For whatever reason humanity has always been fascinated by the skies. We look up in the skies and are in awe and wonder of what’s really out there? What’s beyond? Maybe you’ve seen a UFO, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve had a friend or family member see a UFO. Personally, I’ve seen one UFO and I’ve had someone that was in the air force share very interesting stories with me personally. So that had me convinced ‘there’s more out there’ even from a young age I had questions.

We’ve all been on a plane, and we all probably remember our first time taking flight and how incredible that was.

Graphic artist youtuber Hashem Al-Ghaili has invented a cruise ship to quite literally float in the clouds, with room for an incredible 5,000 passengers, named the ‘Sky Cruise Hotel’.

Hasheem is a Yemeni science communicator and describes his ‘sleek design’ as combining ‘the features of a commercial plane with the epitome of luxury’. Once you realize what this is, we think you’ll agree.

Built with an immense ‘main entertainment deck’ featuring shopping malls (more than one), also including gyms, pools, restaurants, cinemas and even a theatre, Sky Cruise Hotel also houses a conference center in it’s own separate wing. 

Check The Sky Cruise Hotel Out Here:

This Sky Cruise hotel would trump anything we have ever seen in the sky as far as size is concerned. It quite literally is a 5-star resort (not even hotel) in the sky. Imagine all the amenities of a cruise ship, only in the sky.

You can even get married in this incredible, absolutely gigatic 360-degree observation platform high above the rest of the plane at the very top. That’s the concept at least.

Most incredibly of all though, is that it’s nuclear-powered – meaning it is actually fueled by a fusion reactor onboard, so it would never need to land to refuel. In the skies 24/7 baby. Forget the earth hand soil you’re floating all the time!

Once Facebook user wrote:

“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Good question. That’s a good question.

The Planes Passengers Would Be Able To See The Northern Lights Every Single Night.. Imagine That.

The lucky 5,000 able to afford the trip on this future voyage would be able to see the Northern Lights every single night. It would feel like sunsets to them. Nice, but not a huge deal. What a new frame of reference for aurora borealis!

The concept is that both passengers and crew can be brought up on separate aircraft to the permanently in-flight vessel, which appears to have no more than twenty jet engines. Essentially, think of this as boat that leaves a cruise ship. These planes could go to and from this massive sky vessel as shown here:

Leave To & From The Sky Resort Anytime!

Al-Ghaili has said this plane represents ‘the future of transport’ and would fly 24 hours a day. But where would it go? How fast would it move? It must be slower as it’s size would require so much more power to move at the same speeds.

But seeing as that it never lands, where it would actually ‘transport’ people to and fromanywyere. So this remains a bit unclear.

Another question that is worth noting.. How much crew would there need to be to operate something like this?

Another Facebook comment asked how many pilots would be needed to fly this monolith with wings? the designer simply responded with: ‘All this technology and you still want pilots?’ – I guess this massive sky ship would run on autopilot, kind of like the new Teslas.

‘I believe it will be fully autonomous.’

– me, and my thoughts.

As with new ideas that are grand and massive there are going to be cynics. They quickly pointed out that, though beautifully animated, Al-Ghaili’s design makes almost no sense on other levels. They shared the following:

First, nuclear fusion doesn’t yet exist. 

Whether or not the technology is ready to be taken into the sky is a whole other question. Probably not.

Second, no runway ever is big enough for housing this beast of technological ambition. 

This doesn’t mean that nuclear fusion can’t exist, this doesn’t mean that the technology could be taken into the sky and it also doesn’t mean that this massive air ship could not have a runway built just for it, where it takes off and lands from.

I think for now I’ll stick to what Elon Musk shared, if he wasn’t building Teslas he’d be building personal aircrafts like this that don’t even require a pilots license.

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