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A different legend tells of the Spanish Conquistadors who arrived in Peru and robbed the Inca temples at that time full of gold and precious stones. As a result of the alarming situation, a Inca priest of the Temple of the Seven Rays named Aramu Maru, fled the temple with a revered disk known as “the key of the gods of the seven rays” and hid in the mountains of Hayu Marca.

When he finally arrived at the Gate of the Gods, which at that point in time was guarded by shaman-priests, he revealed the sacred key and in the moments that followed a great ritual began. The performance triggered the golden disk which opened a portal into the gate, and according to the legends, blue light did come out of it. Aramu Maru offered the golden disk to the priests and went through the portal, never to return again.

To add up to the mystery, archaeologists have found a small depression on the right side of the entrance way designed for humans, and confirmed that in this compartment, a small disk could be placed tight to the rock. Could this particular spot be the place where the mechanism was activated?


Until archaeologists discover the sacred golden disk we can only presume, but countless people have told how they placed their hands on the small rocky door and felt a wave of energy flowing through them, as well as several experiences based on cosmic visions involving stars, columns of fire and the sound of strange rhythmic music.

The bizarre Gate of the Gods strongly resembles the other fascinating “Gate of the Sun” near Lake Titicaca. Another strange coincidence is that if you link the two sacred gates and five other mystical archaeological sites by grid lines, they intersect each other exactly where Lake Titicaca is located.


Many UFO reports have surfaced from Lake Titicaca and Peru in general, described as glowing blue spheres or even luminous white discs, showing a good amount of mysterious phenomenon that happened in this area.

If ET beings visited this area, it seems likely that they will someday return, as mentioned in the legends that speak about the reopening of the Gate of the Gods, this time “many times bigger than it actually is”, allowing the Gods to return in their “sun ships.”