dyson sphere surrounding star 3
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    1. Savva Vassiliev says:

      Washington Post conjecture written as fact. Bottom line is, we don’t know either way yet – but if you think we are the only intelligent life form in an infinite Universe then you might just be mentally retarded, Marty.

      1. Marty Smith says:

        At what point did I EVER imply I don’t think intelligent life exists elsewhere ? Your base and insulting comment didn’t even need to be said. Do you just want drama? If you do, you might be mentally retarded Savva

      2. Michael Stinson says:

        Could you have picked a more ironic article to post, “conjecture written as fact”, in the comments?!

  1. Kevin Hudman says:

    Just wondering why it couldn’t be a really dense astroid belt around said star. Aka a planet that had been destroyed or a large moon

    1. Timothy Plunk says:

      Thats no moon….

      1. Malcolm Neilsen says:

        Yeah… I think you’re right…

        1. BlindGuardian117 says:

          Funny to see you here Malcolm!

          1. Mal Lupus says:

            Hey hey what a coincidence

          2. BlindGuardian117 says:

            Changed your name?

      2. Chuck Aitchison says:

        This battle station is indeed fully operational, as your friends are about to find out, Mwa hahaha

        1. Dan Vital says:

          It’s aTRAP!!

        2. Broome_County_Creature says:

          I’m hurt. I had friends on that Death Star….

          1. Jeremy says:

            Me too! My friend was a contractor hired to install the station’s plumbing.

      3. Heath Martin says:

        its a SPACESTATION! sorry i couldnt resist

        1. Michael Skelton says:

          Does it have the Death Star canteen

          1. Heath Martin says:

            shit, i wish lol

      4. Robert says:

        …..its Halo

      5. Matthew Jones says:

        I see what you did there. Lol

      6. Michael Skelton says:

        No my friends it’s actually the earth 1000 years from now after we sent all the BS into orbit that we could between now and then

    2. Mark B says:

      Believe its the size of the object that it would to take get readings they got to makes it very unlikely. The light dips were 15% & 22%. If you put Jupiter in front of this star the dip would only be 1%. Don’t believe there is any evidence of a rocky planet 22 times the size of jupiter and the star has been around long enough that that much debris would have formed into planet long ago.

      1. Joe says:

        A planet that large isn’t really feasible. But under its own gravitational compression, its physical size wouldn’t be that much bigger than Jupiter. Even a brown dwarf star, 75 times the mass of Jupiter, is only about 1 1/2 times its radius. So, it would be impossible for a planet or even a dozen Jupiter-size planets to block 15% and then 22% of the starlight (all transiting almost simultaneously, if that’s even possible) Something truly bizarre and unique is happening over there. Exciting!!

        1. hana says:

          jupiter isnt even on the sun scale because it’s so small. please look at scales of all space objects because jupiter is literally nothing

    3. Sir Jim says:

      This could be probable if it were a young star. This star isnt, and it’s gravitational field would have swallowed something that close in orbit to it long ago.

    4. Nicky Giovanni Olivieri says:

      Because it’s not a young star. If it were a young star, that would be plausible but gravity would have swallowed the asteroid field.

      1. Ronnie Solbakken says:

        The young star paradox is only true if our existing understanding of how stars form is accurate. But it may not be. In either case, we need more data to home in on what it is.

    5. Ronnie Solbakken says:

      Short answer: It could. They don’t know. The alien megastructure was merely an idea thrown into the air, among other ideas.

    6. Mike Crowder says:

      Because of the irregular intermittency of the blockage of light. Something orbiting regularly, like a large moon, would eclipse on a regular pattern.

    7. Brian Simpson says:

      The amount of material needed to create even a plate of metal large enough to dim a star would be massive. a planet the size of jupiter traversing a star at Earth’s orbital distance might not even dim a star by 20%. To jump and say it’s an artificial structue is severe, but if it was correctly recorded, then it was definatly something happening. I would sooner believe it was something closer to us then something orbiting a distant star, and to jump and say it was a created structure is something that only UFO fanatics would do.

  2. Cole Montag says:

    Haha, and Elvis, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson are still alive. All sipping martinis every night, retired in the Bahamas.

  3. Jan Grässer says:

    Not artificial.

  4. Marcus Henry Weber says:

    They have NOT dispensed with all the other explanations. Do you know why reasonable people don’t take this shit seriously? Because you have no honesty or scientific rigour. Just a sensationalist.

