NASA’s Kepler Telescope Discovers a Colossal Artificial Structure Orbiting a Star in Our Vicinity

dyson sphere surrounding star 3
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    1. Savva Vassiliev says:

      Washington Post conjecture written as fact. Bottom line is, we don’t know either way yet – but if you think we are the only intelligent life form in an infinite Universe then you might just be mentally retarded, Marty.

      1. Marty Smith says:

        At what point did I EVER imply I don’t think intelligent life exists elsewhere ? Your base and insulting comment didn’t even need to be said. Do you just want drama? If you do, you might be mentally retarded Savva

      2. Michael Stinson says:

        Could you have picked a more ironic article to post, “conjecture written as fact”, in the comments?!

  1. Kevin Hudman says:

    Just wondering why it couldn’t be a really dense astroid belt around said star. Aka a planet that had been destroyed or a large moon

    1. Timothy Plunk says:

      Thats no moon….

      1. Malcolm Neilsen says:

        Yeah… I think you’re right…

        1. BlindGuardian117 says:

          Funny to see you here Malcolm!

          1. Mal Lupus says:

            Hey hey what a coincidence

          2. BlindGuardian117 says:

            Changed your name?

      2. Chuck Aitchison says:

        This battle station is indeed fully operational, as your friends are about to find out, Mwa hahaha

        1. Dan Vital says:

          It’s aTRAP!!

        2. Broome_County_Creature says:

          I’m hurt. I had friends on that Death Star….

          1. Jeremy says:

            Me too! My friend was a contractor hired to install the station’s plumbing.

      3. Heath Martin says:

        its a SPACESTATION! sorry i couldnt resist

        1. Michael Skelton says:

          Does it have the Death Star canteen

          1. Heath Martin says:

            shit, i wish lol

      4. Robert says:

        …..its Halo

      5. Matthew Jones says:

        I see what you did there. Lol

      6. Michael Skelton says:

        No my friends it’s actually the earth 1000 years from now after we sent all the BS into orbit that we could between now and then

    2. Mark B says:

      Believe its the size of the object that it would to take get readings they got to makes it very unlikely. The light dips were 15% & 22%. If you put Jupiter in front of this star the dip would only be 1%. Don’t believe there is any evidence of a rocky planet 22 times the size of jupiter and the star has been around long enough that that much debris would have formed into planet long ago.

      1. Joe says:

        A planet that large isn’t really feasible. But under its own gravitational compression, its physical size wouldn’t be that much bigger than Jupiter. Even a brown dwarf star, 75 times the mass of Jupiter, is only about 1 1/2 times its radius. So, it would be impossible for a planet or even a dozen Jupiter-size planets to block 15% and then 22% of the starlight (all transiting almost simultaneously, if that’s even possible) Something truly bizarre and unique is happening over there. Exciting!!

        1. hana says:

          jupiter isnt even on the sun scale because it’s so small. please look at scales of all space objects because jupiter is literally nothing

    3. Sir Jim says:

      This could be probable if it were a young star. This star isnt, and it’s gravitational field would have swallowed something that close in orbit to it long ago.

    4. Nicky Giovanni Olivieri says:

      Because it’s not a young star. If it were a young star, that would be plausible but gravity would have swallowed the asteroid field.

      1. Ronnie Solbakken says:

        The young star paradox is only true if our existing understanding of how stars form is accurate. But it may not be. In either case, we need more data to home in on what it is.

    5. Ronnie Solbakken says:

      Short answer: It could. They don’t know. The alien megastructure was merely an idea thrown into the air, among other ideas.

    6. Mike Crowder says:

      Because of the irregular intermittency of the blockage of light. Something orbiting regularly, like a large moon, would eclipse on a regular pattern.

    7. Brian Simpson says:

      The amount of material needed to create even a plate of metal large enough to dim a star would be massive. a planet the size of jupiter traversing a star at Earth’s orbital distance might not even dim a star by 20%. To jump and say it’s an artificial structue is severe, but if it was correctly recorded, then it was definatly something happening. I would sooner believe it was something closer to us then something orbiting a distant star, and to jump and say it was a created structure is something that only UFO fanatics would do.

  2. Cole Montag says:

    Haha, and Elvis, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson are still alive. All sipping martinis every night, retired in the Bahamas.

  3. Jan Grässer says:

    Not artificial.

  4. Marcus Henry Weber says:

    They have NOT dispensed with all the other explanations. Do you know why reasonable people don’t take this shit seriously? Because you have no honesty or scientific rigour. Just a sensationalist.

  5. Haiku Funkplus says:

    This is NOT TRUE YET. Although an alien structure is being higly considered, please do not report false information. This is potentially the most important discovery made ever. You should be ashamed of yourselves for knowingly mis informing the public about something so amazing in its own truth.

  6. bobbyalpy says:

    If true…it’s almost certainly a Dyson sphere.

  7. James Jones says:

    Cool, this is the second time reading about this which gives me hope this isn’t some quack discover. I am fairly certain if the sources are correct then astronomers from Yale and such are not going to make such bombastic claims so lightly. Excited to see this unfold :-DDD

  8. cameltoe says:

    Pure bullcrap!

  9. Steve Lacey says:

    Sure looks like Halo to me.

    1. Trevor says:

      I’m thinking Halo too… just in time for Halo 5.

      1. kaebl says:

        omg ringworld predates and was the inspiration for halo

        1. Booyahhayoob says:

          Halo’s more famous, though.

          1. madcapfeline says:

            More interesting, too.

          2. zebramilk says:

            in ur dreams clown.

          3. madcapfeline says:

            Agree to disagree. Books are great and all, but I much prefer having some degree of control over the story I’m immersing myself in, even if it is just thumb-sticking my way through it.

        2. Jack Pettis says:

          Ringworld required reading, you know books and things.

          1. Michael Skelton says:

            What about Molly Ringwald she’s making Acome back?

          2. zebramilk says:


      2. Kevin Guthrie says:

        I thought the picture made it look more like the construction of the death star.

        1. Karen Langley says:

          Can we please stop pretending advanced societies would use radio waves to communicate. Why not check for smoke signals while we are at it?

          1. Roenkatana says:

            Would you rather we collect a large group of self-proclaimed psychics then? We’re not using the radio telescopes to communicate with potential alien objects, we’re using them to identify the objects. Everything in space either gives off or reflects a large amount of radio wave frequency radiation. If there was an advanced society out there that utilized light and heat energy on such a massive scale then the object gathering that energy would give off massive amounts of low frequency radiation.

          2. Synthia says:

            I prefer carrier pigeon and Morse code.

          3. ClaudeL says:

            IPoAC has the highest potential transfer rate of any communications technology to date.

          4. jack says:

            smoke signals are still a type of measurable energy – visible light. there could be unidentified types of energy, while it is unlikely, but aliens would still know radio waves exist and use them for communication. radio is useful because the waves are really large, so long distance communication is still a great use case for it. on top of that, in order for an intelligence to get to an advanced form of communication, they have to evolve through all the lesser advanced types as well, radio being one of them. so if a planet is really far away, then perhaps aliens were using radio technology thousands of years ago and that information is just reaching us now. the aliens could be using some new, badass undiscovered type of communication we don’t know about yet, and that information will reach us in another few thousand years. so in summation, your highly simplified and snarky response is incorrect as fuck.

          5. Jeezy says:

            But if they are advanced enough to build a structure around a star to harness energy don’t you think they are past the radio wave technology already?

          6. Woes says:


          7. Jamie Hamster says:

            If we think we have found advanced aliens, what would make anyone think they don’t know about us already?

          8. Gregory David Keet says:

            We haven’t had electronic communication all that long.. so they naturally would not be aware of us til our signals arrive there.. which is at least 1500 years away.

          9. gerbilcrusader says:

            There are over 51 types that have been visiting or aiding mankind millions of years before there was any humans and there have been different humans on Earth’s history modern historians simply don’t know and cannot trace that ancient cultures tried to record to the best of their abilities. We have been brainwashed by academia and governments

          10. Charles Batchelor says:

            No because they would be bound by the laws of physics just like the rest of us and may not use the same frequency ranges we use today but they would still use the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves will take 1500 years to get here by the way.

          11. Jeezy says:

            What I was saying was if they have the ability to build something around a star to harness energy then more then likely they have a way to communicate other then radio waves.

          12. eze60 says:

            Our scientists are looking based on current or even previous scientific logic. But I think they’d have to be more imaginative and ignore what certainty of our understanding of nature tells us. It is more logical to work with a more imaginative wing of scientists who aren’t stuck on certainty and are willing to think outside the box in terms of contact approaches. The paranormal may very well be part of the angle of science that ET uses.
            If all is considered, the radio wave approach as it has already proven is a rather weak theory and approach. It’s all theoretical anyway. It just seems bizarre that scientists are excited to look far into space when there’s more evidence that they’re already likely here if one is open to a broad spectrum of historical evidence. It’s almost as though orthodox mainstream scientists want to define how ET is discovered. The suggested bias is that it must be on their terms.

          13. eze60 says:

            The laws of physics that we’re aware of at our stage of development, or the ones that they’ve discovered beyond that of ours?

          14. Buster WTT says:

            Radio waves would get here the same time the light is getting here, so what we would “hear” would be in synch with what we see.

          15. jack says:

            but radio would still be one of the most efficient ways to get a message from one side of the sphere to the other. it’s just a fact.

          16. Jeezy says:

            Its not a fact there is no way you can tell me that “if” there is actually aliens out there that the best way to communicate is radio waves. If this possible alien form is advanced then there’s no telling how advanced or what they have discovered. I mean look how far man kind has come in the last 1000 years. Where do you think we will be in the next 1000 years? Still using radio waves? Theres no telling we might be or we might not be the only fact is you nor I will be here to know.

          17. jack says:

            well radio waves were one of the first ways we learned how to communicate using the EM spectrum and they’re still widely used today. if you had listened in science class you’d know that everything in the universe is bound by the laws of physics – that is, the laws that dictate the EM spectrum. If you had been listening in another class you’d learn that radio waves have a very uniquely large wavelength, allowing their signal to pass more efficiently through space. radio is still a great way of communicating. even if there were new forms of communication discovered (like a “fatline” in the Hyperion novels) radio would still probably be used because it’s cheap and efficient. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

          18. TheBlues says:

            The muslums are back in the 7th century, still.

          19. zebramilk says:

            It is not an absolute fact. as i am sure u are not in possession of all available information about this or any subject. so calm down with the over reaching in order to win a argument.

          20. jack says:

            did you not fucking read what i wrote?

