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  1. Eli McDufford says:

    Well I think it is about time the truth gets told, we all know Alien’s are out there, I myself seen several dozen good UFO’s that were controlled by intelligent life not of this world, no craft we’ve got could explain those objects, and were not swamp gas weather balloons or any other ridiculous claim

  2. Lech Lesiak says:

    Not exactly a smoking gun, is it?

  3. MarsFKA says:

    Astronomers have been looking at the night sky for more than 2,000 years; during the last century with instruments of increasing sensitivity and sophistication.
    If anyone was going to see a UFO – that is UFO-as-in-“flying-saucer" – don’t you think that astronomers would be the first?
    I never heard of any and I’m an astronomer, too…

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