Our Mission

Greetings UFOholics!

We want to bring as much awareness as possible regarding this ongoing UFO and alien phenomenon. We are convinced of their existence and would like to make as much people aware of this as possible because we live in the great era of communication. It’s weird how most people possess the means to explore and also understand what’s going on, but choose to just go along with the flow of their organized environment, creating a wall of ignorance all around them.

We strongly believe the world is made to be explored, to be understood, and through viable information gathered on UFOholic forums we want to show others that aliens and UFOs are no joke. After all, we started as non-believers, we grew up in a traditional environment linked to religion, and until those limiting boundaries were broken, we couldn’t see the bigger picture either.

Our mission is to enhance the overall perception regarding the UFO phenomenon and show relevant accounts highlighting it. We want to share our expertise along with some sensitive subjects that for some may prove to be the ultimate evidence of extraterrestrial contact.

We want to encourage people to filter the information received and ultimately build their own judgement over things. We encourage our users to keep an open and at the same time healthy mind. The truth is out there, but it’s not worth digging too deep for it.