          21. Jeezy says:

            Shut the fuck up you overly sofisticated punk you think your so damn smart “if you had payed attention in science class” I’m not saying that your wrong I’m saying you can’t prove that there is not another way to communicate besides radio waves just as I can’t prove there is. All I was saying was there is a possibility that they don’t use radio waves. So chill the fuck out theres probably not even anything out there

          22. jack says:

            you’re*. guess english class was tough too.

          23. Jeezy says:

            Its horrible I didn’t even graduate high school. I live free I don’t let grammer control my life. Thanks for your input.

          24. jack says:


          25. Jeezy says:

            Sorry sir I’m from the poorest county in Maryland what else do you expect? I was not even given a text book in most classes.

          26. jack says:

            you’re forgiven.

          27. ClaudeL says:

            There are other ways to communicate besides radio waves.

            Sound – vibrations transmitted through a medium from the source, then received and deciphered by the recipient. Talking is one such example. Morse code is an example of encoded sound which must be decoded by the recipient to be understood.

            Light – similar to radio communication, signals of light are coded and then transmitted from the source, to be received and decoded by the recipient.

            Electrical – around for over a century, this method of communication is used whenever you use a landline telephone, cable TV, as well as Internet. In like fashion to light and radio, information is encoded using electrical signals, then transmitted through a medium (typically copper wire), to be received and decoded on the other end, where it is processed and displayed/re-transmitted into a form usable by human senses (either sight, sound, or in the case of Braille, touch).

            The difference with communication via light is that it is not broadcast as it typically is with radio communication, but either directed (light beam) or channeled (fiber-optic cable). The word ‘broadcast’ implies signals that are transmitted omnidirectionally (in all directions).

            Of all the forms of communications transmission we know about, radio is the most reliable for two main reasons:

            1. It travels at the speed of light, because, technically, it IS light. Most people only consider the extremely tiny portion of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see as ‘light’, but in science, this portion is only referred to as ‘visible light’.

            2. Because it is broadcast, it travels in all directions possible, so there is no need at all for very precise instrumentation. All you need is a transmission, line-of-sight to a recipient (radio doesn’t travel well through many solid objects), and equipment to receive and decode the transmission into a form recognizable by human senses.

            Now with all of that stated, I think it is YOU that needs to chill the fuck out and/or shut the fuck up, because your statement was one of ignorance, which makes you look rather idiotic.

          28. Chris says:

            Your point would be better made if you were a more effective communicator.
            I recommend you read ‘Eats Shoots & Leaves’ by Lynne Truss.
            ISBN 1-86197-612-7.

          29. Dex Harvey says:

            Sick science burn.

          30. Barry Parrish says:

            Don’t be backwards. Any one with common sense knows advanced societies use metaphysical energy projected with their penises and vaginas to communicate.

          31. GodLeros says:

            That is what I use. it has worked pretty well for me so far.

          32. Ray Cabarga says:

            It used to work for me, but now the communication just barely dribbles out and I’d be lucky if it made it to Uranus. I can hardly get my antenna to go up. And frankly, I’m just not that interested in alien life forms anymore. I mean I am, but it’s not an obsession.

          33. Daniel James-Gillum says:


          34. Steven says:

            Keep in mind, alien tech and biology are different from us. They might use telepathy (not likely) eliminating the need for radio waves.

          35. Jacob Green says:

            There is this thing called quantum entanglement that can alledgedly be used to communicate over infinite distances with no delay. I only read about it in like 2011 so maybe we’ve studied it more and understand it better now. This is a possible form of data transmission. As far as radio waves, they are pretty effective for communicating through a void or other mediums so there is a decent possibility that a technologically advanced alien society would have discovered and started using them before farming the energy of a star.

          36. Karen Langley says:

            Um, no. The tiny sliver of radio use, maybe 200 years, will not be intercepted by us. Furthermore, my use of the word “communicate” encompasses all other uses. And, obviously, radio would be the dumbest way to communicate over long distances. That would be akin to the US and China corresponding by messages in bottles. Thanks for playing, Jr.

          37. Charles Batchelor says:

            When NASA says radio communications they really mean the whole electromagnetic spectrum not just the range we use for communication. That range goes from IR all the way to Gamma.

          38. GeoffMSmith says:

            Exactly! No-one said they are communicating by radio. The point is this is a radio telescope – it works by detecting radio signals, innit.

          39. Karen Langley says:

            And? I think you’re missing my point.

          40. jack says:

            this is just wrong. you’re not a smart person. as Charles Batchelor said, they’re still bound by the laws of physics, meaning they can’t just invent new types of EM waves. radio is still hyper efficient because waves can pass through structures. if we’re assuming that these aliens built a big sphere around a star, there would be lots of structures in the way, so radio would still be a-ok.

          41. Karen Langley says:

            Get back to poky-man.

          42. jack says:

            what does this mean?

          43. TJ Westhaver says:

            Jack your assuming that we as a species fully understand the laws of physics and that is simply not true. As a matter of fact a lot of what we do know about physics is guess work.

          44. Jamie Hamster says:

            That is why most science is based on theory, but spoken in as if it is actual fact.

          45. Jonathan A. Wilder says:

            Theory doesn’t mean the same thing in science as is does in plain English. If something is labeled “theory” in science, it has been proven. If it hasn’t been proven it is a hypothesis (if not yet proved or disproved), or garbage (if disproved).

          46. Jamie Hamster says:

            Every scientific theory starts as a hypothesis. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hypothesis is an idea that hasn’t been proven yet. If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step — known as a theory — in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a phenomenon.

            And still is not proven, just accepted as the most likely answer. We can’t even explain our own planet. How can we explain something that can’t even be touch and analyzed with scientific fact and not just a bunch of guesstimates at the conclusions of a few facts.

          47. jack says:

            you’re*. and i understand this but i also know for a fact that we’ve measured the entire electromagnetic spectrum so communication outside of that is really the only thing we can’t comprehend. my point is: even if they’ve learned how to communicate outside of the EM spectrum, using radio waves is still efficient for certain tasks. that’s all.

          48. Krytes says:

            They most likely use quantum entanglement to communicate….spooky action at a distance 🙂

          49. TheBlues says:


          50. Mitch says:

            Not that I actually buy into the alien hype, ( it’s a pretty big assumption considering what little we actually know about the star) but what I think the point that you’re missing is that radio waves might be what we know, but did we know 500 years ago?
            Who knows what possible ways of communication exist through technology that we haven’t discovered.
            Your logic would be just like someone from the medieval times saying, ” of course people will still use carrier pigeons in the future! They will still be bound to laws of physics and nature!”
            By the way, cellular waves are already phasing out radio waves technology for communication.

          51. jack says:

            carrier pigeons have nothing to do with this. they’re a living creature. the EM spectrum is everything, from what we see, to how we heat food, to how we cure some types of cancer or send messages to space ships. we’re not going to outgrow that.

          52. Mitch says:

            My point is that back when carrier pigeons where used, nobody even knew radio waves existed.
            There is likely very much more about the universe that we do not yet know verse what we do know.
            It’s very likely that there could be forms of communication that render radio waves completely irrelevant.
            You can’t know what we don’t know.

          53. jack says:

            so you’re saying it’s just completely worthless to look for radio waves and we should just look for something we don’t know exists? ok.

          54. Mitch says:

            No dumb ass. I’m saying that you can’t KNOW that they are using radio waves. That’s all I’m saying.
            You are acting like you know for a fact aliens would use radio waves, but you don’t know shit.

          55. jack says:

            listen i’m just going to post this answer, because you’re of lesser intelligence than me and i don’t need to get in an argument with you on a UFO site that i accidentally clicked instead of an actual news website.

          56. ClaudeL says:

            By the way, what you’re calling ‘cellular waves’ are transmitted using…

            Wait for it…

            RADIO! It’s only called ‘cellular’, because it is broken into blocks of frequencies which differ from neighboring ‘cells’.
            Your argument is invalid.

          57. Robert Snider says:

            Though physics, as we “know” them to be, may not be what an advanced race would adhere to. Perhaps our understanding of physics hasn’t truly reached its peak. Maybe, just maybe, we in all of our self gloating brilliance are in fact wrong. Or maybe our physics are just fluctuations in our own private part of the universe at large. The one truth we should all accept is very simple. We simply have no fucking clue what’s out there or how different from us and what we know it may be.

          58. zebramilk says:


          59. jack says:

            what are you talking about neighborhood? we collect EM radiation from the farthest points of the universe. the universe is bound by laws of physics. you can prove it with math.

          60. Jamie Hamster says:

            Not all agree in the scientific world that the theory of relativity and other math from Einstein is absolute correct. Not all will agree and accept all theories put forth and GENERALLY accepted to hold to the hypothesis put forth to the scientific community. They argue all the time and there is no full consensus.

          61. zebramilk says:

            How do u know know it is impossible to invent forms of electro magnetic standing wave formations that don’t occur under natural conditions? because science as we know it has not done it? does that mean it is not possible sherlock? is science as we know it the absolute arbitur of what is possible? can science tell me what dark matter ,which makes up most of the observable universe is??? i already know the answer but i just want u to dial in on this with me. too much or ur statements are made in arrogance sir. from a perspective of scientism.

          62. supportveterans1 says:

            Exactly Karen. I don’t remember the experiment and therefore can’t regurgitate the information properly but I recall reading about one of our astronauts performing an experiment where he used a form of “telepathy” (for lack of a better word) to communicate with the crew on the ground in real time. We’re all connected, all matter is connected and the point is that distance is irrelevant. Of course, without the proper information to back up what I’m talking about, I can’t explain it further or defend it. I’m sure one could find out more via google. I would myself but I’m on my way out now.

          63. Chris Terwijn says:


          64. Napoleon Johnson says:

            We are still in the ‘Dark Age’ on the existence of Unknown Entities in Space that are not ‘alien’ to our Universe, from the beginning. These Entities ‘UNO’, and can’t be typed,…..humans on the technology scale are type 0, we have no corntrol of the environment (**) or no methods of eliminating pollution on Earth, or our Atmosphere. These Entities from ‘The Beginning’, there was no ‘big bang’, created Constructs of ‘Virtual Space’ and the grapevine of Galaxies ‘core power source’, where black holes do not exist,…..stars, planets, comets, and asteroids are Xmas decoration in the Universe to control and experiment with to maintain balance. “Reality is a Construct” Nasa’s Hubble, a Astrophysicist, in his red-shift analysis determined that Galaxies were moving away faster than the speed of light, impossible, which mean they are Cops that set the speed zone and control all Planets objects in the Universe. Unknown Entities exist in our Space and Universe, as of 2015. (HDx Visual evidences exist @ or G+). *This is not a promotion “Just the Truth” and “Trust your Eyes”


            (**)This are significant and unique Human discoveries_Checkout and pass on!!!!

