Recently, a pilot from the navy by the name of Ryan Graves shared his story with the public. He had a UFO experience that he’s revealing to the world. He has an engineering degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. He started flying F18’s for the Navy in combat as well as a teacher teaching new students.

He witnessed something something in the sky during his missions, it all began around 2013 or 2014, he recalls.

He explains that he recently got an upgraded radar system that essentially lets you see the kinematics of an object in the air. Where is it? What direction is it going? How fast is it? This shows a block of information on their radar to see where something is located, what’s located around it, how fast it’s going, what direction it’s pointed in. The ‘velocity vector’ which has a tail coming off it.

The upgraded system is essentially liking going from an analog to a digital TV. Everything is much more clear and you can see the sky with much better vision as a whole, including multiple targets and things of that nature.

With this, they’d typically see an aircraft trudging along with a tail behind it in a straightforward motion.

He explains that what he saw was always over the water, and sometimes over the bay but never over the land.

These blips that he’d see over the water were not being read as well and they didn’t move in a straight direction. They would move in 3-dimensional way, side to side and up and down. They’d also see them sit still even in the wind. Even with 120 knots, about 130 miles per hour going past them.

The airspace isn’t technically ‘restricted’ however the aircraft that enters the area would get called out quickly by the air traffic controller in the area.

Joe Rogan asked how fast these were going. They were traveling at the speed of fighter aircraft but with the exception that they were stationary at times, which fighter jets do not do at all.

The first time saw Ryan one of these in person (beyond the radar) was when he visually saw one. The object was at the direct entry point of the area. This is about 10 miles off the coast. This is where incoming traffic will fly in and outbound traffic will fly out, just 1,000 feet lower. There were two aircraft in his squadron. This was a flight of two, one plane next to another.

The lead saw the object. He came in and had all his gear on which was typically not a good thing. Which meant there was a problem. After his flight he came in and said that this was a black cube, and it was touching the inside of a sphere. Essentially a sphere and cube connected.

Joe Rogan shares that they are now being called UAP’s, for whatever reason.

This translucent sphere is solid and not see through, but the cube is solid. It appears to be. It seems to be both floating and flying around. It may sound like a weird balloon with some stuff in it, but when the object starts cruising around at .8 mach that nullifies that particular idea.

You have to ask yourself, why is this weird? it was hanging out in a race track pattern for maybe up to 13 hours straight.

Watch The Full Story Here:

Ryan Graves, Navy Pilot Shares UFO Sightings on New Radar System

What type of UFO’s do you think Ryan Graves saw? We have documented nine different types of UFO’s on our website here. Which do you think he saw?

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