Forbidden History

The Ancient Reptilian Gods that Helped Humanity Break Away from Chains—Part I

reptile eye
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  1. pax256 says:

    This makes no sense. ET’s capable of crossing space need slaves for mundane chores? We’ll have robots in a few years to do that. Whatever those old gods were they werent highly advanced et’s or other. They may have been a precursor civilisation of humans or cousin species of ours which was modestly more advanced than we were. Just enough to make an impression to our primitive ancestors. Im thinking at most a relatively small middle ages level type of civilisation that for ages ran megalithic construction in mostly stone vs a more primitive human one that was mostly hunter gatherer is more believable. They could have seen us as mere barbarians for ages while they walled themselves in their city states in now drowned shorelines off the coast. Interacting with us only when needed or in extremis when they had problems. So they could have taught us a thing or 2 and may have enslaved us for some time the way we enslave peoples today. But thats about it. Anything more in shear speculation.

    I am curious about where they are now if they ever existed. Off earth or a parallel civilisation that, like us still amongst ourselves, likes to keep things segregated. Its not hard to imagine our tribal human ways could have kept them separate for all this time. Teaching the basics to our ancestors but little else. IMO they seem all too human whatever version of these aliens or super ancestors are proposed.

  2. Barbara Sandlin says:

    ENKI was the name of the one of whom you speak..NOT ENLIL! His symbol is the Caduceus ! This article is bassackwards.

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