            “WE ARE NOT ALONE”

            MARS X-Planet_Virtual Exosphere ‘Superstructure Matrix’ of Unknown Entities: ;

            Cufox Nation: ‘ComSig-X’ Virtual Communication Network using Plasma “3D”signal modes: ;

            Cufox Nation Age: Virtual Space Vessels and Matrix of Superstructures…..more to be released!

          65. mriggle says:

            Thank you for saying this so I didn’t have to.

          66. Aaron Justice says:

            Well.. we would be getting their communications from 1500+ years ago when they were less advanced. So it is possible. Also possible they never used radio waves. The further possible it is obsolete tech to them that they still transmit to cover all bases in their own search for alien life.

          67. Jeremy says:

            THANK YOU! Finally someone with a brain has realized that aliens who are ahead of the curve would use something far more advanced than radio waves.

          68. Jamie Hamster says:

            I believe I read that the spacecraft we sent to Pluto sent back messages using laser. But that would be kind of hard to make out from the light of the distant sun. So I guess that the theorist are hoping the aliens are still using radio to communicate

          69. Chris Terwijn says:

            I can feel your Halo 😉

          70. Carlos Cast says:

            Thanks Karen for such reply. It drives me MAD every time I hear about ” expecting radio signals from an advanced race millions of years more advanced” Really? How about a signal that could be hitting our planet for millions of years but we do not have the means of technology to pick it up and we still using Radio and digital. It’s just like the radio signal inventor trying to pick up digital in his time Lol

          71. Germann Arlington says:

            These advanced societies must have gone through the technological stage at some point and considering that we see/hear what they did thousands and millions of years ago what else would you be looking for?

          72. Abigailon says:

            Right? These astronomers are so deep in their own field of study that they suffer from tunnel vision. Quantum entanglement would be a more likely form of communication for civilizations travelling stellar distances. Think about it. If you sent someone a message across the galaxy, or universe, by the time it arrived it wouldn’t matter anymore, or at worst, there would be no one still alive to receive.

          73. Erba Lumkan says:

            Scalar waves come to mind. Or possibly some other highly exotic means of communication we humans haven’t even dreamed of yet. Except maybe for Nikola Tesla..

          74. David Valle-Segal says:

            Agreed! It’s akin to looking for carbon emissions from space-craft for the evidentuary value of something

        2. Jimmy Cook says:

          I thought the same thing.

    2. Robert says:

      maybe NASA was so anxiuos to play Halo 5 that now they got in their heads into thinking s its an Artificial construct…maybe it is

    3. BlindGuardian117 says:

      Halo is less than the side of Earth and it’s hollow. It wouldn’t create a dip like this.

      1. Mal Lupus says:

        No but a dyspon sphere under construction might

      2. s32ialx says:

        Halo is a planet destroyer it is not less than the size* of Earth.

        1. BlindGuardian117 says:

          You might want to check out

          Earth diameter: 12,742 km
          Installation 04: 10’000 km

          Not to mention, Installation 04 is hollow (a big circle) so the surface area is less. AND it doesn’t destroy planets. It destroys sentient life (did you listen to 343 Guilty Spark in Halo CE?). The planet is still going to be there long after they fire.

          1. Beau Brickson says:

            Damn you hella pwned that guy. Little did he know you have a PHD in Halology lol

    4. 0s1r1s says:

      The structure in Halo was originally a habitation ring concept created by Iain M Banks for the Culture novels. But I doubt a hab would orbit a star. Even if they had some kickass shielding there is still a tremendous amount of radiation emanating from the star. Would they really be able to put up with that? Even if they were super evolved? I’d presume any Type 2 aliens are still not resistant to it.

      That’s not to say it couldn’t be a ring of some sort. But I thought the original NASA post stated ‘vertical objects’ not a ring.

      1. Ivan Dutton says:

        The orbiting structure is not where the aliens live, but in fact acts like a solar panel cultivating the energy and sending it elsewhere.

      2. Beau Brickson says:

        There are two possible uses for a dyson sphere, both of which can answer how radiation from the star wouldn’t be a problem for the aliens, besides the uses of the sphere there are even more explanations… First of all, one use of the sphere would for it to be simply a huge ball with the inside wall being a giant solar panel and the structure beams energy back to the home planet – so this wouldn’t allow radiation to effect the aliens in that way. Another way is EVEN IF they were living on the inside wall of the sphere, it wouldn’t matter because the dyson sphere would be as far away from the star as the home planet, so it would be the same amount of radiation as they are used to AND the dyson sphere could create an artificial electromagnetic field like the Earth does (except the Earth’s isn’t artificial obviously). It would simulate the effect of gravity by spinning horizontally and vertically – creating centrifugal force (which even makes this theory make more sense because the object is orbiting in irregular intervals – not a normal rotation, that’s why the amount of time for each dimming differed). Besides those – there is no reason that they wouldn’t be advanced enough to deal with the radiation directly, they could be another type of life, a highly evolved life, or even are only mechanical and robotic at their stage of evolution so they could survive the radiation at that distance no problem. If they are at the point where they can build a dyson sphere – that means INCLUDING ALL THE OBSTACLES THAT GO ALONG WITH IT. There would be many things that would need to be overcome in order for this to happen and this theory postulates that they are advanced enough that they have figured out a way to do all of those things – regardless of if we think it’s possible or not. So even if we didn’t have an explanation (which we have many) it could still be possible, and if we have enough direct, observable, and compelling evidence then it’s up to us to understand how.

        1. zebramilk says:


        2. Mark Hoerrner says:

          I so love this discussion

      3. justin says:

        actually a habitation ring is a good theory, i’m assuming if they are advanced enough for a structure like this then they could find a way to combat any issues the sun were to cause. there are actually a couple reasons they might do this, their planet could possibly(if their planet were to share this attribute with our planet) be going into and extreme ice age, or their planet could be dyeing, also, possibly like ours eventually. in the face of either of these situations they may have failed to find another inhabitable planet (was either too cold or much too hot, or any number of reasons) and instead made a habitation ring.

    5. Fuzunga says:

      Yeah, it’s obviously Forerunner in origin.

    6. Brian Simpson says:

      the pictures are NOT what the telescope saw guys, the pictures are just art. all the telescope picked up was slight dimming of the star on multiple occations

      1. zebramilk says:

        this is why we should have been focused on science education in the 80’s because now i think it may be too late for america. it has just bread too many dumb asses who talk before they even understand.

        1. Riptide says:

          “it has just BREAD too many dumb asses”

          Oh the irony.

          1. Jon Howes says:

            OMG thas two funny fer werds your write ( although I do agree with the statement however poorly presented)

          2. Ryan Rachall says:


          3. DavidEssex says:

            Oh the many autocorrect mishaps. BFD

        2. doledart says:

          or post before they even read….wow!!
          and NOBODY tied to any official organization studying this has said that it IS a structure. The guys studying this got together and began hypothesizing any and all possibilities. This one came up because it is one of a hundred possibilities, but far from likely. Until you run into the nuts who are completely changing the story like on this site and claiming it to be true.

          1. Chris Terwijn says:

            My thoughts

        3. DavidEssex says:

          No shit. Like Republicans who have continued to deny science, lower or remove funding from so many educational systems.

          1. gerbilcrusader says:

            Republicans don’t deny science you piece of shit libtard brain dead idiot. Go jump off a bridge. The great President Reagan was a Republican who was behind Star Wars. Most of the inventors, scientists, and engineers are Republican you fuck! Liberals are drug addicts and low life commies

    7. Anthony J Browne says:

      1,500 lights years away, it would take the same time for any visual image via a telescope to reach us, NASA hasn’t even been around for 100 years. This story is a load of rubbish.

  10. Robert Spitz Jones says:

    Ring World?

  11. Michael Stinson says:

    Want to know something really fucking scary that is perfectly true about this star?

    KIC 846285 is 5.8 trillion miles away from us.
    The United States Government is 18 trillion dollars in debt.
    That’s 3 US dollars for every mile between us and your Star Wars universe.

    1. Michael Stinson says:

      *KIC 8462852

    2. Cala Novine says:

      3 Dollars, 3 Edges.
      Triangles have 3 edges.
      Illuminati confirmed.

      1. Nyqua Xyla says:

        No no, not Illuminati, you idiot. It’s the number 3. THREE!
        What else can it be? It’s Half-life 3 confirmed.

        1. Stoshy says:

          I hope it’s worth the weight, because Left 4 Dead 3 just took #1 priority.

          1. Nyqua Xyla says:

            Amen to that

        2. Uchiha Itachi says:

          You just went full nerd on that one.

      2. Kel Van Der Meel says:

        Illuminati confirmed, that made me snort laugh.

      3. dedmau5 says:

        :O Half-Life 3 confirmed!!

      4. Nikki-ki-yay says:

        Nah. Just Bill Cipher messing around trying to cause another Wierdmageddon. Relax and just let it happen. 😉

      5. Ronnie Solbakken says:

        Half-Life 3 also confirmed.

    3. Alex says:

      Actually that is perfectly false. 1 light year is equal to 5,748,445,152,000 (~5.75 trillion) miles. You calculated the distance for 1 light year. KIC 8462852 is 1,500 light years away, or 8.625 quadrillion miles away. So if using the exact number of miles, it is ~0.21 cents ($0.0021) per mile.

      1. David_from_San_Diego says:

        But the IRS allows 57.5 cents per mile (each way), so the trip would actually pay for itself!

        1. Matthew Henley says:

          Point of order! It’s 23 cents per mile for moving purposes. 57.5 cents is for business travel. What are you going there for! 😛 lol

          Still pay for itself though.

          1. David Huber says:

            and if you’re going there as a volunteer, it’s only like 18 cents a mile.

        2. jpmorgenstern says:

          The universe is expanding, so it would cost more to get there than than it would to come back; providing the expansion theory works in galaxies, which it doesn’t, but the local gravitational tides might fluctuate enough to adjust the price + or – 0.00001 of a cent. It all adds up.

          1. Sven Bridstrup says:

            What?? Now, think about what you just wrote.

          2. James Darby says:

            no sir you need to think about his statement a bit more…..he is 100% correct

          3. Calvin DiBartolo says:

            It would cost more both ways, more than initially accounted for when you left, and the trip back would cost more than the trip there, IF it were intergalactic travel, but it’s not. It’s interstellar, which is still bound by gravity in a NOT SIGNIFICANTLY (yet) expanding galaxy (we’re talking variations so small it would hardly register a change IF it did at all). Between galaxies, however, because the distances are so huge, the expanding space would make a big difference, but we’re talking huge numbers here, 2.5 MILLION light-years huge.

