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    Recent footage of an unidentified object shining bright in the night sky and then disappearing has alarmed people around the world who don’t seem to understand this strange phenomenon.

    At first we thought the sighting from Canada was only an isolated case of UFO report but after the last few days, more and more people have reported seeing something similar. Watch the video at the bottom of this page. 

    An interesting fact is that the description of the event is different from one person to another. However, all the reports are connected by the same bright UFO who manifests itself in an identical manner – it appears as a star and after a short period of time starts to glow brightly as the Sun, oscillating between a yellow and red color.

    People have witnessed different manifestations of the flying object, some have seen it rapidly moving in a circle while others saw other small bright objects descend from it.

    The following video shows the mysterious encounter surprised by a local man going to work.

    The UFO was seen in October, over the German village of Sandhausen, at approximately 22:30 local time.

    The witness saw it while heading to work. He was surprised by the luminous sighing that changed colors and moved across the sky emanating light, so he decided to stop the car and record it.

    Unfortunately he only caught a part of the aerial spectacle but, his description helped us match it with other similar UFO encounters, all of them occurring this month and in different parts of the planet.

    At first, it was a dot like a star but it then begun to grow and flash, changing color from white to red. At that time I saw maybe a dozen or more little white lights drop out underneath it and zipped away in different directions.

    At this point I was shocked, so I put on my handy cam and started to film…it didn’t change the colors anymore but it kept getting bright and back. It moved in a strange way around and at the end it got less bright until no more could be seen.

    Before the UFO stops flashing, another similar dot appears on the sky, but only for a short while. This second appearance has been described by other witnesses from North America and Australia. It seems like the second UFO also links the reports from different areas, concluding that this mysterious encounter was not an isolated case, furthermore it was witnessed by more people, behaving almost the same but with a few particularities.

    What could this bizarre ritual mean? Are we being invaded or is this event somehow related to an alien mother ship? What could be other possible explanations?

    Here  is the other video of what we suspect to be the same UFO and ANOTHER case from last year.