Forbidden History

Who Are The Anunnaki? Cartoon Mini-Series

anunnaki cartoon
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  1. Hugo Spinoso says:

    its possible, alotugh i believe its more likely that they manipulated the gens of some primate, or they could have set some machine to experriment on the achievment of councissness, or we were already and they came to set up an outpost to monitor civilization progress, and eventualy come back depending on the path civilization has taken, there are other possibilities, but this ones seem the more likely.

  2. CrossCountryMan says:

    I believe the story contained in the Epic of Gilgamesh explains it as Dr. Zecharia Sitchin wrote in his series of learned, researched tomes!

  3. Farhad Darvishi says:

    persian god((farvahar))

  4. Farhad Darvishi says:


  5. Tamara Mays-Sheeley says:

    For more info about our extraterrestrial origins, visit

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