          4. jpmorgenstern says:

            Hmm, I wasn’t thinking. 🙂 I thought and posted during a hard workout!

            Far off galaxies are “getting farther away”, but weirdly they are not “moving away”!
            The uniform expansion of space is unlikely as it depends on local conditions etc.
            If we go from galaxy A to galaxy B depending on the distance and the rate of expansion, it’s unlikely we’d ever get there. But, if the distance is not beyond a critical point we could eventually arrive.

            However, if we decide to come home our arrival time would depend on

            whether or not the expansion in our local area is uniform or not, and that would alter the distance one way or the other. If there are no local differences, then it would take the same time as the outward journey.

            We could get back before we set off if we stumble on one of those worm-hole things. 🙂

          5. jpmorgenstern says:

            Hmm, I wasn’t thinking. 🙂 I thought and posted during a hard workout!

            Far off galaxies are “getting farther away”, but weirdly they are not “moving away”!
            The uniform expansion of space is unlikely as it depends on local conditions etc.

            If we go from galaxy A to galaxy B depending on the distance and the rate of expansion, it’s unlikely we’d ever get there. But, if the distance is not beyond a critical point we could eventually arrive.

            However, if we decide to come home our arrival time would depend on whether or not the expansion in our local area is uniform or not, and that would alter the distance one way or the other. If there are no local differences, then it would take the same time as the outward journey (we are receding from it too!).

            We could get back before we set off if we stumble on one of those worm-hole things. 🙂

          6. Bill Lockhart says:

            Actually, the expanding universe would mean it would cost more to come back…

          7. Sven Bridstrup says:

            Exactly, Bill. It would be farther coming back than going out. Provided galaxies expand… which they don’t.

          8. Justin Williams says:

            Well our galaxy is definitely not expanding it’s the Milky Way Galaxy and it’s going towards a center point, aka the blackhole at its center d;P.

        3. Luke Tuttle says:

          and the cell reception is only 10 cents a minute.

      2. William Impellizzeri II says:

        This is one of the best burns I’ve ever seen

      3. Scott Summers says:

        Even if his units are mixed up, the fact that a mathematical pattern in his data exists still intrigues me.

        1. Alex says:

          There isn’t a mathematical pattern in his Data? he just took an arbitrary number which just happened to be the US debt, and made a comparison of the two numbers, and one of his numbers was false which gave him a wrong answer. I can pick the number of atoms in a pencil eraser and divide the number of miles into it, doesn’t mean there is a pattern

      4. Ronnie Solbakken says:

        Just the fact that Michael said what he said, and you corrected him, says everything that needs to be said about hardcore fans of astronomy. 😀

    4. se7ensnakes says:

      We are 18 trillion dollars in debt but who is buying all those bonds and with what money? There is only 1.35 cash money in existence according to government sources. who is buying these savings bonds?
      There is 12 trillion dollars worth of consumer debt. That is mortgages, new car loans, school loans, small business loans, credit cards. etc amounts to 12 trillion dollars. So who issuing all that credit and with what money? The answer is counterfeiting criminals

      1. Rated Republican says:

        Don’t you mean the Federal Reserve?

        1. se7ensnakes says:

          No not the Federal Reserve. The treasury and the Federal Reserve only creates coins and paper money, and those numbers are less than 3% of the money stock.

          Most of our money, 97% of it, is merely Numbers in a bank’s computer. All commercial bank accounts are zombie accounts, there is no money in any of those accounts. Each regional bank has a pool of cash for day to day operations, but that cash is not assigned to any specific account. In a society with direct deposit and debit cards, all that happens is that numbers go up on a deposit and down when the debit cards are used.

          However, when a new mortgage is issued, the private commercial banks, make a new account and deposit the required numbers in that account. Those numbers do not come from any deposits or the Federal Reserve, they are just created by the bank for the borrower to use. It is money created completely out of thin air. It is endogenous money.

          Private commercial banks do not wait for new deposits. The explanation that they give you in school. fractional reserve lending is a fiction.

          By the end of the day the bank will balance its book because

      2. Jackson says:

        Your lack of knowledge is staggering.

        1. se7ensnakes says:

          Sounds like you just got hit with a big block of truth and you are exasperated. I know it is hard to take in when you first hear of it. This reaction is not new. John Kenneth Galbraith wrote:
          “The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled.”

          Take a sit, take deep breaths you and will be alright.

          1. Bill Lockhart says:

            I agree with Jackson’s assessment

    5. Disabledmilitaryvet1 says:

      1. One light year is equal to 5,748,445,152,000 miles. 2. The U.S. government has 75 trillion of liabilities which equals 75 trillion of debt.

      1. Jeremy Wilson says:

        It’s actually 210 trillion in fiscal liabilities, or so said an economist in front of congress earlier this year

        1. Paul Muto says:

          wars are fought for stuff ,, money and such , if we ever get there to 210 trillion in debt ,, nations will destroy each other, for dominance ,, but with no restraint , and presuming the question is footed …no . we are not at that place of conflagration yet ,, we all on this planet , all nations need to get smart or we will never see this Grand stage of development

    6. Yqueer Reiss says:

      how do you guys even have the patience to think about this omfg

      1. bockyx says:


        I think you need curiosity.

        1. wjashin says:

          Curiosity is on Mars at the moment. So yeah, you need to wait for it to return.

      2. Aaron Matteson says:

        this shit was thought up before you were born. sit down.

        1. Yqueer Reiss says:

          Yeah okay, whatever.
          I’m just saying, it’s just kinda pointless thinking about all these equations, when this is clearly not real in the first place. If you’re that good at maths (or just talented with a calculator) maybe its best not to be wasting 10 mins writing that and doing it for something real, like perhaps, on non-fictional science, not on a shitty conspiracy site lmao.

      3. getitin says:

        while you are watching kanye and the kardashians , other people are interested in real things

        1. David Jahiel Brown says:

          Hmm as a fellow lover of science I have to ask, are you sure those interesting things didn’t include being pretentious, and acting as if human interest is the bane of intellectual thought?

      4. Heizu says:

        how are you not excited as fuck at the mere possibility of us having found our first trace of an advanced civilization?

      5. Frank Butts says:

        cuz when your really stoned you think of all kinds of chit. 🙂

    7. Sean Watson says:

      Obama was handed enormous debt and a growing deficit. He not only halted it, but has cut it by 2/3 already. Presuming that the GOP doesn’t return to the White House anytime soon, there’s no reason to think a Democratic White House couldn’t return to a budget surplus and then we’ll begin paying off that debt.

      1. Heath Martin says:

        so i am guessing the billions of dollars he is sending our enemies is suppose to be surplus? And we are 7 trillion dollars deeper into debt under him……

        1. Bill Lockhart says:

          You clearly don’t understand “the billions of dollars he is sending”. He’s not sending them anything, as part of the sanctions we froze about 100 billion $ of their assets, i.e., we blocked their access to their own money. Now, they will be able to access their own money, which affects the US budget not at all.

          1. Julie Crory Telgenhoff says:

            OMG sheeple. http://www.asheepnomoredotnet.

          2. Saramis says:

            People who use the term ‘sheeple’ don’t really come off as figures of knowledge and authority.

      2. Will Lee LaHue says:

        Not only are you stupid, you are way wrong. He had multipled it by 6 times now. So try again, yet what your speaking of has nothing to do with this article. So go on how global warming causes the death of Mars and Pluto…..

        1. Sean Watson says:

          You guys are too witty for me. I give up. Reason is futile.

        2. Bill Lockhart says:

          Where is the evidence to support your claim?

      3. Marcus M says:

        You are severely misinformed. Not only has he not “cut our debt by 2/3”, but our debt as a country has not gone down, or been reduced AT ALL since 1949. Every year since, our debt has increased. There is no living president who can claim to have reduced our national debt. In case you’d like to be better informed:

        1. Sean Watson says:

          I wasn’t talking about the debt, but the deficit. Bush saddled him with so much debt with the two wars and tax cuts for the rich that it will take decades and several presidents before it’s paid off. He also passed the country over to Obama in an economic freefall with the stock market plummeting, the housing crisis, 800,000 jobs being lost/month, a substantial portion of the country without health insurance, our reputation in tatters, etc. Obama dramatically reversed all of that and has reduced the deficit by 2/3 so far. Like President Clinton, he’s determined to hand over his office with the country in much better shape than he inherited it.

          1. Jeff Simon says:

            Ah ha ha ha ha! ? Put down your crack pipe, Sean.

          2. Zepoc says:

            I agree with jeff here. In just one point that sean made. Heath care, i work a full time job. But my employer still does offer heath care. I ‘make to much’ for a heathy indiana plan. I cant afford any other health care. Yet come tax season I will still get fined for not having heath care i can’t afford to pay for…

          3. Bill Lockhart says:

            There’s no reason you can’t afford Obamacare.

          4. Doug Thomassen says:

            stop trying to defend obama, you can go get in the trunk of a car with him and drive off a cliff

          5. Bill Lockhart says:

            Obviously you just want to whine about it because it’s Obama’s crowning achievement and you hate black people being more important than you.

            There’s still no reason you can’t afford Obamacare, the truth is you simply chose not to take it, knowing there would be a (minor) fine, then you whine about the minor fine.

          6. Anthony DeMarco says:

            Lol you think he made our reputation BETTER!? pull your head out of your ass and ask anyone from another country what they think of us. President Muslim Marxist Mom Jeans had made us the biggest joke ever. He bows in submission to every foreign leader he visits.

          7. ATommo11 says:

            I’m from the UK, and I can confirm he has 100% improved your reputation over here.

          8. Bill Lockhart says:

            And around the rest of the world who now sees a fine, intelligent man instead of a bumbling buffon as our President.

          9. David Makin says:

            My GOD – you’re such a misinformed moron – the Republicans are the laughing stock of the USA, they’re f*ck*ng insane – even senators thinking that a pregnancy can’t have been caused by rape ? Obama is the leader most of the UK wishes we had – at least if he moved LEFT a bit to embrace a proper NHS and for me to also Nationalise water, energy and rail.

          10. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

            anthonys photo is here,,,,,,,,,,,,along with his financial “handler”

          11. Marcus M says:

            If you’re trying to blame the housing crisis on Bush, then you and I have little to talk about as it’s obvious you’re grandstanding and not interested in knowing and propegating truth. The housing bubble was BUILT during the Clinton administration, and just happened to burst during Bush’s term due to failures of certain private companies that Bush had nothing to do with. As far as the war against terror goes, since there was something like 95% support for action after 911, if you’re claiming that you and/or your party didn’t support the military spending that occurred, there is about a 95% chance you’re lying.