  5. Haiku Funkplus says:

    This is NOT TRUE YET. Although an alien structure is being higly considered, please do not report false information. This is potentially the most important discovery made ever. You should be ashamed of yourselves for knowingly mis informing the public about something so amazing in its own truth.

  6. bobbyalpy says:

    If true…it’s almost certainly a Dyson sphere.

  7. James Jones says:

    Cool, this is the second time reading about this which gives me hope this isn’t some quack discover. I am fairly certain if the sources are correct then astronomers from Yale and such are not going to make such bombastic claims so lightly. Excited to see this unfold :-DDD

  8. cameltoe says:

    Pure bullcrap!

  9. Steve Lacey says:

    Sure looks like Halo to me.

    1. Trevor says:

      I’m thinking Halo too… just in time for Halo 5.

      1. kaebl says:

        omg ringworld predates and was the inspiration for halo

        1. Booyahhayoob says:

          Halo’s more famous, though.

          1. madcapfeline says:

            More interesting, too.

          2. zebramilk says:

            in ur dreams clown.

          3. madcapfeline says:

            Agree to disagree. Books are great and all, but I much prefer having some degree of control over the story I’m immersing myself in, even if it is just thumb-sticking my way through it.

        2. Jack Pettis says:

          Ringworld required reading, you know books and things.

          1. Michael Skelton says:

            What about Molly Ringwald she’s making Acome back?

          2. zebramilk says:


      2. Kevin Guthrie says:

        I thought the picture made it look more like the construction of the death star.

        1. Karen Langley says:

          Can we please stop pretending advanced societies would use radio waves to communicate. Why not check for smoke signals while we are at it?

          1. Roenkatana says:

            Would you rather we collect a large group of self-proclaimed psychics then? We’re not using the radio telescopes to communicate with potential alien objects, we’re using them to identify the objects. Everything in space either gives off or reflects a large amount of radio wave frequency radiation. If there was an advanced society out there that utilized light and heat energy on such a massive scale then the object gathering that energy would give off massive amounts of low frequency radiation.

          2. Synthia says:

            I prefer carrier pigeon and Morse code.

          3. ClaudeL says:

            IPoAC has the highest potential transfer rate of any communications technology to date.

          4. jack says:

            smoke signals are still a type of measurable energy – visible light. there could be unidentified types of energy, while it is unlikely, but aliens would still know radio waves exist and use them for communication. radio is useful because the waves are really large, so long distance communication is still a great use case for it. on top of that, in order for an intelligence to get to an advanced form of communication, they have to evolve through all the lesser advanced types as well, radio being one of them. so if a planet is really far away, then perhaps aliens were using radio technology thousands of years ago and that information is just reaching us now. the aliens could be using some new, badass undiscovered type of communication we don’t know about yet, and that information will reach us in another few thousand years. so in summation, your highly simplified and snarky response is incorrect as fuck.

          5. Jeezy says:

            But if they are advanced enough to build a structure around a star to harness energy don’t you think they are past the radio wave technology already?

          6. Woes says:


          7. Jeezy says:


          8. Jamie Hamster says:

            If we think we have found advanced aliens, what would make anyone think they don’t know about us already?

          9. Gregory David Keet says:

            We haven’t had electronic communication all that long.. so they naturally would not be aware of us til our signals arrive there.. which is at least 1500 years away.

          10. gerbilcrusader says:

            There are over 51 types that have been visiting or aiding mankind millions of years before there was any humans and there have been different humans on Earth’s history modern historians simply don’t know and cannot trace that ancient cultures tried to record to the best of their abilities. We have been brainwashed by academia and governments

          11. Charles Batchelor says:

            No because they would be bound by the laws of physics just like the rest of us and may not use the same frequency ranges we use today but they would still use the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves will take 1500 years to get here by the way.

          12. Jeezy says:

            What I was saying was if they have the ability to build something around a star to harness energy then more then likely they have a way to communicate other then radio waves.

          13. eze60 says:

            Our scientists are looking based on current or even previous scientific logic. But I think they’d have to be more imaginative and ignore what certainty of our understanding of nature tells us. It is more logical to work with a more imaginative wing of scientists who aren’t stuck on certainty and are willing to think outside the box in terms of contact approaches. The paranormal may very well be part of the angle of science that ET uses.
            If all is considered, the radio wave approach as it has already proven is a rather weak theory and approach. It’s all theoretical anyway. It just seems bizarre that scientists are excited to look far into space when there’s more evidence that they’re already likely here if one is open to a broad spectrum of historical evidence. It’s almost as though orthodox mainstream scientists want to define how ET is discovered. The suggested bias is that it must be on their terms.

