Man Wins eBay Auction of the First Known Photo of a UFO [1871]

The oldest known UFO photo comes from a time when humanity was still trying to figure out how to fly.

The photo was taken by Amos F. Clough and Howard A. Kimball in 1871 while on a meteorological expedition on Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. The expedition spent the winter of 1870-1871 on the summit making scientific observations of the environment, while the photographers Clough and Kimball were documenting the trip in a compilation of stereo view photographs.

The photo was first highlighted in 2002, when an article from the Filer’s Files announced that it has been purchased on eBay in an online auction for the amount of $385 by Samuel M. Sherman, president of Independent International Pictures Corp. The article describes the photo as a stereo view of clouds over Mount Washington, with a long cigar-shaped object clearly visible in the middle.

mountwashington1870 UFO

The proud owner of the photograph declared afterwards that:

This photograph will not be locked up in some collection, but will be submitted to scientists for detailed analysis, and the results made available to the public…the debunkers are already circling around the photo on the internet, even though they have only been able to see poor low resolution computer images and not photographic enlargements of the actual photo.

The scientific report of the photo never arrived, but it still represents valuable proof of UFO activity in the 1800s even without an official report. In the years that followed, reports involving cigar-shaped UFOs became numerous. They are depicted as having a solid and metallic aspect, with windows present on each side, similar to a commercial airliner, but without the wings.

cigar UFO

Witnesses reported these abnormal type of UFOs during the Belgian Wave of sightings in 1989-1990, and later on over Yucatan, Mexico, when Captain Irvin Pena Vidal together with his friends encountered this peculiar type of UFO. He was part of a group named FIEPAL – Latin American Spatial Research Group – when this happened, and was fortunate enough to have a telescope at his side. He stated that:

We had already seen several cases involving traditional UFOs, but on that occasion we were able to see a cigar-shaped one, which I also believe served as a mothership, as several spheres emerged from its interior. It was impressive and could not be seen with the naked eye, only with the telescope.

A more recent report of such an encounter came from NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who recently tweeted a photo from the ISS which had a strange looking cigar-shaped UFO on the top right of the frame.


Since the first photo with this UFO dates back to 1870, it’s unlikely that this is a secret military craft, and if we exclude the possibility of a camera anomaly or other natural phenomenon, only the alien craft explanation remains. Do you think this is the case?


Archaeologists Discover 10,000 Year Old Cave Paintings of UFOs and Alien Beings in India

Using the latest dating technology, researchers were able to determine the age of a bizarre discovery from India. Paintings of several peculiar beings along with a disc-shaped object were found in a cave system in India.

The paintings appear to have been made no more than 10,000 years ago by the local dwellers who possibly met or witnessed these otherworldly beings. The Department of Archaeology of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh asked the US and Indian aerospace agencies for assistance in order to find out more about the curious designs found in the tribal Bastar area.

Western analysts were intrigued after investigating the paintings because of the many features they had in common with the present UFO phenomenon. According to them, the paintings were made by the aboriginals who appear to have had a clear knowledge of these fantastic beings, as if they were watching some kind of science fiction movie.

india cave ufo3

Is it possible that 10,000 years ago, humans of this area witnessed or even met with these fantastic beings who they later drawn on the cave wall as a reminder of their greatness? Considering that paintings such as these are found across several other different cultures, the hypothesis of ancient aliens who visited Earth thousands of years ago doesn’t seem too far-off from reality.

According to archaeologist JR Bhagat who is investigating into this matter, there are a few things that tend to add to the overall mystery, such as the remaining villagers who appear to worship the peculiar drawings even now. He believes that people of old witnessed the arrival of otherworldly beings in their spaceships, but until a detailed investigation, the above remains only a speculation.

There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about “rohela people”, or “the small-sized ones” who used to land from the sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons in the village who never returned.

india cave ufo2

The paintings are done in natural colours that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. Especially the nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing space suits. We can’t refute possibility of imagination by prehistoric men, but humans usually fancy such things.

India cave ufo1

If we are to consider the “caveman” possibility, how come the faces of the beings are so different than those of humans? And how come these beings are depicted wearing strange helms and holding peculiar sword-like objects in a time considered by the modern science as primitive and rudimental?

Apart from this, many peculiar artefacts were discovered in India, a country veiled in mystery, with a complex past involving subterranean temples, strange deities, strong cultural and spiritual background, and of course the Vimanas – the ancient flying machines.

So could this be the work of a caveman, or is it rather the work of humans who were surprised by otherworldly visitors?


Orb UFO Filmed While Chasing After the ISS at Tremendous Speed

While the world is preparing for the upcoming holidays, the astronauts on the ISS are still working on innovative projects that someday might ease life in space and possibly on other planets.

