Forbidden History

Guided by Aliens: Ancient Tribe Shames NASA by Revealing Unknown Star System

spacecraft near star
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  1. Brett DrMorph WilliamShaw says:

    the grammar here is terrible. who proof reads these articles? very interesting read though…

    1. etb464 says:

      Grammar isn’t the only problem with this article!

      “Napoleon had a scary moment while being
      alone inside one of the Egyptian pyramids and decided to burn the
      library of Alexandria to the ground”

      Since the library of Alexandria had been destroyed and no longer existed after the 7th century I guess Napoleon had a time machine? or maybe the aliens sent him back to burn it?

  2. Mohamoud Moody Farah says:

    “Bessel discovered that Sirius followed a peculiar path”. How the hell can you “discover” something when people already have knowledge about it. I guess its not discovered untill a white man discovers it, everything else….must be the aliens :/

    1. Napoleon Johnson says:

      NASA/JPL and other in the “majority” are still in the “Dark Ages” on Space anomalies and Planetary bodies. They want to pretend to be “Super Heros” which dumbs down human knowledge and intelligent about the Universe. They also ignore ancient African history of the Doggon Tribe ancient believe in their ancestry and knowledge of the Cosmo. For their info, Unknown Entities have exist in our Space and the Cosmo since “The Beginning” (no big bang), HDx visual (video) evidences (proof) exist of Aliens @ Cufox_youtube:

      Happy New Year ‘2016!

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