On earth if you take a drive in the country you’ll see herds of cows mostly. Beyond cows, you’ll see pigs here and there, buffalo if you’re in the north and you might see chicken coops here and there. Beyond that, there is nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. We know what to expect here on earth when it comes to animals but have you thought about what animals you’d see in a place like Mars? I hadn’t either, until today.

This all changed when a NASA probe image spotted something peculiar. A herd of animals that were moving in conjunction just like they would be here on earth. The animal breed? One can only guess.

The picture was recorded by NASA’s space probe. As you can see from the image below it appears to be a large heard of animals roaming free range on Mars:

Clearly, animal grazing patterns and figures.

Experts have weighed in on the matter, including Neal Evans, An Astronomy professor at the University of Texas Austin. They have shared multiple times that life on Mars can be sustained. There are two theories on the animals here in particular.

First, that they are the result of human interference with the red planet. Second, that these are leftover animals from an ancient civilization that is technologically advanced. I’d like to take this moment to add a third theory to the pot. These animals are grazed and eaten on a nice smoker like we do here on earth. That’s a possibility too. There’s no evidence to suggest that aliens are vegans or carnivorous, so let’s keep an open mind to any outcome.

According to Neal, he believes that this alien civilization was taken out by some other nefarious force. Perhaps another alien civilization or completely nuked. He believes that this forced them to reemerge as unintelligent beings as animals. This then prevented them from nuclear fallout on their own planet. This guy is a professor at a University and this is his theory. Quite the claim, he wouldn’t get along well with vegans most likely. But that’s okay, because vegans are triggered by this new research around plants being conscious and feeling pain when they die anyway.

Grazing Animals On Mars Zoomed In..

Evans has captured multiple images that do show clear lines from water, lakes and naturally occurring vegetation. As you can see in the images in this video you can see that they have been lying to us all along and these animals are in fact moving to and around water and grazing on plants. There is life, both animal and plant life on Mars.

The question then becomes what type of animal is this? To me it looks like a pig, or sheep, or large goat. Something smaller than a buffalo for sure, something also smaller than a cow. What if the animals on Mars are the same as here? Perhaps it is a goat or sheep as these are the two forms of dairy that the longest living cultures on earth consume. Learned that from Healthy Wild Free, found that information useful here on earth. Maybe they are advanced and know to avoid cow’s dairy and only use goat or sheep for true health.

Or perhaps, they are entirely different extraterrestrial animals that we wouldn’t recognize at all. It does appear that they have a similar body frame and structure from the sky as animals here on earth however. There does appear to be some resemblance between human animals and Mars animals.

These photos show the sterile landscape, that the environment and ecosystem on Mars might actually be much more similar to ours than we thought.

According to the US Space Agency Mars was destroyed billions of years back by powerful solar storms. It may very well be another lie fabricated by NASA and governing space bodies to deceive us.

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