Man Finds Alien Artifact that Fell Off of a UFO [VIDEO]

You can’t convince people of the existence of extraterrestrials until they see it with their own eyes. But what happens when a life-long skeptic becomes convinced of the UFO phenomenon? Well, as in all other cases, nobody believes him.

Back in 1985, Bob White and his friend were driving from Denver to Las Vegas on a desolate highway in the vicinity of the Colorado-Utah boarder. At about 2 or 3 AM, his friend noticed a peculiar light up in the distance, so he decided to inform White about it who was asleep in the car at that time. However, the man went back to sleep as he didn’t consider much of the light up ahead.

After a while, his friend woke him up just in time for a grand UFO sighting that would change his life forever. White saw a big blinding light in the sky. He immediately got out of the car and stared at the luminous object in amazement.

The object was about 100 yards in front of him, he describes, and it was huge…absolutely huge. In time, the lights bolted toward the sky and connected with a pair of neon, tubular lights – the mothership,”

As he was standing there petrified, the luminous UFO continued its way eastward through the Colorado sky before disappearing from the line of sight. As the craft was building up distance, White noticed an orange light falling to the ground.

“It was red hot when I reached it,” he said, “But in time it cooled enough to pick it up.” He grabbed the curious item and placed it into the trunk of the car.


The object has a rigid, metallic surface and it measures seven and a half inches. It has a teardrop shape and it weighs less than 2 pound while it’s composed primarily of aluminum.

After witnessing this event, Bob White turned from a skeptic to a firm believer of the UFO phenomenon. He has been trying ever since to prove the extraterrestrial origins of this mysterious object, but without success. He sent a sample to the New Mexico Institute for Discovery Science, but after a few tests have been conducted, the report gave no clue that it could be of ET origin.

Sargent Gary Carpenter from the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs, said it was a common thing when people called him about strange lights and UFOs. However, not once were those reports identified as alien crafts.

Usually it turns out to be space debris from satellite that’s decaying, or it’s in the realm of naturally occurring, celestial lights, he said. It could be something like a falling star, it could be contrails, the things you would see trailing an aircraft.

After all these years, White is still convinced the bizarre object he holds is of extraterrestrial origins, even though he spent over $60,000 having the artifact tested and retested. He gently packs it up in a gun case every day at 5 PM, so the precious item never spends two nights in a row in the same place.

Convinced of the truth, Bob White vowed to someday prove the alien origins of his bizarre conic object.

I don’t know what I have to do to prove this is the truth. You can’t make this stuff up.

You can see the full, detailed story in the videos below.

New Evidence in the Dimming Star Case Leaves Plenty of Room for Extraterrestrials

Remember the mysterious “dimming star” that had everyone thinking of a giant artificial structure built by extraterrestrials in order to harvest its energy? Well, further analysis deepen the mystery on one side, but sheds light on the other.

There were some theories denying the alien hypothesis, with the most popular one being the swarm of orbiting comets who were thought to cause the anomalous dip in brightness.

However, the latest analysis of the star system KIC 8462852, also known as Tabby’s Star, reveals that the strange dip in brightness has been occurring for more than a century, and it’s likely not caused by the cloud of orbiting comets. So what could be causing all this?

Bradley Schaefer, a physics and astronomy professor at Louisiana State University, examined data from a Harvard University archive of digitally scanned photographic plates of the sky dating back more than a century. He compiled the data and realized that the star system also dimmed between 1890 and 1989.

This star’s dimming is unique and inexplicable, Schaefer told.

Millions of these stars have been monitored for this sort of thing, and they don’t fade, he said.

An academic paper was published by researchers from Yale University in September, discussing the “swarm of comets” possibility. However, after Schaefer presented the data he found in the photographic plates, Tabby’s Star became an enigma once again.

The probability of a comet family creating the erratic dip in brightness is highly unlikely, Schaefer said.

The century-long dimming trend requires an estimated 648,000 giant comets… all orchestrated to pass in front of the star within the last century, he writes in the research paper.

The trouble is that Tabby’s Star, it’s a perfectly ordinary star. The only thing that was unusual about the star was the dip seen by Kepler.

After NASA’s Kepler Telescope investigated KIC 8462852’s bizarre dimming from 2009 to 2013, it revealed that Tabby’s Star, unlike ordinary stars that slowly dip in brightness when planets pass by them, has displayed unusual fluctuations of light that sometimes decrease by as much as 20%.

So if we’re not talking about comets anymore, the anomalous dip has to be caused (still) by something else – a colossal body of some sort that when orbiting around this particular star, it blocks 20% of its brightness. Could it be a Dyson sphere after all?

While The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) is trying to dismiss this theory, since no radio signals were picked up from this particular star system, other researchers and astronomers seem to somehow back up the alien possibility, even though they won’t admit it entirely.

While some believe that an advanced ET race has other means of communication, thus explaining why no radio signals were intercepted so far, others won’t fully admit the alien assumption since there is no conclusive proof (yet).

In November, SETI’s senior astronomer Seth Shostak told CNN they hadn’t picked up any radio signals, but that doesn’t rule out the intelligent life assumption:

There is estimated to be in our galaxy alone a trillion planets, and we can see 100 billion galaxies. It’s believed that one in 10 stars may have a habitable world capable of supporting life.

At the moment, astronomers still cannot explain what’s going on with KIC 8462852, but if we look all at the major effort put into building grand space telescopes this upcoming years, we might understand that a future meeting with intelligent extraterrestrials isn’t so far away after all.

Is it possible that our governments already know more about this phenomenon and are now preparing humanity for full disclosure? Do you think we are prepared? Share your thoughts.

