Forbidden History

The Anunnaki and Humanity’s Forbidden History

anunnaki ancient temple
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  1. Phillip Leonard says:

    In Genesis there is no such planet Nibiru mentioned in the Bible or about another race from some other planet.

    1. Bruce says:

      Because the book written by the jews, not even the bible THEY use,
      but was written for the non-jew,
      is the know all and be all of religious books.

      If my people had written the book for the rest of the world but not my people to go by,
      my people would be the “chosen people”

      Religion is a control system. nothing more, nothing less.
      There is a creator, but its not as told on earth,
      especially in the “bible”
      You need to remember, the first bible written for non-jews to follow,
      and it couldn’t be followed because of the strict rules,
      so a second was written, saying the rules in the first were at that point,
      Clever eh ?
      Still, written by MEN,
      calling themselves the “chosen people”.
      Remember that.

  2. Daniela Stojcevska says:

    It is quite impossible to have had the 9th planet as it had to be in the ‘goldilocks’ zone in order to sustain life with similar DNA, or at least carbon based like ours. Completely different system would be expected to develop creatures that can survive on -270 C as Pluto has
    They might have come from some other constellation though

  3. Dixie Live says:

    In order to extract the precious metal, gold mines were established in southern Africa where they found abundant gold deposits. Because the work as a miner did not befit the Nibiruan masters, the Anunnaki people were sent to do the job for them. Treated like some sort of slaves, they represented the working element of this society, even though their physical and intellectual features were considered imposing by our current modern human standards.
    (((( the problem with this thought process is that to my current knowledge we haven’t found any large settlements, pyramids, castles, or anything that would indicate thousands of people living, digging, and transporting any of the gold resources…. So just where does Zacharia Sitchen think the Annunaki lived while they were making humans work ? )))))

    At first, Enki and Ninmah (two of the leaders) designed beings with formidable strength and size that worked for the Anunnaki on Earth, helping them to extract gold. As perfect as this sounds, their creation had one major flow – they couldn’t reproduce themselves, and so the so called “Gods” had to continuously make more of them to keep the mining process up and running at the desired capacity.
    As time passed, Enki and Ninmah developed several beings until they managed to reach the desired goal. After all their struggle, the final product of their combined knowledge was able to talk and most important they could produce children themselves, this way the first human race appeared under the form of Homo Erectus.
    (((( now stop and think for a minute….. If these gods were able to create the animals, trees, bugs, fish, birds and other stuff and to create the finely balanced eco system….. Then why on earth did they have a problem creating a human being that could procreate ?? ))))))

    1. Counts Campaign says:

      Actually there are large settlements and ancient mines in South Africa. It is not common knowledge, because like everything else. The elite that rule the world hide the truth as a means of control.

  4. kagbalete says:

    If the Nibiruan were so advanced (after all they had the technology for long distance space flight) why do they have to create slaves to do their dirty work? If they were so advanced they could have just created robots or some kind of machinery to extract the gold by teleportation; better yet they could have had the means to synthesize gold….

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