Some people have interesting stories about their life, aliens, ufo’s, abductions and more. Today is no exception from that. Russ Kellet is from Filey, North Yorks, in England. He shares that for the past 30 years he has been in space wars fighting the ‘drago’s’ which are scaley and have heads like dragons. He claims that four hours here is equivalent to 4 years on these other planets.

It’a quite a big claim, Russ says he’s a “Super soldier” fighting an intergalactic war.

He believes aliens have abducted him from his seaside home multiple times to fight battles in many other galaxies.

Russ, at 58 years old now is convinced that he has undergone medical procedures that were at the hands of a 15 foot alien, dracula.

Russ is an author, and has also produced drawings to back up his claims. Russ also shares that he developed PTSD and chronic fatigue syndrome from fighting these intergalactic wars.

He said “I have been abducted at least 60 times. The first time happened when I was 16 years old and traveling home on my motorbike.”

Take a look at some of the drawings Russ has made here:

Russ shares…

“It’s honestly no wonder I used to be so tired at my day job, the amount of time i’d be gone for!”

“I’ve fought battles across the UK, Europe and South America. I’ve even fought in different territories and battles in space. Each time I’ve been abducted I’ve been taken to a room that is covered in checkers, kind of like a chessboard.”

This is interesting, considering this is a pattern that the elites (illuminati) use. Think there’s another connection here?

He also shares..

“In the center of it there is a glass ball that can transport you through time, as well as transporting you through anywhere in the known and unknown universe.”

Russ shared a picture of a chess board and shared “There has been a ware between two different races of aliens for years”

He said “There are so many different races but I struggle to remember the names of them all”

“I’m certain that one of the races wiped my memory of certain happenings, and some of the times when I was abducted.”

“I’ve said the same thing to the other abductee’s and they said it’s happened to all of them also. It’s quite worrying.”

Russ hopes that by him sharing his story more people will understand what’s going on right under their noses.

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