NASA has released new evidence of the American presence on the Moon during the Apollo missions of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The evidence includes previously unseen photos and video footage of the lunar landings, as well as recordings of conversations between the astronauts and mission control.

According to NASA, the new material provides a unique perspective on the historic missions and sheds light on the challenges and triumphs the astronauts faced during their time on the Moon. The footage includes images of the lunar surface, as well as the astronauts planting the American flag and conducting scientific experiments.

The release of this material comes at a time when interest in the Moon and space exploration is once again on the rise, with multiple countries and private companies pursuing plans to return to the Moon and establish a permanent presence there. NASA’s new evidence serves as a reminder of the United States’ pioneering role in space exploration and the achievements of the Apollo program.

Overall, these new findings from NASA provide a fascinating look at one of the greatest feats of human exploration and a momentous achievement in American history, that is, if it actually happened.

Here’s some video footage:

What do you think? Did we really go to the moon?

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