Six days ago, on December 15, the ISS was filmed while traveling at a dazzling speed of 18,000 MPH above Earth. While the sighting is impressive on its own, the small “intruder” chasing after the space station sure puzzled a lot of UFO enthusiasts.

The following video reveals a fascinating sight of the ISS seen from ground level. However, a small dot was surprised as it was chasing the station at a similar speed (look carefully in the back, left of the ISS). Could this be an orb UFO spying on the International Space Station? Or is this an identified object after all?

According to official reports, six days ago was the launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket destined to dock with the ISS. It carried a crew of three astronauts, among them being Tim Peake, the first official British astronaut to ever set foot on the ISS. After a failed attempt to dock, Russian astronaut Yuri Malenchenko had to take manual control of the module in order to safely land on the station. Now, if the official information is correct, the small dot from the above video might be the Russian Soyuz spacecraft in a desperate attempt to land with the ISS.

However, since this explanation was released 24 hours after the launch took place, some skeptics claimed that the footage shows in fact a speeding orb UFO that is either spying on the ISS or trying to make contact. Because the official explanation arrived with a one day delay, some UFO analysts believe that NASA is covering the actual situation once again, and that the small dot chasing after the ISS is an actual UFO with possible alien origins or maybe an advanced military craft engaged into a secret space mission.

Even though NASA interrupted the live feed many times whenever a strange object approached the ISS, and even though former space engineers spoke of secret meetings between ISS astronauts and aliens, it’s likely that this time the renowned space agency spoke the truth, but we do not deny the cover-up hypothesis either. Stay vigilant!



[Image] Ancient Shaman Gathering and an Alternative UFO Experience

Shamanistic practices are believed to predate all organized religions on Earth, and certainly date back to the Neolithic period. Features of shamanism are found in the organized religions that followed, mostly in their mystic and symbolic practices.

Greek paganism was influenced by shamanism with some practices being later adopted into the Roman religion, but with the coming of Christianity, shamanic influences and the use of psychedelic substances were literally wiped out. Starting with 400 AC, the Christian church played the key role in the collapse of the Greek and Roman religions.

The shaman had a unique way of looking at things. First, he would engage in a trance with the help of psilocybin which is a psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms, all together known as psilocybin mushrooms. Then, the shaman would make contact with otherworldly spirits as he is a master of trans-dimensional travel, and these spirits would give him information.


An interesting thing to note about the shamans is that they’ve embraced the UFO idea. They know about this phenomenon, they’ve seen it and probably even made contact with alien beings. However, these mystic practitioners have different knowledge of UFOs compared to the rest of the western world. They believe that the bright appearances performing law-defying maneuvers across the sky are in fact mystical beings residing here on Earth.

The shamans found this out through countless travels into the spirit realm (which might also be available for us through the use of specific substances), and the interesting part is that whenever they return to that realm, they encounter the same “spirits” who offer them universal knowledge and understanding. Since most places on our planet remain unexplored, it’s easy to see how otherworldly beings can find shelter under the oceans, inside Earth’s crevices, or even deep inside the crust.

Is it possible that shamans found enlightenment through mystic beings that we refer to today as aliens? Could some of the dynamic appearances depicted as UFOs be in fact alien beings who reside on our planet in order to study human behavior? Is it possible that Christianity purposely wiped the shamans so that the world will forever lose its only practitioners capable of communicating with alien beings?


Today, the percentage of shaman practitioners has collapsed. However, a shaman union still exists and each year they meet to commune with the spirits and preserve the universal balance of our planet.


The “Call of 13 Shamans” is a four-day ceremony where Shamans from all corners of the world gather near the village of Khorum-Dag, a sacred place known as the spiritually charged center point of the Asian continent. The ceremony corresponds with natural cosmic cycles and its main goal is to help preserve harmony between humanity and the universe.













Who or What is Moving on Mars?

Scientists see Mars as a now-dead planet, with no living organisms habiting its surface. However, recent images seen via Google Earth reveal how the dusty terrain suffered changes due to some unknown event or phenomenon. What could be the reason of this?

The images reveal a formation of rocks that have been moved in a straight line, leaving a plain trail behind them, and considering that we’re talking about Mars, where nothing is expected to move on the surface, the hypothesis of NASA officials lying about the actual situation there doesn’t seem too far off.

movement on mars 4

So what or who could have caused these trails? Could it be water or a dust devil? Or is there something more exotic to blame for this?

Analysts now believe the phenomenon is the result of a “dust devil”, but several aspects don’t match to this theory. If it were indeed the work of a dust tornado, the trail left behind would have to be curved or in zig-zag, but the images show a perfectly straight line behind the rock formation. So what are the other viable theories?


