Is This Video the Ultimate Proof that Underwater Alien Beings Live Among Us?

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There is a thin line between myths and fiction, most of the time this difference is not even being acknowledged.

While the myths or legends depict events from the past involving “fantastic creatures” and heroic deeds, fiction on the other hand represents the human creation based on his imagination, meaning that a fictional story is only a product of our imagination.

However, legends differ from fiction, as they come from people who witnessed events that they could not fully understand at that time, implying that at least a gram of truth can be found in such stories. The borderline between these two terms is indeed fragile but it exists, and a difference can be made from the evidence that surfaces while we search for the answers.

The following video shows how people wearing protection suits carry something looking like a mythical creature known as a mermaid – the half-fish, half-human hybrid who can breathe underwater as well as on the surface.

[youtube id=”3NRdugoxHfM” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” thumbnail=”Underwater Alien” grow=”no”]

The video was recorded in Poland, on the banks of Vistula river, being the largest in the country, splitting Poland in two and ending into the Baltic Sea.

The footage shows how people wearing protection suits and other distinctive attire carry with caution the body of a mysterious being with a large fish tail.

Before they put the creature on the stretcher, it reveals relevant features of the face resembling to those of humans. Black hair can be seen and also a small portion of the face having skin-like colors.


After they placed the strange being on the stretcher, the rogue cameraman stopped recording, probably because he didn’t want to be spotted or even caught. However, the brave fellow recorded just about enough of this to make us wonder if the authorities captured an actual mermaid.

Whether the creature was dead, alive or even tranquilized it makes no difference, as such a discovery would answer a really burdening question – Are there humanoid creatures living beneath the waves?

Recent findings in the Karoo Desert in South Africa have unveiled a series of paintings on the cave walls showing bizarre fish-tailed humanoids, really similar to the mythical mermaids and the creature from the video. Is it possible that the mermaids found shelter in these caves? Or did the aboriginals draw this images as a reminder of this mysterious creatures encountered by them?


Other legends of the Khoi San people speak of strange and evil spirits that live in the mountain pools under the waterfalls. They speak of how these spirits sometimes shapeshift into beautiful women who lure and drown them if by accident they tread on their territory.

Lake Baikal has also offered such cases of mysterious paintings and local legends describing underwater humanoids who sometimes make victims among humans.

Could this video be proof of such mythical creatures?

One thing is certain though: authorities still deny any proof of underwater encounters and continue to keep this veil of secrecy even if relevant material is being discovered and processed. On the other hand, the official disapproval and secrecy might be interpreted as an act of admitting the actual fact – but in denial.


  1. How in the hell can you say that’s a half-fish half-man hybrid when it’s almost impossible to make out anything in any detail. Oh how convenient that is eh?

    Total bs if you ask me.

  2. it looks like a shark, dolphin, seal, whale, etc. got half eaten to me and the disposal team came to get rid of the rotting body.

    • That or some kid thought she would be able to be a mermaid and dressed up thinking she could breathe underwater and they found her body on the shore and were gonna try and resuscitate them.

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