Source: CNN



Huge Cross of Light Appears During Sunset Over Michigan

While driving to work, Mechaele Loraffe of Bunhanan, Michigan, had to stop in order to take a picture of the breathtaking sunrise. Her photograph of the sun captured a rare phenomenon and is now going viral.

She shared the picture, which shows a cross on the horizon, with WSBT meteorologist Matt Rudkin. According to Loraffe, she didn’t notice the cross until after she took the photo. 

Could this be a divine sign, or only a light anomaly? Whatever the case, the picture definitely looks amazing.


Scientists are Puzzled by the Brightest Ever Supernova—Could it be Something Else?

The brightest supernova ever seen has been confirmed, but it still has astronomers debating over what unknown type of star could have been responsible.

Supernovas mark the brutal deaths of stars that collapse on themselves and blow up. They are some of the brightest and most energetic objects in the universe.

This one, called ASASSN-15lh, is about 3.8 billion light years away, 200 times more powerful than most supernovas, and twice as bright as the previous record holder.

It shines 20 times brighter than the combined output of the Milky Way’s 100 billion stars, and in the last six months, it has spilled as much energy as the sun would in 10 lifetimes, says Krzysztof Stanek of the Ohio State University, co-principal investigator of the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) network that spotted the explosion.

This is really on steroids, and then some, he says. If it was in our own galaxy, it would shine brighter than the full moon; there would be no night, and it would be easily seen during the day.

He spotted the outburst on 14 June while examining telescope images over his morning coffee, and rushed to inform the rest of the ASAS-SN team, including Subo Dong at the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University. Dong quickly signalled a network of amateur astronomers who help the team confirm possible supernovae, and received some images that night.


The supernova appears to be in an old, large galaxy that is bigger and brighter than the Milky Way, which is unusual because the handful of other known superluminous supernovas have been found in dim, small and young galaxies. It’s also much hotter than other stellar explosions.

Those anomalies mean astronomers are not totally sure what it is, Stanek says:

My analogy is that we have been studying elephants, and our project has found the biggest elephant ever. There’s a chance it is not an elephant, but a mammoth, a relic from the earlier universe.

It might be a different exotic object called a magnetar, a special kind of neutron star with an intense magnetic field. But ASASSN-15lh is more powerful than magnetars can possibly become, so that seems unlikely, says Steve Rodney at the University of South Carolina.

It could also be the remains of a star being pulled apart by a supermassive black hole, or an ordinary supernova that is being enlarged by a cosmic lens, an effect of gravity.

The team was offered time on the Hubble Space Telescope which will give astronomers more insight into the strange object’s origins. Stanek says he’s eager to hear new theories about what it could be.

When you see something which has never been seen before, you get excited. It doesn’t happen that often.

Whatever has caused the biggest recorded supernova in history has sure filled the team of scientists with an unusual excitement. Could this discovery be in fact more significant than what they have stated? Share your thoughts.


Quarry Workers Discover a 10-Foot-Tall Skeleton Along the Banks of the Mississippi River

An 1868 newspaper article trumpeting the discovery of a giant skeleton continues to mystify the city of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

 Nearly 150 years ago, a report surfaced that quarry workers with the Sauk Rapids Water Power Co. unearthed the remains of a 10-foot-tall giant along the shores of the Mississippi River.

The story was printed on the front page of the Sauk Rapids Sentinel on Dec. 18, 1868, under the headline, “Wonderful Discovery!” where authors touted the remains as the “largest skeleton ever found.”

A few days later, the bones were nowhere to be found, rumored to have been whisked east on a late-night train and sold to the circus.

So what happened to these giant bones? Were they part of a publicity scheme, or dreamed up by a local reporter?


Wonderful Discovery! story:

The water company employees reportedly discovered the bones while quarrying rock for a dam near the present day site of Lions Park, between the Sauk Rapids Bridge and the former bridge site.

According to the story, the workers found embedded “in solid granite rock the remains of a human being of gigantic stature.

The grave — reported as being 12 feet long, 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep  — was estimated to be about 2 feet below the level of the river. Atop the tomb, the report said, was a flat limestone rock that remained separate from the surrounding granite.

The remains are completely petrified, and are of gigantic dimensions,” the story states. The head is massive, measures thirty-one and one-half inches in circumference, but low in theosfrontis, and very flat on top.

The story offers additional dimensions, such as a 26¼-inch femur, a 25½-inch fibula and more than 59 inches for the measurement around the chest. The skeleton measured 10 feet, 9½ inches from the “crown of the head to the sole of the foot.”

Reporters estimated the “giant” would have weighed at least 900 pounds “when covered with a reasonable amount of flesh.”

The story also said parts of the skeleton were missing: the thumb and fingers of the left hand, as well as the left foot from the ankle to the toes.

We are not sufficiently posted either in geology or ethnology to form even a conjecture; and hence we shall leave it to some one (sic) more learned than we, to solve the problem, the authors stated.

The story stated the bones were in the possession of a gentleman traveling east. The unnamed gentleman supposedly sent the remains to Boston.

Possibly we may hear all that can be said on the subject, by the learned in these things, in a few days hence. It is surmised by some that he will make a nice thing by selling them to some one who will exhibit them to an astonished world.

The story ends on an expectant note: “If it should happen that this should turn out to be an antideluvian grave yard, the world will have food for reflection for the next century.

The reporters seemed to be convinced of the validity of the marvelous discovery. But residents of Sauk Rapids complained they were left in the dark.

A story from the Dec. 25, 1868, edition of the Sauk Rapids Sentinel follows the mystery surrounding the skeleton.

When the account of the wonderful discovery of the remains of a gigantic human being, which appeared in our last was penned, we were not aware that the majority of our very townspeople had not seen them,” the story states. They now complain that they were so surreptitiously taken away.

Nearly 150 years later, townspeople still do not know if the story was real or merely fiction, leading to spirited debate over the veracity over the tale.