Well, according to some, the bizarre Martian phenomenon could have been caused by a flow of water on the surface, but this just doesn’t add up since the particularities of the trail are too symmetric and don’t match the description of a water flow, not to mention other illogical aspects regarding this water hypothesis.

One of the photos however, has a unique feature that might explain this phenomenon. If you look carefully, a bright dot is visible on the right of the rock formation, and considering the distance from where the photos were taken, the object has to be quite big. It also leaves a distinctive trail that stretches over the rock formation (a thin, curved and black trail). So how can NASA explain this bright object on the surface? Is this some kind of alien device that’s causing all the movement? Could this prove that an alien machinery is present on the surface of the Red Planet or beneath it?

movement on mars 3

It might be impossible to find the actual cause, but we can analyze all the theories involving this event and see which one fits better. So far, what researchers have come up with doesn’t offer a clear perspective of what happened there. Besides the above explanations, some analysts believe that what’s moving on Mars strongly resembles to a mysterious phenomenon found here on Earth.

For years, scientists have been perplexed by an unexplained event happening in California’s Death Valley. A bizarre group of boulders appear to be moving there across the arid terrain and no one seems to figure out why. If we look at this earthly phenomenon closely, we’ll see that it has the highest resemblance to the moving rock formations from Mars. However, both events remain a mystery even for the modern science, since everyone is speculating about the cause but fail to precisely identify it.

movement on mars5

Could this be interpreted as strong evidence of alien activity on both planets? And why is NASA stating that everything is dead on the Martian surface if these images show exactly the contrary? Whatever may be the case, we have our eyes open and will report as many anomalies as possible, for more people need to see that there is something strange happening on Mars, and also here on Earth.

It’s likely that NASA knows way more about these things but apparently they don’t care to share with the rest of the world. That, or maybe the above photos were taken in the Death Valley on Earth, which would lead to a massive and terrible cover-up from the renowned space agency.

Credits for the discovery

UFO Consumed by Strange Vortex over CERN

A very peculiar phenomenon was recorded by a group of US tourists who were visiting an area near CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the renowned CERN is a research organization that operates the largest particle accelerators in the world. The particles are made to collide together at close to the speed of light, and through that scientists want to discover what the universe is made of and where did all life begin.

As fancy and promising as this sounds, the results might surprise even the scientists at CERN, and as some skeptics claim, the resulting experiments might be catastrophic for all humanity. It appears that so far, the CERN facility is attracting UFOs and who knows what else. The video below shows how a peculiar vortex is present over the sky, until an unexpected guest gets sucked into it and the whirlwind suddenly dissipates.


At first, the vortex has a considerable size, but as it vacuums the matter of the clouds found nearby, it compresses considerably until it disappears. If you look closely, a strange ball of light enters the scene from the bottom right of the video. It strongly resembles to the orb UFOs seen so many times lately.

After the UFO gets to the center of the vortex, everything return to normal; even the wind stops howling. So what could this strange phenomenon be? Is it part of the CERN experiments? Or maybe a side effect of those?

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To understand the complex experiments undergoing at CERN, one has to understand that they’re responsible for the discovery of the “god particle” – a particle that binds together the universe as we know it, and as Rolf-Dieter Heuer, the director of CERN stated:

We have made the discovery of a new particle – a completely new particle – which is most probably very different from all the other particles. It’s nearly a once in a lifetime experience, I would say.

However, after such a promising start, scientists engaged into even more daring projects. So, on September 23, 2015, CERN has gradually increased the number of collisions, while remaining at the same energy level. Even more, they are now running tests with lead ions instead of protons, in the hope of achieving exclusive results for science.

Even though many people expressed their concerns about the power-increase in CERN’s experiments (and the fears are real since we’re talking about nuclear energy and more), officials of the facility reassured everyone that the situation is under control. However, only a few months after the beginning of this, strange appearances like the one seen above have begun to surface. Should we fear for what CERN might discover in the near future?

Whatever may happen, we are too small to make a difference and influence the decisions of renowned scientists working here in Geneva, but at least we can spread the word and show what is happening there. Assuming the vortex sucking up a orb UFO was indeed an authentic phenomenon and not the work of CGI, our assumptions that CERN is into something big this time might prove to be real.

[1937] UFO Descends Over City Hall, Two Brothers Photograph the Craft Before Takeoff

History has many ways of surprising us if we know where to look. However, our attention has to be pointed at the alternative history, at the obscure events which mean nothing to science, but in reality they could change the way we see and understand life in our Solar System and beyond.

In 1937, Leonard Lamoureaux, age 21 was on leave from the army when he decided to visit Vancouver City Hall in order to take a few photos of the brilliant Christmas light display. Accompanying him was his brother Wilfred.

