At this point in history it has become quite clear that both Government and space agencies do not want you to think outside the box, they don’t want you to question things, hell, they even do not want you to look up. There’s a whole weird netflix movie titled just that ‘don’t look up.’

At this point in time there is evidence from many people that there are extraterrestrials living on the blue planet, as well as very high likelihood that they are living on this planet also. People like Scott C. Waring who shared a unidentified flying object moving across the sky. He is a well known conspiracist who tends to fuel any claims.

Millions Of People in Britain Saw a UFO on Live TV

If there’s one thing that’s great about live TV, it’s that you cannot edit it. Once you’re live, you’re live, and there’s nothing you can do about it. While broadcasting live in the UK viewers saw this strange UFO in the background. Take a look:

Millions of people were able to witness this UFO on live television. What’s incredible is that this was captured on live television, so there was no way to edit, no way to fake, no way to construct this in the background while shooting live.

This light-colored flying object was illuminated by cameras and can be seen behind a glass window as the television host reads the news.

Scott C. Waring, the UFO enthusiast assessed the tape and shared that it was ‘genuine proof’ of alien existence in the UK.

“The video has been slowed to allow for better viewing. Close-ups have been added to make it more clear. There are actually two UFO’s where there appears to be one UFO. They are close to each other. A US fighter jet often takes off with a wingman in a military jet arrangement such as this.”

Scott goes onto share..

“A wingman, a second fighter aircraft that follows you closely and keeps watch on you, is called a wingman. The investigation into UFO’s has been extensive. “London!” Waring posted on his UFO page, @ufoholics reports.

Even though Waring supporters are quite certain that aliens exist on earth, and waring has been a vocal supporter of this idea and belief, some detractors do refute these claims however, they claim that UFO seen is a drone or a duck. But that’s one hell of a drone or duck if you ask me, what kind of drone or duck looks like that?

But truly, the experts remain clear that this is simply yet another UFO sighting.

This wouldn’t be the first time. UFO sightings have been reported in the news before. Similar news have been reported by massive media conglomerate RT news in a segment on tv where the French host questioned Vera Gaufman, a Russian reporter in Moscow. A strange UFO was seen flying over the sky during the interview by Vera Gaufman all the while during the news program.

Waring, who did review the film said that aliens are wanting to reveal themselves in public and are doing so by purposefully getting noticed on news programs.

Take a look at the UFO spotted here:

What do you think? Do you think this is a UFO? A drone? There’s no way in hell that this is a duck.. Sorry. I’m ruling that one out.

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