Museum director Mary Ostby argued to the St. Cloud Times that the detailed reporting of the skeleton’s measurements suggest it was a true story.

They couldn’t have got the details they got as a hoax,” she told the paper.

Fred Joesting, who has been a volunteer at the museum for 20 years, has more of a skeptical view of the skeleton story: “I think the majority of these things are hoaxes, but there are some that are real.However, the odds are much higher that it is a hoax”.

Whatever the case, the story of the Sauk Rapids skeleton has captivated the locals and researchers alike. (via

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Royal Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Archaeologists with the University of Southern California (USC) have discovered a burial chamber in the Five Temples section of El Zotz, an ancient Maya city lying in ruins in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve. Within the tomb, researchers uncovered the name of a king: Bakab K’inish – “The sun god who is first in the land”. 

A press release from USC reports that the discovery was made by an archaeological team led by Tom Garrison, an assistant professor at USC who has been the principal investigator running excavations at the archaeological site of El Zotz, a secluded Maya ruin featuring pyramids, temples, plazas, a ball court and a famous acropolis known as El Diablo.

The archaeological team was following the trail of a Maya queen, but instead they uncovered the burial chamber of a Maya king.

El Zotz, once known as Pa’chan, meaning “Fortified Sky”, is a remarkable site that was occupied from the Preclassic to the Early Postclassic period of Maya civilization. Spreading out over almost two square kilometers, the site includes a massive royal palace and temple on a hill looking over smaller dwellings and temples in the valley below. 

Situated in the shadows of its tremendous and powerful neighbour – the major center of Tikal – El Zotz would have struggled to maintain its independence. Naturally, hostile relations between El Zotz and its huge neighbour Tikal are highlighted by territorial divisions between the two polities and a hieroglyphic inscription describing El Zotz as being the target of an attack by Tikal.

Nevertheless, El Zotz seems to have served as a forward stronghold of powers aligned with Tikal’s enemy, the power center of Calakmul, and a royal court was relocated to El Zotz in the 6 th century AD during a time of weakness at Tikal. El Zotz has therefore proven to be “a source of information for archaeologists, helping them to piece together an understanding of the region’s changing political dynamics, and by extension, the Maya people”, writes USC. 

Here is the map of Lake Petén Itzá, showing the location of El Zotz to the north, next to the famous site of Tikal:


The latest discovery at El Zotz was made by mistake when Guatemalan archaeologist Jose Luis Garrido was cleaning off a low platform when it crumbled, revealing a small opening leading to an underground tunnel. The research team quickly excavated inside, leading to the discovery of a royal burial chamber. 

Unfortunately, the tomb had been invaded by rats, which had consumed any organic remains, including human remains. However, the researchers discovered four beautiful polychrome bowls, one of which bore the name of a king: Bakab K’inich – “The sun god who is first in the land.”

Four polychrome bowls were found inside the burial chamber, one bearing the name of a Maya king. (via

Likely To Be An Advanced Civilization Living Beneath Our Feet?

As science and science fiction join, we begin to decipher the ancient mysteries of the human experience. If entities exist under the surface of our planet, they would not live in volcanic rock but in advanced spaceships meant to generate essential life habitat. Are tectonic plate shifts an act of their doing, or a truly natural part of Earth? 

Theories about the Hollow Earth usually include a central sun, aliens, and legendary subterranean cities and civilizations that some open minded people believe could link science and pseudoscience, but only if discovered physically. In ancient times, this idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable, and it became associated with the image of “places“ such as the Christian Hell, the Greek Hades, the Jewish Sheol or the Nordic belief of Svartalfheim.

However in modern times, with both sides of the Arctic and Antarctic regions melting down at an accelerated rate, the truth behind this enigma and its allegorical connections to other genesis or creation myths in the tale of humanity’s journey on planet Earth could soon be revealed.


According to the Hollow Earth theory, our planet is either fully hollow or otherwise contains a massive interior space. There are allegedly races that live in underground cities beneath planet Earth. Often enough, these dwellers of the underground are more technologically advanced than we humans are on the surface. Some think that UFO’s are not from other planets, but are fabricated by strange beings from the inside of our planet.

Throughout time, some people have claimed that they encountered these mysterious beings from the ground, some even wrote detailed reports of the meetings or even books regarding the way they were greeted and taught.
An interesting description of such an encounter comes from John Cleves Symmes Jr, an American officer, trader and lecturer who introduced the concept of openings to the inner world of the poles. He declared that:

 The Earth is hollow, and habitable within; containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles 12 or 16 degrees; I pledged my life in support of this truth, and I am ready to explore the hollow, if the world will support and aid me in the undertaking.


Symmes’ Hollow Earth theory described the world as consisting of five concentric spheres, with our outer earth and its atmosphere as the largest. He saw the Earth’s crust as being around 1000 miles thick, having an Arctic opening about 4000 miles wide, and an Antarctic opening measuring around 6000 miles wide.

He suggested that he managed to enter this underground realm because the curvature of the rim of the polar openings were gradual enough that it would be possible to enter the Inner Earth without being aware of the passage. He stated that because of the centrifugal force of Earth’s rotation, the planet would be flattened at the poles, and thus have ample passage into the Inner Earth.

Metallic Orb Devices Fall From the Sky in Vietnam, Ministry of Defence Takes Over

There’s been some strange goings-on in Vietnam. Three “space balls” have been found in the north of the country during the first week of January 2016.

Weighing about 45 kilograms (99 pounds), the largest sphere was found near a river in Tuyên Quang Province. The other two orbs weighed 6 kilograms (13 pounds) and 250 grams (0.5 pounds) and were found in the neighboring Yen Bai Province.

Thanh Nien News reported that locals heard several “thunder-like noises from the sky” just before the objects were found.