After they found a good spot to take the photos, a sudden “bright blue light” descending from the sky puzzled them both. It became larger and larger as it zoomed into their line of sight, and after a while the two brothers managed to see the source from where all this bright light was coming.


Leonardo depicted the bizarre sighting as “two saucers” with open ends, facing each other and glowing bright blue. After the UFO got quite close to the city hall, it started to slowly move horizontally across the sky until it reached the top of the flagpole. From there, the luminous craft hovered for a moment in front of the two astounded brothers, and fortunately that was enough for Leonardo to immortalize the moment using his camera.

After that brief moment, the bright UFO took off rapidly without making any specific engine sound, as the two described. They were shocked because of what they’ve seen, and couldn’t explain what actually happened there.

We’ve never seen anything fly so fast.

Even though Leonard Lamoureux and his bother Wilfred passed away some time ago, their unique UFO episode still lives on through Leonard’s daughter, Debra DeCamillis who still resides in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area.

The negative has been lost due to the passing of time, thus leading some skeptics into believing that what the picture reveals is nothing more than a watermark defect caused by the development of the print. However, Leonard’s daughter contradicts the nonbelievers by telling about her father who seemed so excited every time he told others about this peculiar event. Debra also stated that:

I know for a fact there was no bubbles on the film, or watermarks because I was fascinated by negatives as a child and saw that negative many times. On the rest of the pictures there was nothing but pictures of lights, so I know it had no bubbles or watermarks on it.


She provided additional details regarding this UFO encounter, all the information originating from her father’s tales and analysis of the event:

The camera was on a tri-pod of sorts because Dad was trying to take sequential shots of the courthouse to capture all the lights. But he was not using a timed exposure, his camera was not sophisticated enough. He did say that he could actually see the bubble or tail as he called it that the object was encapsulated in.

The detailed description of the event along with the disputed picture offers amazing proof of the UFO phenomenon seen almost one hundred years ago in a time when CGI and Photoshop were nothing but faint idea.

Another thing to note is the remarkable likeness between the object from this photo and another seen in a fresco from 1350. The objects from both images show similar characteristics, while at the same time fitting the description of present days ET crafts and some UFOs.


Could there be indeed a link between these two appearances? If so, could this connection extend to religion, since both objects appear in a religious and holy environment? Is it possible that extraterrestrials beings were involved (and maybe still are) in religious affairs, thus explaining the miraculous deeds of different saints or prophets throughout history?

A Divine Cross UFO Appeared Over the War-Torn Region of Crimea

A “miraculous” sighting has been reported over an area of the globe wounded by war. A bright cross of light appeared over Crimea. While some people interpret this intriguing appearance as a warning sine, others see it as an inspiration message because its shape is recalled as a holy sign.

Reported on October 30, 2015, the miraculous sighting might be more than it meets the eyes. It has an unnatural and dynamic behavior, as it dances through the skies of Sevastopol, a strategic city located in the southwestern region of the Crimea Peninsula on the Black Sea. What could this be? A symbolic UFO? Or is it more likely an entity, a being of light that has descended from space to send a message to people found in that conflict area?

Apparently, the bizarre sighting is bouncing up and down, and when seen from a different angle it appears as a cross of light with dynamic movement. The strange being came really close to the ground before ascending to the sky once again. Upon rising from the ground, the cross starts to glow more intense and it appears to pulsate.

The witness who recorded this video was captivated by the mysterious light. He saw a clear message in it: a holy being sent to transmit an important message, a message of peace – end of an old and bloody conflict. He stated that:

The cross seemed to be alive. As if it were some kind of entity. It was pulsating, and then it went up until it disappeared.

At first sight, we would consider this to be a coincidence, a lens flare or maybe a strange phenomenon that occurred due to a natural cause of some sort, but apparently, similar sightings have been reported over disputed area these past years.


On June 24, 2015, another symbol strongly resembling to the one above appeared over the city of Danesk, Ukraine. At first, witnesses thought it was a meteorite, but after the light turned into a white cross, everyone was puzzled and considered it a holy sign.

If you think that east Europeans are superstitious and foolish, you might want to reconsider because the spot of the appearance happened where the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 passenger flight was shot down from the ground by pro-Russian insurgents, according to American and German intelligence.

So what can this puzzling sighting be? Is this a divine message or a holy being? Or is it in fact an unknown type of UFO or military craft?

Humanoid Alien Lands Red UFO in India, Leaves Witnesses in Shock

India has been an attractive region for UFOs lately, such objects being filmed over the skies of the capital city, New Delhi, and the Indira Gandhi airport.

