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  1. lavista4u says:

    The Original Author of this is As-gard he does not support flat earth at all. Some Russian Flat Earth fan created a video based on his research. check out which is the real information many flat earthers are using

    1. laere says:

      I do not like the fact he put “Flat Earth” in the title, although from my understanding he mean’t well, a lot of people are now claiming all FE’er’s believe mountains do not exist and that the planet was harvested by some outside source, which is absolutely false. I thought the video had some interesting things that really didn’t make sense, but are all mountains old tree stumps, no. We know biblically that Elohim created the mountains. But, you also have to ask, what could have made these perfectly columned hexagonal structures? it sure as hell wasn’t a volcanic eruption.

      1. fiorino says:

        A “Flat Earth” is supposed to exist under a “dome” with virtually nothing else outside except water … at lest according to the Flat Earth ‘theorists’ …
        So what ‘outside source’? Can’t they be consistent with their own fantasies?

    2. FINNA KICKA$$ says:

      thanks for the link. i watched the video and surely noticed he didnt say anywhere that he believes the earth is flat.

  2. Giggity Goo says:

    Completely Bat Shit Crazy. That is what Людин Рɣси is. bee’s honeycombs start off round and only form hexagons as they are smashed together and the voids between them removed.

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