We’ve all heard that giants were here before us and there is a lot of proof in the pudding to boot. There were giant footprints discovered in Ancient China as well as ancient giants unearthed in Romania. There was even an ancient giant skeleton unearthed in Iran. If we know one thing, one thing’s for certain. These are real discoveries all over the world and there’s no way similar ancient remains could be discovered so commonly all over the world and be a hoax. We are quite certain giants existed in the past.

Today’s is no more shocking in certain ways, as we’ve seen it before. The one shocking factor however is the amount of bones that were unearthed. In excavating the royal Hyksos compound in Egypt, the experts came across what appear to be an incredible 16 giant hands dating back to 3,600 years old. This series of hands was unearthed after locals in the area continued hinting to dig under these four specific mounds of dirt.

These giant hands unearthed are believed to be hands from an enemy civilization of the Egyptians. as it was actually a pretty common practice during the time for soldiers to cut off the arms of their victims if they had refused to surrender. Some giants got conquered this day. The discovery was made by the legend Manfred Bietak, as he reported having found then underneath the compound alongside many other relics as well.

The Austrian Archaeological Institute alongside the Austrian academy of science teams were led by him in the excavations which went better than planned and were unearthed quicker than was though they would be.

He started down this path with an original mission to unearth the ancient city of Avaris, however, after he had heard about the mounds he figured there was no issue with digging here to see if there was anything valid to the claims. To his shock, the gamble to dig here paid off. Ancient Egyptian soldiers would oftentimes would use this tactic of cutting off one’s arm in order to completely disgrace and remove all power from their enemies. It would leave them to bleed out in a very grotesque way, rattling their enemies with fear for it could happen to them next had they come across their fallen comrades.

Many people see Ancient Egyptians as god-like figures sitting on thrones glazed in gold and Nemes. However, ancient Egyptians were also ruthless spartan-like warriors that would use fear to their tactical advantage to win battles that they had to win.

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