The UFO enthusiast community is pressing for the release of information on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), stating it might be ‘catastrophic’ if the authorities continue to keep secrets. Ross Coutlhart and ex-US Army Colonel Karl Nell caution that the failure to disclose vital information to both the general public and lawmakers could have unexpected ramifications. To prevent such adverse outcomes, Col. Nell is looking forward to the information being shared by October 1, 2030.

Additionally, Axios has relayed that the House Oversight Committee is set to be briefed in a classified session on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). It has been communicated to the publication that this confidential briefing on UAP is scheduled for next week at the Office of House Security.

NewsNation has reported, “This can be the beginning of Disclosure as the UAP issue has become serious in the US Congress. David Grusch’s claims sparked a congressional hearing led by a bipartisan group of lawmakers from the House Oversight Committee. There has been at least one classified briefing as well, though Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., said lawmakers learned nothing new, and he believed the Defense Department was siloing information to keep secrets.”

In a discussion with Tucker Carlson, David Grusch critiqued Rep. Mike Turner’s actions to thwart the UAP Disclosure Act and jeopardize Tim Burchett’s career. “Mike Rogers & Mike Turner, two of the dumbest people in Washington. Pure tools of the national security state.” He also stated on NewsNation, “Mike Turner probably has no business being the (House Intelligence Committee) Chairman… Mike Turner has never been an intelligence officer. He’s never served in the military.” He emphasized the necessity of removing such individuals from their positions.

World Changing Evidence

For the majority, the most desired form of UAP/Alien revelation would resemble the dramatic encounters often depicted in Hollywood films. Many believe that such sensational disclosure is necessary for the acknowledgment of extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth. Attorney Daniel Sheehan, in a discussion with Clint Weldon on Night Shift, hinted at the possibility of a groundbreaking revelation akin to this.

Weldon opened the conversation by highlighting the overwhelming nature of recent developments for everyday people, who are already busy with life’s routine responsibilities like paying bills or parenting. He inquired of Sheehan, “Could you describe for us what you anticipate will happen during the disclosure moment? I believe there will be an ‘aha’ moment where there’s a clear distinction between what happened before this revelation and what comes after. From that point onward, everything will change, and the world as we know it will transform. However, I’m uncertain about the specifics of that transformation.”

Responding to Weldon, Sheehan suggested that the revelation would indeed be transformative if proven true. He mentioned a specific piece of evidence—a video that purportedly shows “an actual interview of an actual extraterrestrial being.” Sheehan compared this video to the “crown jewels,” suggesting that its disclosure is something the authorities might be reluctant to share, underscoring its potential significance.

They Are Already Here

Clint Weldon, seeking further insight into whether such pivotal evidence would eventually be disclosed, elicited an intriguing reply from Sheehan. He asserts having direct communication with someone closely tied to the video evidence in question. Sheehan emphasizes the profound effect its release would have, making it a significant turning point that would compel even skeptics to concede its genuineness with a definitive “Katy bar the door.”

Sheehan elaborates, “Well, what I’m saying is that I’ve spoken to the person who was there, and they have this on film. So, if you really want to get to the crux of the matter, once it’s shown to the American public, all bets are off. There’s nothing that can be denied anymore. Up until now, even with David Grusch, who is from the National Reconnaissance Office and is assigned to the UFO task force inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, coming forward under oath and testifying to a house committee—all on video—it only resonates with about two to three or 4% of the people in the country because they’re preoccupied with other matters. So, the question arises: How specific and graphic does the information need to be? You often hear, ‘Why don’t they land on the White House lawn?’ or ‘Why don’t they land in Central Park, like in the movies?’ The goal here is to gradually reveal the information so that more and more people can have that ‘aha’ moment and say, ‘Okay, now I know it’s true.’”

In an attempt to rationalize why extraterrestrials do not simply make their presence known by landing in places like Central Park, Sheehan offers an analogy reflecting on how these beings may view the discord and disunity among humans. Considering humanity’s propensity for conflict and warfare, extraterrestrials might see our planet as too unstable for direct contact, possibly awaiting a time when humanity reaches a state of unity and collective consciousness.

Sheehan also touches on the difficulties encountered by those endeavoring to expose these truths to the wider public. He acknowledges the intimidation faced by influential figures who seek to advance the disclosure movement. Additionally, he discusses his role with the New Paradigm Institute, a project committed to raising public awareness about extraterrestrial phenomena.

Leveraging his experiences from Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and a distinguished law firm, Sheehan underscores the significance of engaging citizens in diplomacy. He discusses initiatives aimed at preparing people for possible interactions with extraterrestrial entities, particularly the endeavors he embarked on with John Mack prior to Mack’s untimely passing.

Sheehan acknowledges that his assertions might be viewed as “radical” by some, yet he distinguishes himself from typical UFO researchers whose claims might seem far-fetched to many. Lue Elizondo, in various interviews, subtly suggested the existence of Non-human Intelligence, a notion illuminated further by Grusch’s testimony.

In a discussion on Clayton Morris’s Redacted podcast, former Fox News anchor, Joshua Reid, a ex-member of the United States Navy with expertise in missile defense systems, contributed his deep knowledge and insights.

It’s important to highlight Joshua Reid’s in-depth exploration into the realm of UAPs and classified intel, which led him to discover certain covert government activities. His thorough four-year probe uncovered a worrying trend of military innovations, especially from special access projects, inadvertently ending up in the hands of foreign rivals like China. This leakage of sensitive information appeared to be facilitated by academic institutions and faculty members, who were tasked with reverse-engineering technology from these initiatives under the guise of research grants.

A startling element of Reid’s findings was the potential role of Hillary Clinton’s emails in enabling the transfer of this classified data to China and other international players. Chinese funding of academic research was a strategy to coax professors into revealing insights on special access programs, thus accelerating their technological development to possibly match or surpass U.S. capabilities.

Former Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III, with his deep knowledge of these special access programs, emerged as a pivotal figure in this narrative. He represented David Grusch and became a key player in the whistleblower narrative. Reid mentioned the involvement of multiple whistleblowers, two of whom had direct evidence and concrete proof. Their apprehension about possible retaliations led them to present their case before lawmakers, notably Indiana Congressman André Carson. Their testimony gained significant attention only after they provided video proof of interactions between intelligence operatives and extraterrestrials, leaving some congress members visibly disturbed, with one shaking and another excessively drinking water, indicating the shocking and unsettling nature of the evidence. Inspector General McCullough, familiar with the specific special access programs under scrutiny, was then introduced to the whistleblowers.

With Sheehan’s history in high-profile legal battles, including the Pentagon Papers and Watergate scandal, where he confronted governmental secrecy, one might speculate whether such experiences have equipped him with the acumen to unearth long-concealed UAP information.