The objects are made of metal and appear to be burnt on their exteriors. Officials have said that the spheres are not radioactive or explosive so they aren’t considered dangerous to humans, the VietNamNet reports.


The Vietnamese Ministry Of Defense investigated the curious case and confirmed that the objects are space junk, most likely to be compressed-air tanks from a missile or rocket. They also speculated that the objects were made in Russia, although it’s possible they were then sold to another country.

It brings to mind the story of Spain’s mysterious space balls last year. In November 2015, three spheres with a similar appearance also landed in fields of rural towns near Murcia, Spain. After investigation, these too were considered to be space debris.



Old Manuscript Tells of Mythical Battle Between Aztec Giant and the Conquistadores

Giants are mentioned all over the world, not just in Western cultures. While ancient giants such as Goliath and the Nephilim have a greater notoriety, there are several documents depicting giants who lived, fought and died in Central and South America.

One such document is the Codex Ríos, also called Codex Vatican A. It is the Italian translation of an older manuscript written during the Spanish colonial era. The codex features an interesting illustration of Aztec warriors subduing and killing a giant. The text next to the illustration tells us that the giant’s name was Quinametzin, meaning ‘One of the Old Ones’.

aztec-giant hero alien

When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, they encountered more than just myths. Some of them were greeted by actual giants.

Aztec accounts of the Spanish invasion translated by Miguel Leon-Portilla in his book The Broken Spears tell the story of the giant Aztec hero Tzilacatzin. As the conquistadors attempted a hostile takeover of Tenochtitlán, they were hastily dismissed by Tzilacatzin’s intervention. The giant kept them at bay by throwing large stones from the breaches present in the city wall. Needless, to say, this deed outstrips the capacity of regular human beings.

According to the text, the giant was a great captain known for his ruthlessness and strength. As a consequence, the Conquistadors made him their number one enemy. Even though they didn’t manage to conquer the city that day, they lowered its defences and it was only a matter of time untill the city fell, most likely together with Tzilacatzin the Giant.

Knowing the destructive consequences of war, we are fortunate to still have artifacts illustrating the great Aztec giants. Is it possible that they still existed when the Conquistadors conquered the great Aztec Empire?

The Rhodope Skull—The Mystifying Cranium of an Actual Alien?

There are many reasons why the scientific community refuses to admit the existence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, but the most common excuse is probably the absence of bodies or physical remains.

However, this reason often creates a no-win situation because most of the evidence is either dismissed as hoaxes (even when they are not), or simply disappear before researchers get a chance to study them. Such is the case of the Rhodope alien skull, a fascinating artifact unlike anything seen or discovered so far.

The skull was found in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria by a 38-year old local man from Plovdiv, a city located 90 miles (150 kilometers) southeast of the capital city of Sofia. The man, who chose to remain anonymous dug the skull that was buried near a small oval-shaped metal object.

rhodorpe skull alien

The man told a fascinating story about how he was guided in his dream by five mysterious humanoids dressed in yellow metallic clothing. These beings showed the man a spot in the Rhodope Mountains, near the border between Bulgaria and Greece, where on May 21, 2001, after a presumably wild goose chase, he found the skull near the spot revealed in the dream.

His finding caused a lot of excitement and controversy as some analysts and ufologists who first encountered the skull considered it clear evidence of extraterrestrial beings here on Earth.  At first, the man presented his find to a limited circle of people interested in the paranormal but the skull did not remain a secret for long.

The cranium was examined by archaeologist Katya Malamet of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and by Professor Dimiter Kovachev, the Director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad. Both of them said they have never seen anything like it before.

The strange skull is as small as a human baby’s but its bone structure is lighter and thinner and it weighs only 250 grams (8.8 ounces). It has six cavities that researchers believe belonged to the alien’s sensory organs. When alive, this being possessed six eyes or maybe other completely unknown organs. Surprisingly, it has no mouth hole where we would expect to find one.

rhodorpe skull alien2

Professor Kovachev is positive the skull is not a fossil as it does not resemble any hominid skull known to science so far.

We couldn’t find any analogy or correlation with anything from the past 30 million years.

Skeptics believe the skull is in fact from a yet-undiscovered animal species, although its characteristics do not match those of any other known animal.

There are a few interesting theories about the Rhodope skull. Bulgarian psychic Koubrat Tomov believes it belonged to a genetically engineered being, created by the Atlanteans. According to him, the skull represents the remains of a failed experiment that took place thousands of years ago in that area.

Another theory states this is likely the remains of hastily buried alien, killed by soldiers operating in the area during World War 2.

The Bulgarian villager who found the skull said that he had received several generous offers to sell it. Unfortunately, the skull disappeared before scientists had the chance to perform DNA analysis and carbon dating. Whoever the owner is today, he clearly doesn’t want to share his belongings with the rest of the world, even though it could be evidence of ET life here on Earth.

While this could be just another setup created by someone and buried on purpose, there is also a chance that we are dealing with a real cranium of an alien being, or the remains of a undiscovered or now extinct species on the planet.


Archaeologists Discover Legendary “Monkey God” City in Honduras Rainforest

An expedition deep into the Honduras Jungles has led to the discovery of a mysterious culture’s lost city, never before explored or looted.

The team of explorers responsible for the discovery set out to the distant, inaccessible and uninhabited region due to consistent rumors that the place was the site of a legendary, ancient “White City,” also specified in legends as the “City of the Monkey God.”

The team of American and Honduras archaeologists returned from the site with incredible discoveries. They mapped large plazas, mounds, earthworks and an earthen pyramid belonging to a culture that thrived about a thousand years ago, and mysteriously vanished afterwards. 

