also, Elohim and the watchers are not the same. In fact, Elohim banished the watchers into the botomless pit, for using the humans for their own agendas. Do your homework before writing about things you evidently know little about.

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