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    A few days ago, more UFO enthusiasts who hunt for space anomalies have witnessed the moment when an unidentified object slowly approached the International Space Station. The sighting would have easily be debunked as a lens flare but, as usual, NASA decided to cut the live feed, thus raising plenty of question marks.

    This isn’t the first incident of its kind, as the ISS had similar encounters in the past, all of them ending abruptly with the “technical difficulties” message. This particular UFO appeared as a dim-grey light and lasted for only a few moments before slowly fading away. A different camera installed on the ISS offers another glimpse of the UFO, this time lasting considerably longer. Its shape cannot be precisely determined, but there’s no denial that the object is found in the vicinity of the station.

    After NASA noticed the anomaly, they’ve decided to pop-up the “stand by” screen fearing that the peculiar object will reappear. After this moment, the camera is switched and the line of sight of the UFO is lost. If this was only a common phenomenon occurring in space, why would they cut the live transmission so briskly and only a few moments after the mysterious object made its presence noticed?

    Uploaded by Streetcap1 of YouTube on April 1st, 2016, the video soon caught the attention of numerous UFO analysts. Here is what Scott C. Waring from ufosightingsdaily had to say about this event: “I have to say this UFO is more classic than most seen at the station. This one seems to have a humped lower and upper section. This UFO did appear on April 1, 2016, so is NASA playing a joke on the nation? I don’t think they have that in them. That’s the last thing they even want to suggest…that they are faking anything…at least I hope they are thinking that.

    According to him, the UFO meets the common characteristics of a flying saucer. After zooming in, the shape of a disk is revealed along with an upper and lower “hump.” The upper side is more prominent than the lower part, indicating that it could be a dome where the command room is located.

    However, not everyone shares the same opinion of the object being an actual alien spacecraft. Some skeptics consider it to be a mere dust particle found on the outer camera lens of the ISS which acts like a reflective material whenever the Sun shines through. Others consider it to be nothing more than space junk floating through space, and there are even people who claim the video has been deliberately altered to make it look like a flying saucer.

    While some claims could be correct, the fact that this bizarre event has been witnessed by many others since it appeared on the live cameras, coupled up with the sudden loss of signal immediately after the UFO faded away make this likely to be an authentic phenomenon. I cannot deny that there’s plenty of space junk orbiting Earth that could easily pass as a UFO, but the strange behavior and disk-like shape of the object inclines the balance towards an alien spaceship scenario.

    If you are not yet convinced that UFOs are making contact or even docking with the ISS, you should take a look at the video below that’s showing yet another unidentified object that’s chasing after the International Space Station as it travels around the Earth at a dazzling speed of 18,000 MPH.

    Could this be yet another coincidence or explained phenomenon, or is it possible that NASA is lying to the general public for some unknown reason? Whatever the case, there is plenty of UFO evidence surprised near the station from where you can draw your own conclusions.