          14. eze60 says:

            The laws of physics that we’re aware of at our stage of development, or the ones that they’ve discovered beyond that of ours?

          15. Buster WTT says:

            Radio waves would get here the same time the light is getting here, so what we would “hear” would be in synch with what we see.

          16. jack says:

            but radio would still be one of the most efficient ways to get a message from one side of the sphere to the other. it’s just a fact.

          17. Jeezy says:

            Its not a fact there is no way you can tell me that “if” there is actually aliens out there that the best way to communicate is radio waves. If this possible alien form is advanced then there’s no telling how advanced or what they have discovered. I mean look how far man kind has come in the last 1000 years. Where do you think we will be in the next 1000 years? Still using radio waves? Theres no telling we might be or we might not be the only fact is you nor I will be here to know.

          18. jack says:

            well radio waves were one of the first ways we learned how to communicate using the EM spectrum and they’re still widely used today. if you had listened in science class you’d know that everything in the universe is bound by the laws of physics – that is, the laws that dictate the EM spectrum. If you had been listening in another class you’d learn that radio waves have a very uniquely large wavelength, allowing their signal to pass more efficiently through space. radio is still a great way of communicating. even if there were new forms of communication discovered (like a “fatline” in the Hyperion novels) radio would still probably be used because it’s cheap and efficient. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

          19. TheBlues says:

            The muslums are back in the 7th century, still.

          20. zebramilk says:

            It is not an absolute fact. as i am sure u are not in possession of all available information about this or any subject. so calm down with the over reaching in order to win a argument.

          21. jack says:

            did you not fucking read what i wrote?

          22. Jeezy says:

            Shut the fuck up you overly sofisticated punk you think your so damn smart “if you had payed attention in science class” I’m not saying that your wrong I’m saying you can’t prove that there is not another way to communicate besides radio waves just as I can’t prove there is. All I was saying was there is a possibility that they don’t use radio waves. So chill the fuck out theres probably not even anything out there

          23. jack says:

            you’re*. guess english class was tough too.

          24. Jeezy says:

            Its horrible I didn’t even graduate high school. I live free I don’t let grammer control my life. Thanks for your input.

          25. jack says:


          26. Jeezy says:

            Sorry sir I’m from the poorest county in Maryland what else do you expect? I was not even given a text book in most classes.

          27. jack says:

            you’re forgiven.

          28. ClaudeL says:

            There are other ways to communicate besides radio waves.

            Sound – vibrations transmitted through a medium from the source, then received and deciphered by the recipient. Talking is one such example. Morse code is an example of encoded sound which must be decoded by the recipient to be understood.

            Light – similar to radio communication, signals of light are coded and then transmitted from the source, to be received and decoded by the recipient.

            Electrical – around for over a century, this method of communication is used whenever you use a landline telephone, cable TV, as well as Internet. In like fashion to light and radio, information is encoded using electrical signals, then transmitted through a medium (typically copper wire), to be received and decoded on the other end, where it is processed and displayed/re-transmitted into a form usable by human senses (either sight, sound, or in the case of Braille, touch).

            The difference with communication via light is that it is not broadcast as it typically is with radio communication, but either directed (light beam) or channeled (fiber-optic cable). The word ‘broadcast’ implies signals that are transmitted omnidirectionally (in all directions).

            Of all the forms of communications transmission we know about, radio is the most reliable for two main reasons:

            1. It travels at the speed of light, because, technically, it IS light. Most people only consider the extremely tiny portion of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see as ‘light’, but in science, this portion is only referred to as ‘visible light’.

            2. Because it is broadcast, it travels in all directions possible, so there is no need at all for very precise instrumentation. All you need is a transmission, line-of-sight to a recipient (radio doesn’t travel well through many solid objects), and equipment to receive and decode the transmission into a form recognizable by human senses.

            Now with all of that stated, I think it is YOU that needs to chill the fuck out and/or shut the fuck up, because your statement was one of ignorance, which makes you look rather idiotic.

          29. Chris says:

            Your point would be better made if you were a more effective communicator.
            I recommend you read ‘Eats Shoots & Leaves’ by Lynne Truss.
            ISBN 1-86197-612-7.

          30. Dex Harvey says:

            Sick science burn.

          31. jack says:


          32. Barry Parrish says:

            Don’t be backwards. Any one with common sense knows advanced societies use metaphysical energy projected with their penises and vaginas to communicate.