Authorities have taken public notice and the air force pilots have received orders to fire at will on UFOs, if they return.

This time, a red glowing spacecraft landed somewhere in the west of India and put an entire village on their toes. Scared witnesses described a human like shape emerging from the UFO for a few seconds and retreating just before the ship went airborne, covered in what villagers saw as a glowing fire that was leaving sparks behind.


Investigators sent to Kangal to question witnesses, somewhere in the Mysuru region, concluded that :

The women claim that the spacecraft descended close to 500 feet from them and they could spot humanoid figures. They have no clue about aliens and they have not even heard about such things. So we are assuming that they are not lying.”

There were 7 people who claim to have experienced the encounter, which took place in broad daylight on the 1st of October, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

They say the alien was wearing orange apparel and approached them in order to gather information or quickly study them, before reentering the UFO and taking off. The burning debris left behind is very unusual, as almost all UFOs encountered make no noise and leave no residue behind.


This particular UFO might have been plagued by technical difficulties and looking for the right place to gather the needed resources and proper hiding spot for repair. Indian UFOlogists have even claimed that this is the same UFO from the international airport, or at least a similar one, ran down by the Indian Air Force and probably damaged as a result.

Skeptics say that the villagers could’ve easily seen just a military aircraft, which would also be completely unknown and strange for farmers in that region of India. The skeptics, however, have failed to explain the orange suited alien.

As the Indian authorities are clearly taking this matter seriously, we can expect to hear more on the subject before too long.

[VIDEO] This Can’t Be Good: Flotilla of UFOs Recharging During Thunderstorm

Last week we showed you footage of a triangular UFO, slowly departing towards a thunder lit horizon, near the Tennessee border. Now, a new video has surfaced, this time shot in Mexico, and showing an entire fleet, made out of 7 UFOs, hovering in formation in the full wrath of a brutal lightning storm.

The objects, clearly visible for a relatively long period of time, are spherical and bright. At one point, we can see one of them shutting down its lights and thus becoming invisible for a few seconds, before turning bright again.


Most UFOlogists believe extraterrestrial vessels use many types of energy, electricity being just one of them, and have methods (unknown to us) of gathering it from sources we can’t possibly imagine. The web is full of footage of UFOs plunging in active volcanoes or gathering water from the oceans.

This theory is also backed by the earlier video, as the UFO seems drained of power and seeking lightning and slowly moves towards it.

The video seems legit, the quality is not too good or too bad. Just before the 1:20 mark, as a powerful bolt of lightning splits the sky, it also illuminates what seems to be a gigantic mother ship, incorporating the 7 round bright lights. Throughout the recording, the strange lights become even brighter when lightning strikes.

Is that the mother ship behind the smaller UFOs?

This incident is almost identical to the one in Phoenix, back in 1997, during military tests, when authorities claimed that the lights were in fact signaling flares used by the army. This is not the case, however, as there was no military or industrial testing of any kind anywhere in the area when the footage was captured.

Furthermore, flares wouldn’t even be seen in a bright storm such as this one, let alone be made more visible by lightning. But, this time, authorities haven’t even bothered giving an explanation.

Watch the video and judge for yourself. What do you think?

Stoned Scythians Liked Their Bud in Bling

While a team of builders was setting power lines in Russia, they stumbled upon one of the most bizarre archaeological finds – the golden-plated bong of an Aryan king. Nobody expected the quest for expanding national energy levels to be this intriguing. 

Dated around 2,400 BC, the recently unearthed golden bongs were found in a stone chamber hid under a dense layer of clay, probably because the ancient warlords cared so much for their stash.

After the thick, black residue from inside the bongs was tested, it was revealed that it originated from burnt cannabis mixed-up with opium that was presumably smoked by the tribal leaders who were of Scythian origin, a nomadic warrior tribe with territories stretching from central Europe to Asia between 900 BC and 400 AD.

What makes the discovery even more special is the fact that these golden bongs are the oldest artefacts of this kind so far, and who knew Russians had other hobbies apart from drinking vodka? Among the ancient bongs, archaeologists also unearthed golden jewelry, mostly consisting of cups, rings and necklaces that have afterwards been displayed in a Russian museum.


Historians now believe that the Scythians combined cannabis buds with opium and smoked it through these recipients before going to war. It’s possible that this habit was also used as a form of recreation in times of peace, but its intended use was to be inhaled before a battle in order to lift up the spirits of men who would then terrorize their foes with tremendous battle screams.

The famed Greek historian Herodotus once wrote:

Scythians used a plant to produce smoke that no Grecian vapor-bath can surpass which made them shout aloud.

thus revealing the ancient origins of the cannabis plant and its many usages. It appears that our ancestors had several ways of finding “miraculous” plants which helped them in battle, and also in dispersing pain or relaxation.