They also found a rare cache of stone sculptures at the base of a pyramid that remained untouched since when the city has been deserted, a fact suggesting that the cache may have been left as an offering. One of the more curious aspects is that the remains were left untouched since the island had last been inhabited. Were the looters kept away from this place due to its great spiritual importance?

entrance to ciudad blanca
Christopher Fisher, a Mesoamerican archaeologist on the team from Colorado State University, said the intact, unlooted condition of the site was “incredibly rare.“ Fisher also stated that:

 The undisturbed context is unique. This is a powerful ritual display, to take wealth objects like this out of circulation.

To complete the intrigue and mystery of this mythical lost city, the culture of its people remains mostly unknown. Unlike other ancient sites in Maya, which stands in the vicinity, this area has not already been well documented or researched.

The archaeologists found the tops of 52 artifacts peeking from earth, and many other artifacts below the ground. The objects found on the surface include stone ceremonial seats and finely engraved vessels decorated with snakes, zoomorphic figures and vultures. The team analyzed these as possible burial sites. 

The most intriguing artifact rising from the ground so far is the head of a “were-jaguar“ probably representing a shaman in a transformed spiritual state. The head archaeologist at the Honduras Institute of Anthropology and History, Oscar Neil Cruz, said that the artifact dates from 1000 to 1400 A.D.

jade were jaguar ciudad blanca
Another curiosity is added by the fact that the unearthed objects were not excavated, but only documented and left untouched. Perhaps the researchers found something so meaningful that it must be kept as a secret for now. According to the official info, the site has been discovered in late 2012, but only now is the location being revealed as to protect the site from looters.

Several expeditions have searched for the White City, or Ciudad Blanca, since 1920. The most famous of these expeditions was led by the curious explorer Theodore Morde, who returned from Honduras with thousands of artifacts and exclaiming that he managed to enter the city.

According to Morde, the indigenous people said it contained an enormous, buried statue of a monkey god. He refused to reveal the location of the city based on the same principle as today – out of fear that the site would be looted. He later committed suicide and the location of his site was never identified. Is it possible that what Morde found in Honduras was more than just artifacts and a lost city?

Tomb of the Legendary Osiris, God of the Underworld, Discovered in Egypt

An amazing discovery has been made by a Spanish-Italian archaeological team in Egypt – an ancient reproduction of the mythical Tomb of Osiris, the god of the dead in Egyptian mythology, was found in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes.

The tomb complex is a huge multi-level structure which includes numerous chambers and shafts. It consists of a massive hall hold together by five pillars and has a staircase leading down to the funerary complex adorned with the carvings of Osiris. The funerary room also has the reliefs of demons brandishing knives, which, according to the archeological team, were placed there to guard the body of the deceased.

The tomb is constructed around the emerald statue of the god, which is located in a central vaulted chapel and faces a staircase with a 29.5 foot long shaft cut into it. This shaft leads to another empty chamber, which, in turn, has another, 19.6 feet long shaft connecting to two other rooms. Here is a sketch showing the entire structure of the tomb of Osiris:

osiris tomb complete

The researchers consider that the ancient tomb was built between 760 BC and 525 BC, date corresponding to the period of the rule of the 25th dynasty (760 – 656 BC) and the 26th dynasty (672 – 525 BC). This estimation is mostly based on the architectural similarity of the newly discovered tomb with another funeral complex devoted to Osiris – the so-called Osireion located in the city of Abydos, Luxor.

According to an article written in Luxor Times Magazine, the Osirian symbolism is very clear in this ancient tomb, which contains “a big staircase of 3.5 meter long with a 4 meter high ceiling at the bottom leading to the Netherworld and another one leading directly to the Osiris statue, which is therefore at a higher level and ideally isolated on ‘his island’; the Osiris statue itself; the empty corridor surrounding it which symbolizes the channel of water (see Osireion in Abydos); the expected burial chamber below the statue, thus identifying the deceased with Osiris.

In 1887, the tomb complex was partly discovered by Philippe Virey, but it was unearthed to its full extent only recently. The archaeology team plans to continue the exploration of the timeworn funerary complex at the beginning of 2016. (via

Researchers Discover Giant Skeletons in Ecuador and Peru

Skeletons of up to three meters in height were discovered in the Amazon region near Ecuador and Peru. Now a group of researchers from Germany will examine and study the ancient remains in hoping to unravel the mystery behind them, says British anthropologist Russell Dement.

Will experts prove the existence of ‘giants’ that inhabited the Amazon in the distant past?

Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

According to Cuenca Highlife, since 2015, a team of experts discovered a dozen of mysterious skeletons which are believed to date back to 1400 and 1500 AD. These abnormal skeletons measure up to three meters in height.

We are at a very early stage of our investigation and I’m the only one who is allowed to communicate the details of what we found. I do not want to make claims based on speculation as the work proceeds. Given the size of the skeletons, this has both medical and anthropological implications, said Dement.

In late 2014, Dement gathered information from the locals in the region about the discovery of a very peculiar skeleton, located about 100 kilometers from Cuenca in Ecuador. Dement traveled to the scene and returned the rib cage and skull of a woman who surfaced due to flooding in the area. The dating carried out on the bones yielded an age of around 600 years. Subsequently the remaining bones were found which provided researchers with a skeletal height of 2.23 meters. Other skeletons had up to three meters in height.

giant skull bolivia ecuador

Because of the sensational nature of this, we have to be extremely diligent in our research since it will be met with a great deal of skepticism, he said.

Dement was surprised about the discovery and decided to form a research team that included scholars and experts from the Freie University in Germany.

Dement and his team received full support from the locals who made it much easier for Dement and his team to investigate the mysterious skeletons.

“Even though I had been working with Freie for many years, I was concerned that they might not give a grant for someone looking for giants. To outsiders, especially scientists, I understand this sounds a little hair-brained.”