          33. GodLeros says:

            That is what I use. it has worked pretty well for me so far.

          34. Ray Cabarga says:

            It used to work for me, but now the communication just barely dribbles out and I’d be lucky if it made it to Uranus. I can hardly get my antenna to go up. And frankly, I’m just not that interested in alien life forms anymore. I mean I am, but it’s not an obsession.

          35. Daniel James-Gillum says:


          36. Steven says:

            Keep in mind, alien tech and biology are different from us. They might use telepathy (not likely) eliminating the need for radio waves.

          37. Jacob Green says:

            There is this thing called quantum entanglement that can alledgedly be used to communicate over infinite distances with no delay. I only read about it in like 2011 so maybe we’ve studied it more and understand it better now. This is a possible form of data transmission. As far as radio waves, they are pretty effective for communicating through a void or other mediums so there is a decent possibility that a technologically advanced alien society would have discovered and started using them before farming the energy of a star.

          38. Karen Langley says:

            Um, no. The tiny sliver of radio use, maybe 200 years, will not be intercepted by us. Furthermore, my use of the word “communicate” encompasses all other uses. And, obviously, radio would be the dumbest way to communicate over long distances. That would be akin to the US and China corresponding by messages in bottles. Thanks for playing, Jr.

          39. Charles Batchelor says:

            When NASA says radio communications they really mean the whole electromagnetic spectrum not just the range we use for communication. That range goes from IR all the way to Gamma. https://www.google.com/search?q=electromagnetic+spectrum&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=595&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0CBwQsARqFQoTCJuzoYr_08gCFUqMDQodm6oEMA#imgrc=uuiwWAiMHTEeDM%3A

          40. GeoffMSmith says:

            Exactly! No-one said they are communicating by radio. The point is this is a radio telescope – it works by detecting radio signals, innit.

          41. Karen Langley says:

            And? I think you’re missing my point.

          42. jack says:

            this is just wrong. you’re not a smart person. as Charles Batchelor said, they’re still bound by the laws of physics, meaning they can’t just invent new types of EM waves. radio is still hyper efficient because waves can pass through structures. if we’re assuming that these aliens built a big sphere around a star, there would be lots of structures in the way, so radio would still be a-ok.

          43. Karen Langley says:

            Get back to poky-man.

          44. jack says:

            what does this mean?

          45. TJ Westhaver says:

            Jack your assuming that we as a species fully understand the laws of physics and that is simply not true. As a matter of fact a lot of what we do know about physics is guess work.

          46. Jamie Hamster says:

            That is why most science is based on theory, but spoken in as if it is actual fact.

          47. Jonathan A. Wilder says:

            Theory doesn’t mean the same thing in science as is does in plain English. If something is labeled “theory” in science, it has been proven. If it hasn’t been proven it is a hypothesis (if not yet proved or disproved), or garbage (if disproved).

          48. Jamie Hamster says:

            Every scientific theory starts as a hypothesis. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hypothesis is an idea that hasn’t been proven yet. If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step — known as a theory — in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a phenomenon.

            And still is not proven, just accepted as the most likely answer. We can’t even explain our own planet. How can we explain something that can’t even be touch and analyzed with scientific fact and not just a bunch of guesstimates at the conclusions of a few facts.

          49. jack says:

            you’re*. and i understand this but i also know for a fact that we’ve measured the entire electromagnetic spectrum so communication outside of that is really the only thing we can’t comprehend. my point is: even if they’ve learned how to communicate outside of the EM spectrum, using radio waves is still efficient for certain tasks. that’s all.

          50. Krytes says:

            They most likely use quantum entanglement to communicate….spooky action at a distance 🙂

          51. TheBlues says:


          52. Mitch says:

            Not that I actually buy into the alien hype, ( it’s a pretty big assumption considering what little we actually know about the star) but what I think the point that you’re missing is that radio waves might be what we know, but did we know 500 years ago?
            Who knows what possible ways of communication exist through technology that we haven’t discovered.
            Your logic would be just like someone from the medieval times saying, ” of course people will still use carrier pigeons in the future! They will still be bound to laws of physics and nature!”
            By the way, cellular waves are already phasing out radio waves technology for communication.

          53. jack says:

            carrier pigeons have nothing to do with this. they’re a living creature. the EM spectrum is everything, from what we see, to how we heat food, to how we cure some types of cancer or send messages to space ships. we’re not going to outgrow that.