mermaids swims close to surface 2
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  1. Staffan Näs says:

    Sorry, but why doesn’t the video contain the sequence where the image is taken from? Seems fishy to me….

    1. AlphaSkirmisher says:

      My thoughts exactly. In the video, we only see a grey mass

  2. Laporidae says:

    The tail in the video didn’t even look like that.

  3. 0s1r1s says:

    How in the hell can you say that’s a half-fish half-man hybrid when it’s almost impossible to make out anything in any detail. Oh how convenient that is eh?

    Total bs if you ask me.

    1. Ori Porat says:

      Al bull..t!

  4. Justin Williams says:

    it looks like a shark, dolphin, seal, whale, etc. got half eaten to me and the disposal team came to get rid of the rotting body.

    1. Justin Williams says:

      That or some kid thought she would be able to be a mermaid and dressed up thinking she could breathe underwater and they found her body on the shore and were gonna try and resuscitate them.

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