According to experts the skeletons had no disfiguration whatsoever, indicating that these “giant” beings were relatively healthy.

The skeletons show no signs of diseases such as the hormonal growth problems that are common in most cases of gigantism. In all the skeletons, the joints seemed healthy and lung cavity appeared large. One of the skeletons that we have dated was of a female who was about 60 when she died, much older than typical cases of gigantism, reports Cuenca Highlife.

Dement had already studied the natives from the Amazon and heard of legends that speak of ‘very tall, pale-skinned people who lived in the region’. The elders described the giants as a ‘race of large, peaceful Amazonians’ very welcomed by locals.

Study and Reference: The Lost World of Giants

China Discovers Underwater Goldmine Worth Over $16.400 Billion

Scientists at the Shandong Provincial No. 3 Institute of Geological and Mineral Survey have located a mega-sized gold deposit, 2000 meters under the north coastal water near Sanshan Island off Laizhou city in the Shandong province, with at least 470 tons of reserves.

The new-found deposit, the largest undersea gold mine found in China, is currently valued at over $16.4 billion and is estimated to hold at least 1,500 tons of gold.

According to Ding Zhengjiang, the deputy director of the Shandong Provincial No. 3 Institute, the gold deposit is part of a crablike ore belt that lies deep at the sea bottom. The marine ground investigation took three years, and involved over 120 kilometers of drilling, with 67 sea drilling platforms and about 1,000 drillers and geologists.

china goldmine underwater

However, experts now face the daunting challenge of accessing the mine, which is currently out of reach for excavators. Despite being the world’s leading producer of gold, China lacks the technological ability to reach potential operations 1000 meters below the Earth’s surface.

In 2012, the first drilling platform at sea took 24 hours to be constructed, and now it took 8 hours with more advanced offshore construction technology.

The project manager Zhang Junjin declared that:

It’s no easier than the docking of a space ship. Drilling in the ocean will mark the fact that China’s geological exploration has extended from land to sea, and that it is a strong power in geological terms… Besides, drilling holes into underground rocks that are more than 1000 meters deep is a big challenge.

Normally in China, gold mine prospection is conducted within 800 meters underground. The discovery of a gold deposit lying 2000 meters undersea provides new drilling technology for future gold mining.

More than 2,000 tons of gold deposits have been found in Laizhou, which has the largest gold reserves in the country.

In 2014, China produced 452 tons of gold. The China Gold Association recently disclosed that China produced 357 tons of gold during January-September 2015, an increase of 1.48% from a year earlier. By the end of September, China’s gold reserve has reached 1,700 tons, up from the 1,660 tons in June. (via

Massive Quad-Engine UFOs Filmed Over Santiago, Chile

A massive UFO sighting has been captured on tape by a Chilean local. The spectacular moment shows how four unidentified massive objects are hovering over downtown Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city, and after they disappear from the field of view, other small bright UFOs take their place.

The first four flying objects slowly move across the sky before disappearing one by one. They keep no formation and have a few particularities that may identify them as human-made crafts. But what about their other unexplained characteristics?

The massive UFOs share the same cigar shape and have four lights that flicker as they hover over the city. These could be either safety lights or coming from a quad-engine prototype, but considering that safety lights are usually colored, the four-engine hypothesis seems more viable.

After the massive crafts slowly leave the area, other small UFOs come in their stead. They perform some kind of ritual this time, like following a pattern. The smaller crafts remind us of the speeding orb UFOs, but judging after the speed and pulsating light, it’s likely that they are something else.

Are these spectacular UFOs man made? Military crafts or authentic alien ships? What are your thoughts?

Scientists Discover that Water is Older than the Sun

Hang onto your chair and prepare to have your mind blown.. New research reveals that a big portion of the Earth’s water is older than previously thought, and actually predates the age of the Sun.

Moreover, the findings of the study suggest that water – and life – could exist on exoplanets throughout our galaxy and beyond.

That bottle of water sitting on your desk is really really old.. Actually, unfathomably ancient..

This is an important step forward in our quest to find out if life exists on other planets,” said Professor Tim Harries of the University of Exeter, a member of the research team. “We know that water is vital for the evolution of life on Earth, but it was possible that the Earth’s water originated in the specific conditions of the early solar system, and that those circumstances might occur infrequently elsewhere.


The findings increase the chances that water is present on other planets. The study confirms that the way in which our solar system was formed is not unique, which means that the same conditions – and therefore life – likely exists elsewhere in our galaxy. It is an amazing finding, given the fact that approximately 2,000 exoplanets have been discovered so far, and no one knows how many of them may still be waiting to be discovered. According to the estimations, each star in the Milky Way galaxy hosts at least one planet.

It is worth noting that water is not an exclusive privilege of our planet. In fact, much evidence of it can be found throughout our solar system. In particular, water ice is present on comets and asteroids, as well as on other planets of our solar system and their moons, such as Jupiter’s Europa or Saturn’s Enceladus.

The prevailing theory in modern cosmology suggests that water came from the solar nebula, or the so-called protoplanetary disc, a cloud of dust and gas surrounding the forming Sun. Now, researchers from the University of Michigan led by astronomy PhD student Ilse Cleeves decided to find out whether the water was already present in the sun’s protoplanetary disc, or whether it was formed with the birth of the Solar System.

If water in the early Solar System was primarily inherited as ice from interstellar space, then it is likely that similar ices, along with the prebiotic organic matter that they contain, are abundant in most or all protoplanetary disks around forming stars, said co-author of the study, Conel Alexander of the Carnegie Institute.

But if the early Solar System’s water was largely the result of local chemical processing during the Sun’s birth, then it is possible that the abundance of water varies considerably in forming planetary systems, which would obviously have implications for the potential for the emergence of life elsewhere.

