It was until the 1970s that UFOs were depicted as disc-shaped crafts and their occupants normally possessed human-like features. Starting with the 1980s, this phenomenon took a different turn and most of the sightings turned into triangular crafts and little gray/green beings. So which version is correct?

I’m sure you remember the intriguing story of Dionisio Llanca, the Argentinian truck-driver abducted by aliens while he was on his way to work. In his vision, the three beings that kidnapped him strongly resembled human beings, a concept that’s not foreign after all, as many Nordic accounts speak of these blonde humanoids.

After Dionisio woke up in the Hospital municipal of Bahia Blanca on October 30, he was more worried about his belongings than the event that had him as a protagonist. However, after he discovered that everything was in place, he agreed to submit to pentothal, or ‘the truth serum,’ in the upcoming days to find out what really happened. After this, Dionisio was released from the hospital and went straight to his uncle’s house on Chubut’s street.

The man couldn’t fall asleep that night because of the strange nightmares coming to his mind, so he rushed to see the psychiatrist Eduardo Mata in the hopes of solving this distressful problem. The doctor gathered a group of professionals to tend to Dionisio’s needs, and several tests were performed on him. As a result, the abductee made an odd sketch of the humanoid occupants of the flying saucer. The team of doctors expressed excitement over what they’ve seen, so they did an electrocardiogram on the man and sent him home to rest after they mutually agreed to meet on November 6 for further tests.

However, Dionisio didn’t respect the agreement so the doctors had to pay him a visit at his uncle’s home on Chubut’s street in order to continue their analysis. The team of experts was led by Eduardo Mata and Eladio Santos. When they reached Dionisio, he had already eaten, so pentothal couldn’t be administered until after two hypnosis sessions. The third session has been done with the use of pentothal and every detail spilled out by the man was recorded on tape:

I go up with the two men by a beam of light. The floor is like lead, silver, there is only one window, round. It looks like a ship. There are many devices, many, two televisions (I suppose he meant screens), a radio. In one of the TV you can see the stars. A radio speaks to me in Spanish and tells me not to be afraid, that they are friends, that they have been coming for a long time. They did not say where they came from because it was a secret for them.


They said they had spoken with other men from Earth since the year 1950. They want to know if we can live on earth with them. Your planet is bound to suffer very grave catastrophes if your behavior continues as it is at present. On top of the table there is a lighter, along with a watch and a pack of cigarettes. The woman gets a black glove, with thumbtacks on the palm, approaches to me, touches me, I slowly fall into a paddock by a beam of light. They told me they would come back and get me because I’m a good boy. I feel cold. I start walking…Who am I?, Who am I?

Under hypnosis, he talked about how the three humanoid aliens approached the truck and removed a small portion of skin from his index finger using a device resembling a razor. After that, he was engulfed in a yellowish beam of light and was sucked-up inside the ship. Once there, he noticed the blonde woman had more peculiar instruments that he identified as being medical and surgical gear. One of the men presumed by Dionisio to be the pilot, was standing in front of the control board and kept in one hand a device depicted as a joystick. The other blonde humanoid was staring at the sky through a hardened glass panel, and the imagery was projected on a series of monitors laid-out to the left of Dionisio.

At this point, a door opened briskly and several cables were thrown off the saucer and eventually landed on a high voltage power line found in the vicinity of the craft. Furtherly, the woman finished arranging the peculiar instruments so she now had a free hand to take care of the clandestine passenger. She put on a black glove with suction valves in the palm and made an incision on Dionisio’s right parietal.


Then, without any warning, the alien woman punched his left eyebrow causing him a bruise that was eventually inspected and treated by the human doctors. After the three humanoids finished analyzing his head, they cleansed and anesthetize the wound before disposing of the truck driver on the nearby road where he was later found wandering in dismay and without memory.

The case caught the attention of a renowned Argentinian UFO researcher Fabio Zerpa, who led a team of experts on the tracks of what Dionisio Llanca related to him. They found out that an energy pylon had been indeed deteriorated, and after discussing with the personnel of the electricity company supplying the area, they could confirm that on the Sunday of October 28, 1973, between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM, there was an unexplained increase in electricity consumption, linking this official report to that of Dionisio Llanca.

Fabio Zarpa eventually published a book –El Reino Subterráneo- in which he describes the above events and other evidence proving the story of Dionisio is veracious despite all doubts. (To be continued.) (Source.)