It’s OFFICIAL! China Admits to the Existence of UFOs and Aliens

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  1. CrossCountryMan says:

    Maybe the Chinese have more honor than U.S.!

    1. juandegringo says:

      Dr. Sun Shi-Li is the real McCoy.

      I used to know someone who knew him. My friend’s first language is Spanish. Dr. Shi-Li’s 2nd language is (perfect) Spanish. Therefore, at the UFO conferences in the 90s, since much of the presented material was in English, my friend translated for Dr. Shi-Li, who is a member of the Communist Party, was at one time the Chinese Trade Minister to Mexico, and has been a Professor of Economics @ Beijing University. If youlisten carefully, he said his organization has 100,000 members. Granted, that for China, this is not a very significant number. However, for the US, 100,000 people to be in a single UFO research organization, would be unheard of, to say the least. He has had (at least) two sightings himself.

      Perhaps most importantly is the reason he gave to my friend about why the very, very pragmatic Chinese government officially encouraged Chinese citizens in May of 1978, to report any sightings they may have had. Before that date, the official position of the Chinese government about UFOs was that they were part of the imperialist US government clandestine operations. However, the Chinese government had so many sightings on record by very reputable people, that the government decided these were neither Soviet, nor American spy planes. They wanted the power source for craft that could fly at thousands of miles an hour starting from a dead stop to making perfect right angle turns at thousands of miles per hour. In other words, these craft display flight characteristics that include the technological mastery of the control and manipulation of gravity. We in the West have no appreciation for the incredible amount of energy required to keep China “operational” every day. Thus, the Chinese government wanted to acquire that technology, which is obviously superior to coal-fired power plants.

      In other words, Dr Shi-Li is not some mentally unbalanced conspiracy theorist. He actually represents the Chinese government.

      When you listen to him, you are listening to the officialy “party line” of the Chinese government about the subject of the authenticity of the existence of the phenomenon commonly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects.

  2. Nick Grigoropoulos says:

    What a crackpot lie

  3. freddiebootleg says:


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