Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Deep Inside the Amazonian Rainforest on Google Earth

amazon ufo
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  1. Buck Wild says:

    Can’t really call it a UFO, now can we? Not much flying going on…..

  2. Patrick Aesteii says:

    I have done extensive research in the Amazon based on the UFO photos like the one above.
    My investigation started in 2007. There is an active underground base in the Amazon which is like the base that exploded in Sacsayhuaman Peru 30,000 years ago. Percy Fawcett called the base (Z).
    A photo of a UFO entering a lake in the Bolivian Beni. It’s no longer on Google Earth. This is the tip of the iceberg. I also found a city in the jungle with UFO crossing signs and a twenty year nightly flight of UFOs. this city is near the base under the lake. The photo of the disk in the above photo shows a ghost of a fast moving object in my opinion.

  3. Dias says:

    Looks like just some digital effect in that area. There are many others like this:

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