Alas, the Nordic people who venerated the so called “pagan gods” were also taught how to sort and take different substances which briefly altered their body and conscious. Because they used different local plants and mushrooms to partake in orgies, festivals or even for inter-human relations, we cannot help but think of who offered them all the information.

Were they able to find the plants on their own, or is it possible that the guidance came from elsewhere?

NASA Discovers Enormous Rectangular Structure Under Lunar Surface

A lot of UFOlogists have been observing the Moon and Mars in the last decade and spotted numerous anomalies, pointing towards possible artificial structures under the surface, brought or built there by either human or foreign civilizations.

No real proof or conclusive material evidence has ever been produced, however, until now.

The Moon has always been surrounded by mystery, and opinions are so different that some think it’s manufactured here, in the Solar System, while others claim it’s older than our planet and mankind has never been there.

The former theory is highly improbable because the human hand always reaches for what the eye sees. You may remember a previous article where we mentioned a former US high ranking official disclosing what he observed while supervising tests.

Among others, he mentioned it “rang like a bell” when being hit with an artificial object the size of a meteorite or when the equivalent of a huge amount of TNT was detonated on it. His belief was that a metallic sphere structure, containing a similar cubic one, was under the Moon’s surface, replacing a normally natural core.


Now, official research has shown large cracks throughout a vast region on the Moon, named the Ocean of Storms. Amazed by the length of the rifts, scientists decided to zoom out and take a panoramic look at the pictures and video. What they immediately noticed is that the cracks describe a giant symmetrical rectangle.

The lines, measuring more than 2,000 miles in length, were first believed to be the aftermath of a brutal impact of an asteroid, but researchers have since concluded that they are the cause of seismic or volcanic activity, meaning that the Moon is far older than we know.

This latest official statement has led skeptics and UFOlogists alike to believe that NASA has been doing something behind closed doors on the Moon and are trying to cover up their actions (like the testing we talked about earlier and who knows what else) by public disclosing some minor classified knowledge and claiming the more important thousand mile long lines are caused by natural events on Earth’s moon.

3D imaging paints an even clearer picture.

Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna, a major planetary scientist made the following statements:

GRAIL has revealed features on the Moon that no one anticipated before we had this data in hand. One can only wonder what might lie hidden beneath the surfaces of all of the other planets in the Solar System. The pattern of gravity anomalies on the Moon is so strikingly geometric and in such an unexpected shape that it is forcing us to think in new and different ways about the processes operating on the Moon.”

This is a pretty vague disclosure compared to what they really found out. Dr. Hanna also gave some details about the Moon’s internal structure, which are somewhat similar to the ones described in our previous article.
In the meantime, the UFO community waits for more valid and clear public disclosure.

Biggest Fleet of UFOs Seen Over Astana Offeres Unique Show

An entire fleet of UFOs was filmed over the mysterious city of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. At first sight, the flying objects appear to be the orb UFOs seen all over the world. What could have caused this massive sighting?

Recorded in 2014, the following video reveals how a very large group of orb UFOs are “dancing” over Astana while defying the local population gathered to see the wonder.

The UFOs appear like a flock of birds, but whatever they are, they’re shining in the night. At a closer look they appear as performing a strange ritual and are pulsating and glowing all over the sky. Local authorities had no word to say in this, as if they ignored the case completely, even though people claimed that policemen stopped on the street to watch the unique spectacle from above their heads.

What could these orb UFOs be? Because the sighting we see here is unique and very intriguing. It appears that in a bigger fleet, the UFOs behave slightly different from what we’ve seen in other videos. Even though a lot of similarities remain, we cannot figure out what these strange appearances are. Can we speak of some kind of artificially intelligent beings? Or maybe organic entities from hidden places on Earth?

If we consider the high amount of unexplored places on our Planet, it’s not too hard to think of a few places where these UFOs would hide. So, do they come from within our planet? Are they trying to send us a message since they appear to be ignoring the entire population of Astana? Are these alien surveillance drones?

A lot of questions remain to be answered, but as time passes, a slight progress is made towards understanding and observing the phenomenon. Stay on the sky and don’t forget to share this with the world!

The Hybrid Goatman—Fact or Fiction?

A menacing cryptid has been spreading panic throughout America in the past. It is depicted as a hybrid beast, a half-human, half-goat creature with gnarled horns present on its head, a human-like body till the waist, and goat-like features from there on.

Reports about this mythical creature have surfaced from people who actually claim to have encountered the beast, but also from photos of creatures matching the description above. Could the so called Goatman be an actual apparition? Or is it just fiction sprung from someone’s head?