        2. JamesAten says:

          The Deficit is not the Debt. The Deficit is the amount we’re in the hole per year. The DEFICIT building up year by year is what adds to the Debt. Bush added WAY more to the Debt than Obama has.

          1. Zepoc says:

            Yes and if 9-11 happened when Obama was in office he would have had to spend that money just like Bush did. Stop being so short sided and ignorant. War is expensive and any president that didn’t go to war after 9-11 would have been impeached.

          2. Bill Lockhart says:

            No, he wouldn’t have had to invade Afghanistan just to look for Bin Laden, and he certainly wouldn’t have invaded Iraq which was totally pointless and caused him to completely forget about Afghanistan so that what was supposed to be a search and destroy mission turned into a massive quagmire, just as it had for the Russians before us and the French before them.

        3. ATommo11 says:

          In case you’d like to be better informed, check out this article from Wikipedia which can be edited by literally anybody.

          Wikipedia is never reliable evidence.

          1. Marcus M says:

            Are you claiming it’s wrong? Are you old or something? Yes, wikipedia can be edited, and often is by experts who know the information, provide citations, and give sources. I can count the number of times I’ve seen troll edits on wikipedia on a quadruple amputee’s digits. Get with the times. There is a reason colleges have begun to shift away from that logic and allow wikipedia as a legitimite source for research papers.

          2. Bill Lockhart says:

            Wikipedia is actually very reliable because it’s constantly monitored and any unsupported information is almost instantly removed.

          3. Julie Crory Telgenhoff says:

            Yes sheeple, the Illegal Corporation of the United States of America does monitor it. And it’s sheep obey this police state. asheepnomoredotnet. Wake the flock up.

          4. sam says:

            Good luck with attempting to wake these sheep up. They are smooth ate up with the fluoridation, indoctrination and dumbing down to the maximum. Heck, they still think Barry Soetoro runs the UNITED STATES corporation when it’s the foreign owned Debt Note printing Federal Reserve Bank. It’s somewhat entertaining sometimes to read some of the mindless crap from the brainless sheep. Most of the time I just have to wonder how they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

          5. Dyson Sphere says:

            by an army of JIDF and social justice warriors.

      4. Jeff Simon says:

        I don’t want to bust up your Liberal goofythought inspired Negrophilia. Or your Obama love session; but you do understand the difference between the country’s deficit and the country’s debt… right?

        1. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

          I do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shall we discuss which political party send America to worse financial status?? Hmmmm? lets start with deficits; then we can move to debt ( and at halftime we can look at GOP trash screwing minorities and killing our soldiers in useless -see Iraq– wars) please attempt 2 take notice that the lower part of my meme shows where these FACTS come from

          1. Jeff Simon says:

            And your savior has used the following seven years to do SO much to reverse the disastrous directions the country was heading towards. Didn’t I just read this morning that more American soldiers have died in Afganastan under Obama than did under GWB? And Obama still has fourteen months to go!

            What’s this GOP trash screwing minorities nonsense? Do you really mean cutting their free rides short? Another thing, Iraq was won until Obama pulled out early. Don’t even bother lying about it. Both Obama and Biden took credit for the Iraq “success” during the 2012 campaign. So WHO lost Iraq, progressive (towards anarchy) blackthug gimmiedat?

          2. Bill Lockhart says:

            You do realize, don’t you, (this is a rhetorical question) that Obama inherited the war, he didn’t start then ignore it as your wonderful shrub did. Best he can do is make the best of a bad, nasty situation.

            Iraq was never won, could never be won, will never be won, just as Afghanistan will never be won. Russia saw that and left with their tail between their legs, and the French before them, so then Shrub says he can do it! What a friggin’ moron.

          3. frgough says:

            So, what you are basically saying is that Obama is so incredibly incompetent, he can’t fix Bush’s mess in 7 years, even though he had majorities in Congress for two of those years, and majorities in the senate for two more years.

          4. Jeff Simon says:

            It’s funny that you say these things while your idiot is STILL there after nearly seven years and MORE American deaths and STILL can’t get anything done. If Iraq wasn’t a victory, WHY FID ONAMA AND BIDEN CLAIM IT WAS A SUCCESS IN 2012? Answer: They hadn’t finished screwing it up yet by abandoning it early.

            Your illogical partisanship just makes you look like one of the Left’s useful idiots, Bill.

          5. frgough says:

            Hey, you know what happened in 2008? Idiot Americans gave the Democrat party veto proof majorities in both House and Senate. Man, look at the spending spike that occurred. Notice that before that time, the line is going down?

          6. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

            no its not brainiac: the UPPER line is debt. the lower is WITHOUT the FACT-ors. tough time with comprehension?? shall we review deficits and PCT% debts with GOP vs democrats in the past; say: 25 or 30 yrs? individually? collectively? Ive got lotsa yummie facts U can choke upon. chew slowly

          7. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

            upper line is what has happened. lower line is debt WITHOUT current existing factors. >>> comprehension eschews you; eh?

      5. Bruce Thompson says:

        I’m sorry America but you will never be out of debt. Ever. Do the math. The debt is mindboggling and cutting the deficit is simply pushing shit uphill.

      6. Michael Kimberlin says:

        Sean, scary part is you actually believe that tripe….before it too late ( might possible be already) adjust your tinfoil hat, drink deep from the koolaid, roll another blunt…vanish to parents basement…….you almost formed a thought…… almost….I know this is a scary time for you but relax, government thinkers will soon be in the basement to think for you.

        1. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

          hey mike,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, enjoy this. tell me how the GOP is good for ALL americans

          1. Michael Kimberlin says:

            One just one moment, I thought you were going to say something intelligent, where in my comment did it say I was republican? They (the rnc) and democrats are the problem. I suggest before you attempt to take me down a path. A. Be sure and prepared . B. If you wish a battle of the minds, don’t come to war unarmed. C. You over estimate your abilities. Have a great day errr mmmm…….. “whitet”

          2. Bill Lockhart says:

            If you walk like a repugnantican, and talk like a repugnantican, then the natural assumption is, you are a repugnantican.

          3. Michael Kimberlin says:

            So if that which you say is true, then that forces you into being a pansy-assed Nancy liberal.? You seem to walk like a faggot, talk like socialist , and behave like a asshole. Okay so now were done insulting each other, who won? And the point you were trying to make?….priiceless the lack of effort you put forth, to not make a point.

          4. Bill Lockhart says:

            The point is, you walk and talk the republican tea party propaganda, and when faced with facts that contradict your credo you de-evolve into the knuckle dragging insults. Hence the designation of repugnantican.

          5. Joe says:

            Excuse me, there’s nothing wrong with gay people and I don’t appreciate what you just said. Reported.

          6. Michael Kimberlin says:

            Missed the point entirely, but doesn’t surprise me…Bill went off the reservation with a insult ..I insulted him back to prove a point. Report all you want if your emotions and self esteem are that in need. You obviously have a problem with think you are. Past that brother, report away. Any assholes, or socialists, liberals want to report as well? Just do me a favor and report the whole conversation, not parts…..jeesh

          7. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

            hey mike… is true that I am CERTAINLY NOT as “smart” as you- so why not edify us all as2 whom U voted for in past few presidential elections? and who is YOUR best choice for 2016??

          8. frgough says:

            When Democrats took veto proof majorities in the House and Senate…

            There, I fixed it for you.

          9. Joe says:

            A veto-proof majority is 66. At its peak, dems controlled 59 seats. So…wtf are you talking about. You mean filibuster proof majority? (which is not the same). That number is 60. So again, do you even have a handle on basic facts and numbers. Or are you plain stupid/conservative. Same thing right.

          10. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

            u did NOT answer me. and U 4get filibusters??? classic white trash GOP “logic”. hows that BENGHAZI thing going 4 ya???

          11. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

            can U say ” filibuster”?? and,,,,,, hows the congress ( GOP) doing so far passing bills to help America??? ( Benghazi,,,,abortion,,,,,cut taxes on billionaires….ETC) let us all know

      7. getitin says:

        Obama’s a piece of dog shit

    8. Jared White says:

      Michael Stinson, you’re stupid as fuck! What does our. Atinoal debt have to do with a discovery in outer space? Whether it’s true or not, this telescope is already operational in space. Whether we are I’m debt or not has no effect on a telescope that’s already in space. And for you, Sean watson… Obama is a lying piece of shit. The government controls whatever false articles you have been reading so if you want to keep your head buried in the sand go ahead and keep believing everything you read on the internet. The government is trying to destroy this country and all of the fundamentals it was based on. With that said, why in the hell did yall bring the national debt and Obama in to this conversation?

      1. angus1235 says:

        You sir are autistic.
        Jarred White:
        *sees a joke*
        *doesn’t get joke*
        *reacts angrily*

      2. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

        jared–white trash regressive loser who “thinks” the GOP has passed great socio-economic policies in his lifetime ( hey jared: name ONE)

    9. Dexi Chaos says:

      and here i haven’t even a joke to play along, y’all wayyyy too smart for me to join in.

    10. MetallMozzo . says:

      Money minded people again! get a grip! im not interested in what goverment spends! im interested in my life and my family and friends! i like the solar system and the fact there is something out there in the universe! get a grip and stop revolving your life around money! there`s more to life than Money.

    11. Christopher Stout says:

      Man I wish i had a brain to comprehend all this.

    12. P James says:

      a dollar bill is a debt of the government. Government debt is our money, our financial asset, our savings. So, lots of dollar financial assets, dollar financial savings, out there floating in the ether thanks to the government debt. Yay!

    13. Jocke Tone says:

      How is that bad?

    14. bill says:

      One of those numbers has actual meaning in existence, the other doesn’t. Guess which is which.

    15. Joe says:

      What’s scary is you and most Americans don’t understand what the US debt is/means and whether or not it’s really a problem. All you see is big scary number, punted to you by politicians who warp the conversation to get you to believe whatever they want you to. And then you fall for it.

  12. Fred Ralston says:

    I hope they come soon and take away every nuclear weapon on earth away with them.

    1. Kamike Serpantail says:

      If they came here they probably wouldn’t feel the need to do anything to or with us.
      If they can create a super structure of that magnitude, and travel 1,500 light-years in an amount of time where nuclear weapons are still a big deal to us, to them we’d be like apes are to us. If even.

      1. Ditolus says:

        more like bacteria.