To figure out where the water was formed, the researchers simulated a model with two kinds of frozen water – regular hydrogen based water, and so-called “heavy water” containing the hydrogen isotope deuterium, which can be found on comets, meteorites and in the Earth’s oceans.


To recreate the conditions of the solar system’s formation, the scientists simulated a solar nebula without frozen heavy water, in order to find out whether the solar system was able to generate the ratios of deuterium from chemical reactions in the nebula. As a result, it was discovered that the system couldn’t produce heavy water; therefore it must have already existed in the sun’s protoplanetary disk.

According to the results of the simulation, 30 to 50 per cent of the water originated in the solar nebula, which means that it is nearly a million years older than our solar system.

Our findings show that a significant fraction of our Solar System’s water, the most-fundamental ingredient to fostering life, is older than the Sun, which indicates that abundant, organic-rich interstellar ices should probably be found in all young planetary systems, concluded Alexander.

The findings add to a plethora of evidence that water and therefore life is not exclusive to our planet.. a paradigm shift in the way we see the universe indeed.


A Mysterious Ball of Light Lit Up Over Australia’s Capital City

A peculiar sighting has been witnessed by the people of Canberra, Australia’s capital city. A massive ball of light lit up the surroundings while leaving the locals puzzled.

Recorded on January 3, the strange appearance caused a massive stir online, with people debating about its possible origins, and while some believe it was only a natural phenomenon, a ball of lightning or even global warming, others believe in a more controversial explanation – a UFO, or at least the trail left behind by one.

Experts claim that it’s lightning, but they will probably never admit the truth. From our point of view, the strange event is more than a natural phenomenon, even though the recent climate change has brought some extreme and unique phenomenon.

The luminous event was witnessed by many people, as a nearby kid is heard screaming at his mom to look in order to draw her attention.

What do you believe? Is this evidence of an alien craft? Or is it rather an extremely rare phenomenon known as a “ball lightning”? Share your thoughts below.

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Archaeologists Discover Huge Underground City

Archaeologists have recently stumbled upon a unique finding – a giant underground city that is certain to rewrite history books forever.

Unlike other underground shelters discovered so far, which proved to be only temporary housing or goods-transportation tunnels, the underground city in Cappadocia served as a permanent home for its dwellers.

The discovery is the first of its kind and it may reveal exotic new information regarding the people who once lived inside. After the first tests with carbon dating, researchers have come to the conclusion that the mysterious city stretches back to before the Hittites, an ancient race who raised an empire in this area around 1600 BC.


Hasan Ünver, the mayor of Nevşehir said in a statement that the new finding will undeniably rewrite the known history of the Anatolia region in Turkey:

When the works are finalized, the history of Cappadocia will be rewritten. We have reached significant discoveries; new long tunnels and spaces where people lived all together. Places where linseed oil was produced, chapels and tunnels combining various living spaces in the underground city were found.

The underground city was discovered by Turkish construction workers during an urban development project. The massive subterranean city was unearthed when construction workers began digging the area in order to level the terrain for new buildings.

At first, archaeologists believed the city to be like Drinkuyu, another underground complex discovered in the area which served as a temporary shelter during raids. Özcan Çakır, an associate professor at the geophysics engineering department of the 18 March University initially believed that the broad tunnels were used as agricultural “highways” which offered people the possibility to carry food from once place to another, thus avoiding any dangers from the surface.

underground city capadoccia1

After further investigations, the team of researchers discovered a huge tunnel that passes below Nevşehir and reaches a faraway water source, proving that the underground city was indeed a complex and permanent settlement. Among other items, archaeologists discovered pipe-like objects made from meerschaum that were used to smoke tobacco and probably cannabis and opium.

Excited by the unique discovery, Ünver declared that:

This is a real underground city where they resided permanently and not like other underground cities where they lived temporarily. We are definite that we will also reach very important information and discoveries regarding world history.

According to statements from city officials of Nevşehir, the opening of the first part of the underground city excavations will open in 2017. The project was coordinated by archaeologist Semih Istanbulluoglu and the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Ashish Kothar, a UNESCO representative already inspected the ancient underground settlement and managed to photograph interesting artifacts from within, however, the inside images were not released to the public except for a few shots.

underground city capadoccia2

Whatever ancient civilization dwelled inside these huge underground city we are yet to find out, but the surprisingly fact that humans once lived underground (permanently) sure raises a lot of question marks. Were they forced to live like this as a result of a merciless cataclysm? Was there a nuclear war in the distant past? Will archaeologists discover a new ancient civilization? Or maybe evidence of the legendary reptilian race depicted by the Sumerians?

Share your thoughts and help us spread the word about Earth’s forbidden history.


Numeric Symbol Found on Both the Moon and Mars

Earth is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Strange signs encrypted into the planet’s surface speak of ancient civilizations that shaped the earth using advanced techniques similar to our own, or even beyond them.

You might look at Earth as a privileged planet because of all the new discoveries, but the truth is the entire solar system is full of these mysterious marks, probably left behind by advanced aliens.

A conclusive example of such symbols comes from Earth’s natural satellite, but also from the distant Mars. The amazing discovery was made by Marcelo Irazusta and his son James, two UFO analysts who hunt for anomalous sightings on Earth and its vicinity. Using Google Mars and Google Moon, the two stumbled upon what many analysts consider to be an alien symbol – number 58.

mars alien

The discovery became even more intriguing when Irazusta saw the same number on two celestial bodies from Earth’s vicinity. The anomaly miraculously survived the blurry lines or stiches used by the officials to cover up essential sites on Google Earth, and it remains open to everyone interested in seeing it with their own eyes.

mars alien2

Mars coordinates: 1°29’8.27″N 23° 0’11.92″W / Moon coordinates: 43° 1’55.12″S 9°45’57.30″O

moon alien

At a closer analysis, the number 58 present on the Moon is slightly smaller than the one from Mars, however, they are very similar if not identical. The fact that the numeric symbol is located on two celestial bodies rejects the theory of this being pareidolia, leading at most to a bizarre coincidence hypothesis. But is it really a coincidence?

