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Hape is a new trend that is taking the world of consciousness by storm. The reason so many people are becoming interested in Hape is because Hape is bringing tools of consciousness exploration and shaman creations right to your doorstep. Previously you had to go to the Amazon to experience these tools firsthand from a shaman, but now the Shamans have partnered with Four Visions Market to bring this Snuff to your doorstep.

What Exactly is Hape?

Hape is a sacred mix of shamanic herbs and medicinal powders that support the body in healing, recovery, connection to your 3rd eye, consciousness exploration, connection to your divine feminine or masculine, your inner warrior and so much more. Each blend is formulated for a specific purpose for a specific outcome.

Hape is being used by spiritual teachers and gurus from all walks of life. Typically it’s a blend of jungle tobacco (which does have nicotene) but less nicotene than traditional tobacco. It may also contain the cocoa leaf (the same leaf that is used in the processing of cocaine) and other herbs, roots and powders from the sacred Amazonian plants.

Take a watch of this video here to discover more:

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