  13. Mileaway says:

    I say we send a message to a SUPERIOR RACE to come visit us and do what we say or we’ll kick their ass. Yeah, that should work out just fine. We need to straighten out our own earth problems before we stick our nose in alien worlds!

  14. SpacePussy says:

    Kitties. Space Kitties. I for one, welcome our fluffy overlords…

  15. HARRISON HILL says:

    #halo real

  16. Leonid Barchai says:

    Did this author imply that comets, something proven to exist, causing this is unplausible, IN favor of history channels ALIENS did everything bs. Yea, this author just took a nice massive dump on the logic of occums razor…. COMETS!? IN SPACE!? OMG YOU GUYS THATS PROOF OBAMA is a reptile, would be just a convincing a statement as this article.

    1. Memirsbrunnr says:

      OK you convinced me.. I will be off tio the store now to buy tinfoil for hatrmaking

    2. Mike says:

      74 NASA scientists all dead in the last few years . . . just passing on the facts, believe what you want but this does NOT change the truth:

  17. The truth says:

    Its not a mega structure or aliens. Misconstrued information taken from a source, bunch of morons

    In depth info for any one who cares!

  18. Mic Loeffler says:

    Wonder how long theyve been there

    1. turband says:

      well the planet is 1500 light years away, so the images of that object were sent 1500 years ago and just arriving now, just imagine, when the Roman empire fell, and the chinesse version of toilet paper was first mentioned, these aliens already had Ginormagantuan space structures harnessing the power of a star

  19. jtizzle says:

    Its funny if you believe this is proof of artificial intelligence. All they can see from that distance is a star, and a ring that blocks some of the light from the star. Thats it. They dont have a telescope near the star to tell you what it is, and they never will. Im afraid this is as controversial as it gets. You will not have any new evidence on the matter.

  20. Yqueer Reiss says:

    Seems unlikely this is true.

  21. SON OV WOLF says:

    Cite your sources or I call bullshit

  22. Jimmy Coltrane says:

    This is all true. I met an alien once. He told me “you humans should s.t.f.u. more”. I don’t know what ‘stfu’ means though, is it alien code?

  23. Jeeebusss says:

    This article needs a “Jump To Conclusion” mat, because it did.

  24. Brian Niven says:

    they discovered something dimming the star by an irregular amount every 800 days, amongst MANY other theory’s one guy said it COULD be artificial………..


    talk about jumping the fkin gun,

  25. juaj says:

    This clearly they are aliens and yet it continues to deny the United States not fuck

  26. Jack-Daniel Terrence Baker says:

    This is so fake

  27. Kenneth C. Fingeret says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I think that it could be an interstellar transfer station. This could be one of many strewn around the galaxy.

  28. Makes all the problems on planet earth pale in comparasin .

  29. jorge massoud says:

    Kepler have a typical planet-shape,
    meaning they are round This time however the telescope detected
    something that isn’t round and behaves unnatural.

  30. CraxyD says:

    The beginnings of a Dyson sphere when the beings building it ran out of funding?

  31. DudleyDooright says:

    guys it is an artist’s interpretation. all the telescope sees is an irregular mass. it MIGHT be of an alien design. but if there was anything as clear as this do you think you could turn on the tv and it not be blasted all over it. wow.

    1. Dick Butcis says:

      Lies! It’s the Ark!

  32. M Beard says:

    Hold up a minute, though.

    Occam’s Razor is a tool of logic that tells us that, when we have more than one explanation for something we observe, we should regard those explanations that do not require us to postulate something never observed before as more likely to be correct than those explanations that do require us to believe in something we’ve never seen before.

    The example I like to give to illustrate Occam’s Razor is this: let’s say you and I are roommates, and one day you buy a six-pack of your favorite beer for yourself and put it in the fridge. You go to work the next morning, and work all day, thinking of how much you’ll enjoy that beer when you get home. . . but when you get home, there’s only one beer left in the refrigerator, and five empty bottles in the trashcan. The door was locked, there’s no other easy way in, and the lock does not appear to have been tampered with.

    So what happened? There are many possible explanations for what you have observed:

    Maybe an expert burglar is at large who comes and goes without leaving any trace of his entry/exit, and who only steals beer, and drinks it at the scene of the crime.

    Maybe aliens teleported into our apartment, filled a container of some kind with as much beer as it would hold, and took it back to their spacecraft for later analysis. . . and somehow, they knew what a trashcan is and used it appropriately.

    Maybe Jesus doesn’t want you to drink beer, and He magicked five of them empty and put the bottles in the trash, but left one because He loves you.

    MAYBE I am kind of an asshole, and I drank your beer.

    The first three explanations require us to do what Occam called “multiplying entities unnecessarily.” In other words, we have imagined entities or forces that we have never observed, in order to explain what we have observed, i.e. the missing beer.

    The fourth explanation requires no such unnecessary multiplication of entities. You know I exist; you know I have access (’cause I live with you); you know I like beer (actually, I don’t drink, but in this thought-experiment I do); you know I’m kind of an asshole.

    Thus, by far the most likely explanation is that I DRANK YOUR BEER, not that it was aliens or Jesus or a really weird burglar.

    Similarly, this story about “alien megastructures” is ignoring the fact that there are many mundane explanations that can account for what Kepler is observing. . . maybe that star system is just unusually crowded with dust and debris, as from a planetary collision in its recent past, for instance. It COULD be an alien megastructure; that possibility exists. However, the sane, sober mind turns to Occam, and concludes that it probably isn’t.

    1. chris love says:

      Funny! Thanks for the read!

  33. Patrick Posz says:

    Once fully built it will begin to move the star itself and will be the actual DEATH STAR times billions in size…..

  34. Serpaul says:

    The start of a Dyson Sphere?

  35. Chris Cordon says:

    you would think an advanced alien species would be smart enough to get power from a near by star in a more practical manner, a Dyson sphere? even the though of a ring structure around the star is fucking stupid im sure they would have come up with a much more effective way of getting their energy from the star

  36. The Mad Scot says:

    I hope you people are all aware that this story is entirely made up. As cool as it would be, this did not happen. Stop being so damn gullible.

  37. Julio says:

    ” The Lord’s working, so the Humans keep beleiveing their fantasies “.

  38. Lu Ke says:

    i think the real question is, if it is an actual alien race do we really want to contact someone who’s building a deathstar?

  39. angus1235 says:

    could be a forming planet. I’ve often thought about the possibility of planets starting of as star-like bodies that attract enough debris over billions of years until they’re encased. Pretty loose theory but it isnt outside the realm of possibilities

  40. Jeff Simon says:

    The first thought that occurred to me when I started reading this was “Probably a Dyson Sphere.”

  41. Brian Fitzgerald says:

    What a bunch of pseudo-scientific nonsense.

  42. Brian Fitzgerald says:

    This site also deletes comments that don’t mirror what they preach.

  43. Kitsuna77 says:

    This is fake. NASA has made no comment on anything of the such on their official feed of the Kepler mission

  44. Andy Johnson says:

    It’s probably a global Walmart.

  45. Nathan Paul Kennedy says:

    We may have discovered alien life, yet all the Americans on here want to talk about is their debt?

    You really are too small minded to survive aren’t you?

  46. Stoshy says:

    Plot twist: It’s space debris orbiting a star, being seen from long ago.

  47. Lucas Sutton says:

    “”round and behaves unnatural””


    It’s called an adverb, notice how you are attempting to describe how it acts, an action, therefore you would need to conjugate it to make it grammatically correct.

    Or you could say “…round and behaves in an unnatural manner”, but I guess that would also be a bit similar to building a massive solar array around a sun in complexity.

    Anyway, that was so bad that it prevented me from finishing the article, so thanks for that, I’ll go and find one in English to read about it.

  48. Richard Smith says:

    Nope, nope, nope.

  49. Erik Smith says:

    Is there a video news feed so I can watch it too then read yes reading has more information then video but how public is this theory

  50. Mike says:

    Check out Project Blue Beam – false projected holograms:

  51. Shontonio Ikim Witherspoon says:

    I need verification on this

  52. Ross Laws says:

    Come on guys, thats a horribly misleading headline. They still need more data to confirm what it is (I hope its alien in origin).

  53. djvillan says:

    If it’s that advanced they’ll at least have Nando’s. Right?

  54. mikal says:

    This blog post should have a disclaimer stating that it’s a fictionalized account of a real news report. Even your headline makes leaps that would leave Michael Jordan jealous.

  55. Rob says:

    Reading these comments makes me realize just how dumb I really am

  56. sharkonwhisky says:

    I suspect this article may be jumping to crazy unfounded conclusions without any actual evidence at all to back up what it is saying.

  57. digifruitella says:

    Death Star

  58. melodysunshine says:

    Well they’re not going to tell you 100%, but they just found out that the Aliens are actually trying to keep Earth at Bay, meaning they provide our Energy Surfacing Around the Earth. I guess the Gov wants to tell us as much as we would find out.

  59. Manny V. says:


  60. Derek Jordan says:

    You assholes sure do abuse the freedom of the internet by claiming this is “news.” You also need to learn how to write.

  61. 0s1r1s says:

    It’s amazing how a post stating “we’ve found vertical structures near a star” gets turned into “alien sun farming structure found!”

    Lol. The internet.

  62. Dre Hund says:

    Everybody here is so caught up in their own thing that no one makes a comment on how well done these graphics are.

  63. Juan Dough says:

    “scientists now believe that this complex structure might be an artificial construction made by an advanced alien civilization” no, this was made by a UNadvanced alien civilzation. duh why would you print something this UNintelligent.

  64. Ibby says:

    This is so exciting.

  65. Aj says:



  66. Greg smith says:

    A possible monolithic structure build around a star by a possible alien civilization and ya’ll are arguing about debt and Obama……lmfao

  67. Kevin Paterson says:

    Yeah Okay. Totally seems Legit.

  68. Sean McLain says:

    “GUYS! HOLY SHIT! WE MAY ACTUALLY HAVE FOUND ALIENS FOR REAL!” “Hold on, we want to bicker over pointless human issues in the comments.”

    Screw it, hey aliens if you’re listening in here, go ahead and destroy us, okay?

  69. Scott Sherman says:

    Stunning the Lack of any REAL Photos.

  70. Wow.. says:

    Why you post retarded shit like this, when kepler’s mission and info is right there on the Nasa’s website for everyone to read, and to the people who look at the images and think this is real, I can only say one thing… omfg! Seriously guys get yourselves checked in, at a mental institute ASAP.

  71. 0s1r1s says:

    “Scientists now believe that this complex structure MIGHT be an artificial construction made by an advanced alien
    civilization way up on the Kardashev scale of comparison.”