In a previous comparison of the term “legendary” or “mythological” to the word fiction, we revealed how fiction is a pure work of one’s imagination. However, the mythological term implies the existence of a grain of truth, so even if the real picture has been altered by the passing of time, some truth still remains.


The legend of the Goatman involves sightings of it all around the US and apparently the clues lead to a place in Prince George’s County, Maryland from where it is believed to have originated. The story even identifies the spot where its lair is supposedly located, and that is a cave near an old, rusty bridge known as Governor’s Bridge.

It appears that in 1957, a group of locals reported seeing a mysterious being in the areas of Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County. It was partially covered with fur and had human features, but the pair of twisted horns up his head led the witnesses into believing that they were dealing with a devilish creature.

In the summer of 1962, the Goatman made it to the front page with it being accused of the murder of no less than fourteen people who were hiking presumably too close to its lair. In total, twelve children were killed along with two adults who were supervising them. There were a few people who survived the gruesome attack who claimed that the Goatman savagely hacked it’s victims to pieces with the help of an axe, while emitting high-pitched squeals only the “devil himself” would make.


According to the reports, when local authorities made it to the scene, all that was left of the bloodbath were half-eaten limbs and a bloody trail leading to a desolated cave. Another thing to note is that no written record involving this tragic event exists in the local authorities archives. Is this because people wanted to quickly forget about the event? Or maybe something was found which had to be furtherly kept as a secret?

So where does this Goatman come from? Is he an escaped lunatic or a member of a sect involved in satanic affairs? Apparently, the most credible story tells of a failed experiment performed by one Doctor Stephen Flether at his U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory in Beltsville. The doctor admitted to creating the Goatman by mixing the DNA of a goat and of his assistant William Lottsford, but the experiment didn’t end up as intended, thus giving birth to a horrifying creature that will further become the Goatman.

The Fargo UFO Mystery Continues

As you’ve probably read in a previous article on this subject, the critically acclaimed crime series on FX was filled with UFO scenes or vanishing riddles since the first episode of season 2.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Before every episode, we are told that the events and characters depicted in the show are all very real, and only the names have been changed out of respect for the dead.

The whole season is a puzzle itself and significant details may be hard to catch for even the sharpest eye or Fargo fanatics. So, let’s analyze.


Let’s pick up where we left off. The last piece of the puzzle we talked about is Lou’s dying wife finding the strange drawings in her father’s (or mother’s) room. We still don’t know why the mother isn’t present. She could’ve been abducted and not dead as we first thought. We can’t be sure if the drawings were made by the Sheriff or his wife. In the latest episode (season 2, episode 9), we get some clues but are still left staring at the sun.

First, the terminally ill wife falls to the kitchen floor. Her daughter, who has a mysterious visitor in her room, in the person of a young beautiful woman, holds a drawing of a strange creature with 3 UFOs of different sizes above it. When the woman urges her to show her mother, the toddler finds her unconscious.

We catch a glimpse of an old picture of the clerk and someone who must be his daughter or wife next to signs saying WE ARE NOT ALONE or FUTURE IS HERE , KEEP YOUR EYES TO THE SKY and a picture of a UFO, at the gas station, as the he tries to make a call before receiving a subtle head shot. This leads us to believe the young girl in the photo had also been abducted and her father has been seeking answers ever since (posting signs).


This girl, probably missing since who knows when, is surely the visitor of Lou’s daughter. This visitor, who is very likely extraterrestrial, places something inside a drawer. It could be a tiny medicine kit or recording device…

When Lou calls to check on his wife, we hear the ringing phone and see the shattered glass she left through the kitchen when falling, but there’s no sign of her. From what we’ve seen so far, the aliens have a tendency to abduct or at least visit the females in the series, maybe for study, maybe for impregnation.

Then, comes the blast. In the middle of the main violence scene (which is practically the show’s theme), a huge, round, UFO lights up the motel’s parking lot, thus rescuing Lou just as he was about to be strangled by the powerful hands of Bear, who is caught off guard and shot in the head by the deputy. 

In a wide view of the parking lot, we can clearly see the UFO shining bright blue circular lights on 3 spots, one where the chocking incident was taking place, and on 2 other fallen shooters (presumably dead, but maybe alive). It hovers very low and flashes many other lights, before shutting them down and quietly leaving when the Blumqists stare at it.


UFOs have been known to frequent conflict areas and even try to stop the violence or somehow help the weak. The aliens could’ve helped Lou out of mercy for his dying wife, or as a strange compensation for abducting her mother (or even his daughter in the past or future, judging by her drawings).


Fargo fanatics however, have noticed that anybody who encountered the UFO died soon afterwards. That may be, but the extraterrestrials could also bring them back to life or even use their bodies as earthly vessels.