According to the renowned UFO enthusiast and researcher Scott C. Warring, the numeric symbol might be “the name of a group of alien species that work together in our solar system”, backing up his claims saying that:

Roca Pia, Italy case mentioned a group calling themselves the W56. Also, in Area S4 inside Area 51, they teach the USAF newbies that there are 56 space faring species known by the military.

If his claims prove to be correct, the secret alien alliance might had gotten bigger by now since the number clearly shows “58”.

While we cannot deny Scott Waring’s theory, our thoughts are bent in a different direction. We do believe in subliminal symbols left by secret organizations, however, we consider the possibility of a big alien organization leaving symbols on the Moon and Mars unlikely. The case is extremely fascinating as the number 58 was discovered in two different locations, none of them being on Earth. The earthen numeric symbols discovered on other planets suggests that humans originated elsewhere in the universe or that maybe at some point in time, humans departed from Earth in spaceships and left signs encoded on other planets in order to preserve a long forgotten alternative history.

Other theories claim that ancient alien gods left those symbols after they left Earth in the distant past. Whatever the case, the discovery of an earthly 58 on both the Moon and Mars remains one of the most fascinating cases so far, and if they try to remove it in the near future, we’ll still have the truth archived in our minds and laptops.

See the anomaly with your own eyes before it becomes an amalgam of blurred lines, and don’t forget to share the word to support the cause.

Is the Stone Head from Guatemala Proof of an Ancient Extraterrestrial Race?

Many artifacts essential for understanding life’s cycle on Earth and probably the link between the human species and extraterrestrials have been destroyed and buried under a thick layer of rubble by the constant wars that are happening on this planet.

A good example is definitely the case of the gigantic stone head discovered “somewhere in the jungle of Guatemala”. The head statue had very fine features: thin lips, a large sharp nose, leaving an overall refined interpretation, its eyes were closed, but if they were open, they would be looking towards the sky. It measured at least 30 feet, judging after the three men sitting on top of the head statue and after the car parked in front. The discovery was unique indeed, as it looked like nothing found in Central America so far.

On August 16, 1986, Dr. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara, a UFO enthusiast, philosopher, and lawyer at that time, received an intriguing photo of the monolith. Its precise location was unknown at that time, with the only known references being the date when the picture was taken – in the 1950s, and the owner of the land (who also took the photo) where the colossal stone sculpture was located. However, the owner was log deceased and Padilla was unable to find the exact location.

In 1987, the story of the bizarre stone head was first printed in the Ancient Astronaut Society newsletter “Ancient Skies”, and it caused quite a stir. People wanted to know if the structure was only a head, or it had a body buried underneath; also, the question of its exact location reappeared after a long time. Fortunately, the article was read by David Hatcher Childress, an adventurous archaeologist who visited various mysteries across the globe, detailing them all in his “Mystery Travel books”.

guatemala stone head

This “Indiana Jones” made it his quest to find the site of the mysterious stone sculpture, so he met with Padilla from whom he requested additional information regarding the location of the anomalous sculpture. At first, Padilla spoke of a relative who analyzed the photo of the mysterious sculpture and managed to find a hint leading to one of the many properties owned by the Biener family. With no other leads available at that time, Padilla spoke of how he started a dangerous and uncertain journey into the jungles of Guatemala in the hope of finding the intriguing stone head:

In order to find it, I went approximately 180 kilometers from the city, towards Las Victorias, Los Encuentros, Saint Filipe Retalhuleu, on the pacific coast of Guatemala. From there, I followed a main road for 5 kilometers, then 3 kilometers more on a road of battered earth and finally 5 kilometers on foot, through the jungle.

When he finally reached the site of La Democracia, the excitement turned to anguish as the statue was lying there butchered by bullets, with its features unrecognizable.

It was destroyed by revolutionaries about ten years ago, Padilla related. We had located the statue too late. It was used as target practice by anti-government rebels. This totally disfigured it, sort of like the way the Sphinx in Egypt had its nose shot off by the Turks, only worse.

After Padilla surpassed the shocking moment, he took additional notes of what was left of the monument that could had our history rewritten. The eyes, nose and mouth were completely gone. The statue was carved from soft sandstone, probably for highlighting its fine features, but because of this soft material, its fate was easily sealed for eternity.

Eventually, David Hatcher Childress reached the La Democracia site only to find the stone head in ruins, just like Dr. Padilla depicted. After this event, the story died because there was no relevant proof left to confirm the existence of the alien-like stone head from the photo.

In order to understand the uniqueness of the head, one must look towards the region where the stone head was reported to have been found – La Democracia, a site already renowned for stone heads looking skyward. Their history is known however: built by the Olmec civilization, which thrived between 1400 and 400 BC, the stone heads sitting near the town of La Democracia share no features with “Padilla’s stone head”. The twelve Olmec statues depict pot-bellied human figures with flat faces looking towards the sky. They have a common Olmec aspect, which is a completely different style from the fine-sculpted Padilla stone head.

olmec stone head

The ancient Olmec civilization predated the Maya and is believed to be the first to build pyramids in Mesoamerica. Considering that the Olmec had the means to carve such statues, is it possible that they were also responsible for the anomalous stone head?

Another theory supported by Phillip Coppens, a Belgian author and radio host, claims that another ancient civilization predating or post-dating the Olmecs was responsible for the “Padilla head”. If so, it’s possible that the only artifact left belonging to them has fallen victim to the ongoing war, and chances for a similar discovery are petty since the area remains troubled by conflict.