    Note the presence of the might in that sentence. Yet you have changed it to “NASA finds alien structure! Interwebs confirms it’s true!”

    Artistic license going a bit far there isn’t it Side?

  72. PRB says:

    I heard that type 2 aliens could be cured with cinnamon.

  73. Nick Morgan says:

    There is no evidence that the dimming is not caused by natural process. More investigation is required before you can say definitively what the objects are.
    The Kepler data is in the attached image.

    Although I am just as excited as the next person at the possibility these readings were caused by sentient beings, they were almost certainly caused by natural objects.

    This is still not a disappointment though, as we haven’t been looking at the right place at the right time to detect events like this before so that is a nice first!

  74. Mike Dozier says:

    LOL…lots of armchair Stephen Hawkings on this thread.

  75. Dyson Sphere says:

    It is far from a Dyson Sphere that is a Dyson Ring an amazing feat for any species capable of things that would be seen as magic to us. We might dread the day such aliens revive our telecommunication information as there is a good chance these more advanced life forms may not like what they see and come to purge us from existence but we are far more likely going to destroy ourselves long before messages make this far out.

  76. Cameron Snyder says:

    But… can you get wifi out there?

  77. DocBeau says:

    dyson sphere?

  78. Calvin DiBartolo says:

    I was wondering when someone would be all like “omg UFO’s r real!” about this news. It’s like the news about gravitational waves proving inflation all over again. The news report says “large superstucture” and is yet undetermined. The universe is huge, other life IS out there, but its still very rare. There’s every chance that it’s something we’ve never seen before. It could be an advanced civilization, or it could be something entirely new. Problem is Kepler doesn’t have the resolution to determine what it is, it only knows that the star in question has a strange dimming pattern.

  79. ryan says:

    Mass effect is real son !

  80. nicole smith says:

    All this info was taken out of context lol

  81. Trick says:

    So… Death Star?

  82. Ronnie Solbakken says:

    Aaaaand the Ufologists are finally online. I wondered what took them so long, they usually are on these discoveries like flies on shit, on day 1. Just so they can sensationalize things completely out of proportions.

  83. Jay Jr Turner says:

    Dr’s find kid’s on bikes orbiting for activity filled mobility and fun, exercise and human life supporting, advancements in physical medicine. Highly adaptable for properly treating most all disabilities and handicaps and rehabilitation needs but e for everyone. ….Alien AKA Children of God have evidently built this structure modeled after the dynamics of our our own solar system . Human’s that came from monkey’s cannot understand it! …… Alien’s Attempt to help them understand as a test of their possibly being

  84. Henry Yiu Yeung Choy says:

    That means we are looking at an image from 1500 years ago…
    Are they extincted yet?

  85. frgough says:

    Seriously guys? You’d have to cannibalize an entire solar system to build a ring world or Dyson sphere. That kind of industrial power would have that solar system shining like a lighthouse with radio emissions and heat plumes.

  86. Megan Creech says:

    I hate it when they make the titles of articles so misleading like that… The whole thing is still in speculation; they are still trying to find out what it is. Yet, the title is worded as if they have already found out that it is indeed alien. It had me excited, just to knock my excitement back down when I realized it was just the same shit I’ve already read ten times now…

  87. Les Petersen says:

    Could you imagine if all the “scientists” pulled their head out of their butt at the same time how big of a noise that would make.

  88. ThatGuy says:

    This article is sensationalist nonsense. It’s just meant to titillate UFO enthusiasts.

    They didn’t discover anything other than an irregular series of dips in the light from the star. The source of interference could be anything – dust, comets, a protoplanetary accretion disc… The overwhelming chances are that it’s not an alien structure.

    Read this if you want a take on the findings that’s actually sober and scientific.

  89. Jay Jr Turner says:

    Sacramento UCD PM&R Dr’s find kid’s on bikes orbiting for activity filled mobility and fun, exercise and human life supporting, advancements in physical medicine. Highly adaptable/FDA adoptable safety and for properly treating most all disabilities and handicaps and rehabilitation needs but e for everyone. ….Alien AKA Children of God have evidently built this structure modeled after the dynamics of our our own solar system . Human’s that came from monkey’s cannot understand it! …… Alien’s Attempt to help them understand as a test of their possibly being human.

    1. Jay Jr Turner says:

      UCD Sacramento

  90. Jay Jr Turner says:

    Although Tridynamic/Tridynamics with I.D.E.A technology is not exactly the very best alien technologies, They say if understood by humans, they are expected to deliver more knowledge that will change the world humans, and those ( evolved ) related to primates for the good……..

  91. Varrick Young says:


  92. crowefamily1 says:

    Ok and that means what their still to far away.

  93. ripcity says:

    God this website is so stupid and sensationalist.

    No reputable scientist actually thinks this is some artificial structure.

  94. Lance G Tucker says:

    So, we’re looking at an advanced Alien structured from 1500 years ago… if they were type II at the time, what are they now? If a Civilization is utilizing that much energy… I would be wary. They may come looking for more; as Habitable planets and Solar Systems are the “Unicorns” of the Universe. I’m going to assume that we are looking at this from a Militaristic standpoint as well, IF that is REALLY what they speculate it is.

  95. Lady HarleyRider says:

    Wow, what a leap … “a colossal artificial megastructure believed to have been constructed by an advanced alien civilization” That’s NOT what they found… “After examining the options, the researchers concluded the best fit might be a shattered comet that continued to fragment into a cascade of smaller comets.” and ” Even Wright admits that the “alien hypothesis” should be seen as a last resort. ” So, let’s a ignore science (cuz we all now how hard science can be), put on our irresponsible reporting hats and jump to conclusions.

  96. James says:

    Totally misleading! The scientists involved clearly said the explanation that the orbiting object is artificial is “extremely” unlikely.

  97. Khrome says:

    That’s no star..

  98. Jason Charles Hitt says:

    And then the destruction of man came because of scientists snooping around pointing telescopes at planets that could trace other life back to where it was being traced from 🙂 You heard it here first, just saying. “For lol’s just kidding.” Interesting stuff.

  99. Jason Charles Hitt says:

    Oh and cheers to all of you and your welcome, since your reading this and whatnot, assuming your into this space stuff 🙂 Im going to share this with you, your all talking about Halo, try this on for size 😉 🙂

  100. Karl Sparks says:

    this feels like it was written by someone who has no idea how science works and just read a similar article on IFLS that states this is a highly unlikely but plausable theory for an unknown anomally detected in a star

  101. WWCitizen says:

    It’s a shame that grammatical and spelling errors as well as the HUGE lack of links to credible sources discredit this story . 🙁

  102. Heather Atkinson says:

    Dyson Sphere or Ringword?

  103. Maysin Bell says:

    I just checked in Elite: Dangerous. System does not exist! 😛

  104. Raphael Bruckner says:

    No they didn’t They Dont know what Kepler is seeing right now…..all they know is that there is a 20 per cent more blockage of light (instead of the normal 5per cent ) coming from that Star……So don’t get your RingWorld panties in a bunch (yes I’ve read it and hope they make a movie from it before I die) so calm the fuck down and let’s deal with the crap down here.

  105. John Carroll says:

    Really, the Kardashev scale? Isn’t that the scale used to compare your girls butt to one of the Kardashians?

  106. David Loewen says:

    Right. Sure. Totally believable.

  107. Robert Hunt says:

    They’ll find Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, and the Lindberg baby, DB Cooper and Malaysia flight 370 riding in an alien craft.

  108. Özcan Ismail says:

    Brace yourselves The DeathStar is on it’s way D:

  109. Haniilooper says:

    Nice Work for your imagination, fuck this guys just stop.

  110. Haniilooper says:

    This damn Sites should be closed

  111. Haniilooper says:

    i work at NASA and this Site is so Fake.

  112. Domani says:

    you people need to get a real job and not make up stuff….

  113. Ryan Edmundson says:

    To the people who immediately make pop culture reference after reading this article: you are the concussion of culture.

  114. E.B. says:

    Halo?…or the beginnings of a Dyson Sphere? 🙂

  115. Gus Cairns says:

    Um, no it didn’t. See…/the-most…/410023/
    – the first and still the most sane report. In the original scientific
    paper thwey don’t even mention an alien structure as a possibility.
    Still, though, there is SOME kind of weird shit orbiting this star and
    even if it’s natural it will teach physicists a thing or two.
    As for ‘in our vicinity’, well that depends how close you think 1500 light-years is…

  116. Tom Connelly says:

    This article is not factual and is sensationalized at best. The scientists are not claiming there are structures or that there are aliens there. It was just a “what if”. Of course the click bait articles crop up like weeds.

  117. Robomummy says:

    No, no they haven’t. There is no evidence to support aliens

  118. Fink Stinger says:

    Nothing like jumping the gun on some gross speculation. Seriously, people – calm the fuck down.

  119. JeffT says:

    LOL – what would the point be of a continuous loop structure be? Tidal/gravitational forces would probably destruct that structure anyway, and it would have to be spinning so fast to overcome its own mass. Getting it moving in the first place would be incredible. And the mass necessary for it would have to come from many thousands of entire planets’ worth. How/why would anyone/thing go to the effort to move that much mass into place?

  120. TRS says:

    Yeah, so believable…especially when a “Yale scientist” or whoever wrote this article can’t spell “irregularly.” “Irregulary?” hahaha.

  121. Mike Serens says:

    F’ing Berserkers home world! Knew it was only a matter of time. Be very careful with those radio dishes. Don’t want them to come here.

  122. Mike Crognale says:

    Lol, nice try. You can find the origin of this in a Sci-Fi novel called “Ringworld”.

  123. Tugsuugsg says:

    Where is the real picture?

  124. Chris Culverwell says:

    I love how 90% of debate on life forms ASSUMES that all alien life that could exist is similar to our life. I read the comment that it could be a habitation ring and the debate revolved around radiation being fatal at those distances.
    Nobody stopped to think that MAYBE an alien life form uses radiation as their form of life energy such as plants use the energy from our sun for photosythesis. So it could very well be habitable without radiation shielding.
    Or that only planets in the “habitable zone” could foster life. Yes life as we perceive it but that does not counter the fact that we do not know everything. Due to the human ego we disregard everything that doesn’t fit into our frame of view.

    That being said, putting rules on something we don’t fully understand, although comforting to many, can potentially limit our future understanding of other life

  125. Dale Birmingham says:

    It looks like something hanging around uranus.