At the end, on the background of the classic “cops rushing in scene,” the UFO slowly takes off in the horizon, towards a strange, barely visible, moonlike celestial body.

Keep your eyes to the sky, and tell us what we missed.

Donut UFOs Were Seen Near the ISS and Over Thailand

As crazy at this might sound, a donut-shaped UFO made its appearance near the International Space Station (ISS) and was seen on live broadcast until NASA decided to terminate the transmission (as usual).

The unusual UFO sighting comes two days after a similar event witnessed in Thailand, on November 25th, when three donut UFOs were recorded on video while hovering over the urban area of Bangkok. Are these two sightings somehow related? Is it possible that they belong to the same fleet? And most important, does this have anything to do with the controversial tweet of astronaut Scott Kelly?

In case you missed it, astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted an astounding view of Earth from the ISS. However, what was even more impressive was the bizarre UFO (top right of the screen) that could be clearly observed in the vicinity of the station. After a few days NASA released a report stating that it was only “a reflection” of  light behind the astronaut, but since we don’t dig official explanations, we tend to believe that Scott Kelly deliberately pointed the camera at the UFO, and here are more reasons that back up our beliefs.


On November 23rd, only a few days after the disputed UFO tweet, a mysterious donut-shaped object appeared in sight of the ISS. After a short while, the live transmission was terminated and the blue screen popped up. Why is this interruption occurring if what we’re seeing is only an anomaly?

When things were settling down, another sighting (apparently of the same donut UFO) was reported a few days ago. Seen from the ISS, the mysterious craft made a shy approach before slowly disappearing into space. If it was another anomaly or an actual craft we are yet to find out, but considering the previous events involving similar (if not identical) sightings, it’s likely that the floating donuts are a real phenomenon, involving real crafts, and not some reflection, lost space junk or swamp gas.

Do you believe this to be an explainable phenomenon? If so, what could it be? And how come there are three reports of similar donut-shaped UFOs appearing after a few days from one another? Did astronaut Scott Kelly predict this to happen?


Who Said the Ancients Didn’t Use Computers Some 2,000 Years Ago?

While exploring an ancient shipwreck found near the Greek island of Antikythera, a group of divers discovered a bizarre mechanism that has been known since then as the Antikythera Mechanism.

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Falklands—The Alien War (II)

Former Argentinian Navy SEALs have recently come out of the shadows to disclose not only the gruesome details of the 1982 Falklands war, but also how extraterrestrial forces and aircraft were actively changing the outcome of the battle.

Part 1 here.

Martino describes the British logistic superiority and how the Argentinian artillery completely missed their bombers or fighter planes, but could also clearly see them going down or moving awkwardly.

When we saw a plane flying backwards, Pero and I knew something paranormal was happening because their jets weren’t that good. Then we told the others to stop shooting for preserving ammo.

We didn’t want them to think we were crazy, but they immediately complied, that makes me think they saw it as well but never said anything. Then, you guessed. After we stopped shooting, their planes were still falling.”


No one took the English losses too seriously because the Argentinian death and wounded toll was far greater, but Gennaro is convinced alien forces were either trying to stop the conflict, or at least balance it out. The third friend and colleague, by the name of Ezequiel Orozco, was located a few hundred meters from them, around a corner made out or rocky terrain.

The two decided to go check if he saw something out of the ordinary, because he was facing in another direction.

When I asked him, he looked at Pero, who was very close to him and said ‘Brother, you know me. There’s something else here. I am doubtful anyone will win.’ He was afraid we won’t believe him. But we all calmed down a little after agreeing, and thought we would be shot on site if we left, anyway.”

They got back to their position and started returning fire again, but after a while were the only one standing in that area. It made no sense, at least for them personally, to shoot anymore because they knew they wouldn’t do any damage at all and only give away their exact location.

“So we just sat there for the whole night and watched the raging sky. Just before the day’s fighting was over, they briefly saw what could only have been the mother ship. As their (the British) planes were landing on the decks, a thing, like the ones in movies, appeared only it had no form.


We saw it for maybe less than 2 seconds, but we knew it didn’t go anywhere and it was there the whole time. After we couldn’t see it anymore, a chopper and a plane trying to land just fell in the ocean like flies.”

That was when it got too scary. They first went to Orozco, who was terrified by that point, after seeing what he described as flying saucers smaller than normal cars, and made up their mind to leave immediately no matter what.

His story in the magazine continues, but he says he hasn’t witnessed anything similar ever since, and was even somewhat annoyed by the fact that people expected him to come into contact again with the aliens during his lifetime, saying: “Why should I be chosen for anything? I just saw something people fear, nothing more.”

So, do you buy his story?