  126. Gabriel says:

    Can’t believe SCIENTISTS are actually hypothesizing aliens are responsible for this dip in luminosity. Aliens… really? That’s the best you can come up with? At least the asteroid hypothesis makes the most sense. The universe is IMMENSE, we’ve observed crazy stuff going on out there from supernovae, black holes and quasars. All we are observing is a drop in luminosity, there could be any kind of natural phenomena explaining this that we have not yet observed, and, since this is the first time we’ve observed this ever happening, we’ll likely figure it out and laugh at ourselves for thinking it was aliens.

  127. Caleb Enix says:

    This civilization, may be extinct now, the 1500 yr ago pictures may be of our ancestry. A home that we left 2,200 years ago or even 64000000 million yrs ago to re-colonize a new beginning, for us that was perfect timing

  128. David Snyder says:

    Must be some dust ,or dirt on the lens ?? They would never inform if that is what it was

  129. Gabriel Reinhart Allard says:

    And now I know which shitty page to avoid for it’s incredible misleading titles.

  130. Steven says:

    I hope people read more than one article on this. This is such a one sided article.

    1.) We don’t know what the structure looks like
    2.) We have NOT exhausted all options and we ARE NOT leaning towards aliens.

  131. Reekay says:

    It must be true if they have a drawing in color. :/

  132. bgesser says:

    I’m just here for the witty comments.

  133. vickster339 says:

    And next you are going to tell me is that a civilization which could create such a structure couldn’t or wouldn’t simulate us? Right…

  134. Migs Scientist says:

    Unlikely it is an alien megastructure AKA Dyson’s Sphere

  135. MaxPrana says:

    A Dysonsphere wow! Peace on earth…so we also can do something productive!

  136. Proletariat says:

    Misleading article. Shameful media spin. At no point have any credible scientists confirm that they suspect this to be artificial — at most, it’s been suggested that such a possibility is not entirely implausible.

    Is responsible journalism too much to ask for?

  137. Lesli DeVeau says:

    Truth in Journalism evades the scientific world too! They need to put up fancy artwork to get our attention? Please… I think it’s great that we’re exploring outer space, don’t lure me in with science fiction. That’s why we have conspiracy people running around saying the moon landing was faked. Now, I’m going to go see the New Star Wars movie! lol

  138. Mylo_Abacus says:

    This probably turn out to be an irregularity of a sun with many moon satellites orbiting around it. Still, it’s not a bad project to consider if you would like to harvest energy from the top and bottom of the sun. Maybe this was an alien civilization’s idea of a “star ship” experiment? Just send the ring on over to a choice planetary moon once it fills up, and move the barren planet a little nearer to the sun around Earth.

  139. Eddie Reed says:

    I cant believe someone wrote this article. Total bullshit. They found a abnormal dimming of a star. Come on people lol

  140. Nathaniel William Dielen says:

    Facts.. you’re over exaggerating in this article by many. 1.0 not 2. Nothing was concluded yet. And you left out the telescope aray that’s pointing at the star looking for singles.

  141. Anthony Ho-ho Davis says:

    Here comes the men in black!

  142. The Rock says:

    The title of this article is both a lie and click bait for a piece of crap site. There has been no structure discovered. They dont even have data back yet from the ground telescopes pointed at it. If you are that desperate for clicks, then put something factual and actually interesting on your site.

  143. Brandon Holt says:

    This article is such complete bull shit

  144. Simon says:

    This article is a joke right?

  145. TDream says:


  146. Tono says:

    Talking about a theory as a fact tells a lot about this article

  147. Nick Clark says:

    even in the unlikely event that it is aliens what would our next move even be?

  148. Chris Terwijn says:

    Haha.. discovered a artificial structure?? Omg, you people have to learn how to read news, it’s still unknown structure, probby a cloud of commets or whatsoever but this is all unknown, it could even be a mega fart by Atlas who tells?? The only thing they know that there are some objects which are blocking light from some star, nothing more, nothing less. Why do you make a headline like this?? Hopefull journalism if you ask me

  149. JarAxe says:

    Proof or it never happened.

  150. Rajeev Srivastava says:

    NASA / KEPLER MISSION is receiving that has happened 1500 years ago. NASA is still to make sure / confirm about that artificial structure. It may be understood from witnesses’ record of UFOs sightings that aliens of space in space-vehicles visit earth. A highly advance level of unmatched technology makes aliens from space fearless & ignoring entire human civilization on earth.

  151. Jimmy says:

    They use this structure to collect energy from stars so ships can do a jump in space, they should do like 3 or 4 jumps to get earth, maybe 20 or 30 years at Max they will be nocking our doors.

  152. Paul Estrada says:

    The title of this article is completely irresponsible.

  153. jobobo says:

    wait wait , the telescope detected a massi object sized half of the star , and some scientist said theat it might be an alien structure couse they can’t figure what that thing is , and if there is some races superior than us that can be plausibile

  154. Andy Little says:

    Your headline was all I needed to read to be certain that the rest of the story would be just that – a story. NASA haven’t found, or claimed to have found anything of the sort, but hey, let’s not let stuff like facts get in the way. Then we move to the comments section – where we have a perfect example of what happens when people who will believe anything they see on facebook or some dumb conspiracy site are allowed access to the internet.

    If there are indeed aliens out there, the chances are they’ll have taken one look at the inhabitants of this planet and decided we’re not worth the bother of educating.

  155. Edonai says:

    Hack the universe 😉

  156. Ewa M says:

    People if some of you cannot use your grey cells- at least use google! Radio telescope is an astronomical instrument consisting of a radio receiver and an antenna system that is used to detect radio-frequency radiation emitted by extraterrestrial sources.

  157. Chris Norton says:

    They have managed to prove that in quantum physics making a change to a paired particle will instantly effect the same change to the other particle regardless of distance. I would say that that is a likely better method of communication for a more advanced species… Just saying

  158. Xiang Xiong Bashyou says:

    Looks like gundam

  159. Homerus says:

    Jumping to conclusions much? What a dumb site

  160. Carl Gagnon says:

    I hope it’s not an alien civilization, obama will want to send it foreign aid!

    1. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

      well; if GOP and white trash religious ( see: VOODOO) have their way the aliens will have to tithe -tax free– and believe in JEEEE$U$ while being told to become white

      1. Carl Gagnon says:

        What a completely moronic response!

        1. regressive whitetrash GOP scum says:

          seems parody and sarcasm continue to elude white trash regressives such as thee. please enjoy my factu al meme

  161. John says:

    The most important thing is that our collective consciousness accepts the possibility that there is other intelligent life in the universe. This changes how we see the universe and how we see ourselves and our place in the universe.

  162. Phil Forrest says:

    This article reeks of fetid ignorance.

  163. Aina Ostrø says:

    You concluded too soon, didn’t you? What they said was “it looked like it might be…..” Not that it was an artificial structure. And now they find it’s not.

  164. LostSok says:

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

  165. john osbourne says:

    If this truly is an Alien construction then for them traveling 1,500 light years to this world of ours should not be a problem. In fact with there technology it would be a cinch.

  166. HANDxOFxGOD says:

    Wake him up god dammit! We need him!

  167. Napoleon Johnson says:

    We are still in the ‘Dark Age’ on the existence of Unknown Entities in Space that are not ‘alien’ to our Universe, from the beginning. These Entities ‘UNO’, and can’t be typed,…..humans on the technology scale are type 0, we have no control of the environment (**) or no methods of eliminating pollution on Earth, or our Atmosphere. These Entities from ‘The Beginning’, there was no ‘big bang’, created Constructs of ‘Virtual Space’ and the grapevine of Galaxies ‘core power source’, where black holes do not exist,…..stars, planets, comets, and asteroids are Xmas decoration in the Universe to control and experiment with to maintain balance. “Reality is a Construct” Nasa’s Hubble, a Astrophysicist, in his red-shift analysis determined that Galaxies were moving away faster than the speed of light, impossible, which mean they are Cops that set the speed zone and control all Planets objects in the Universe. Unknown Entities exist in our Space and Universe, as of 2015. (HDx Visual evidences exist @ or G+). *This is not a promotion “Just the Truth” and “Trust your Eyes”


    (**)This is significant and unique Human discoveries_Checkout and pass on!!!!


    MARS X-Planet_Virtual Exosphere ‘Superstructure Matrix’ of Unknown Entities: ;

    Cufox Nation: ‘ComSig-X’ Virtual Communication Network using Plasma “3D”signal modes: ;

    Cufox Nation Age: Virtual Space Vessels and Matrix of Superstructures…..more to be released! ;

  168. George Viebranz says:

    I’m investing in tinfoil!

  169. Depot Beach says:

    Nice Headline.

  170. Brad Meyer says:

    Dyson Sphere???

  171. Kenneth Elder says:

    The assumption that a space faring species would use radio waves to communicate is a flawed idea. Mexican Physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994 came up with equations for traveling faster than light by the indirect method of bending space. NASA recently built a model of his space bending machine design and it did slightly bend space. ET traveling faster than light by bending space, warp speed, would not use radio waves, a slow method of communication.

  172. Russ Warren says:

    I’m with Jack on this one. And I’m pretty sure his pretentious attitude was a direct result of some twit’s remarks that “we stop pretending ” that E.T. will communicate via radio waves. Inadvertent each eavesdropping on communication may prove far more valuable than any interpretation the bozo’s with whom we trust first contact. Baby Jesus please, don’t let it be the Americans.

  173. Danielle Lascelles says:

    I’m sure there are multiple different species, races, etc out in the universe I’m sure there are different forms of technology and elements and resources out in the universe. To think that WE are the only life in the universe is just plain ridiculous. We haven’t even figured out our own planet and the life forms it contains. It’s simply arrogant to assume that the only life and intelligence that exists in space is US. I don’t know if it’s fear, ignorance, or stupidity, but wake up people.

  174. Arel says:

    I think it is just a mega conglomeration of debris around the star after a huge catastrophy. Destruction or colision of two or more giant rocky planets or a mass drestruction of many and all the debris is floating unevenly around the star until it settles in a couple of million years. Nothing alien but something rare. Maybe something similar happened to our asteroid belt, saturn rings or even the Kuiper belt

  175. Caleb Michael Riley says:

    This is still merely conjecture at this point. There is no actual conclusive evidence to support this being artificial in origin. There are several distinct theories about what this may be. Hold off on putting on your tin-foil hats just yet peoples! I want it to be aliens as much or more than anyone, but more importantly, I want evidence either way!

  176. Jimbo says:

    other researchers are already hypothesizing the possibility of a mega-engineered project created

    This is a far cry from the title in terms of certainty. This is why you nutjob UFO freaks are never taken seriously.

  177. gerbilcrusader says:

    all the idiots are millenials and their professors

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