Another Fleet of Bright UFOs Was Filmed Over Texas

With an increased number of reports involving these peculiar bright orbs, it might be possible that something really significant is about to happen. Captured on film on November 12, 2015 by an aware dad from Conroe, Texas, the band consisting of five bright orbs made its appearance in the vicinity of a populated area.

Their intentions are yet to be discovered, but the peculiar orbs appear in different locations across the globe, and also their numbers seem to increase. After analyzing more orb cases, we came to the conclusion that these devices, or whatever they are, come in increased numbers based on the area where they appear. When seen over small cities or low populated area, the bright UFOs are no more than two or three. On the other hand, when they show up over dense populated areas, their numbers drastically increase.

The following video shows how a small fleet of five orbs is pulsating and dancing over Conroe, Texas. The bright devices have distinctive feature, similar if not identical to the other reported cases. It seems that their plan is advancing as they showed up over an area inhabited by over 60, 000 people.

We cannot explain with certainty what this things are, but our analysis is leading us closer to the truth every day. Because Conroe is only 40 miles away from Houston, the hypothesis of these orbs being designed by military or space agencies is starting to take shape.


The strange pulsating light as well as their ability to perform law-defying maneuvers indicates that we could be talking about an intelligent design, possibly artificial intelligence or advance earthly technology. It’s also unclear if these UFOs are trying to help us in a way or they have other plans for us.

Since aerial surveillance technology is showing every flying device on radar, we find it hard to believe that our governments don’t know anything about it. Could it be that because of their small to medium size, combined with an intelligent design and an advanced stealth system, our earthly devices are unable to see them? Or is it that the military has something in store for the unaware civilians?

Falklands—The Alien War (I)

Former Argentinian Navy SEALs have recently come out of the shadows to disclose not only the gruesome details of the 1982 Falklands war, but also how extraterrestrial forces and aircraft were actively changing the outcome of the battle.

UFOs have a history of visiting conflict zones, but we’ve always suspected they do more than just peacefully observe the battlefield. You’ve probably read an earlier article on our page about former high ranking Russian officials disclosing the fact that they simulated a war every time they wanted to summon a UFO.

We found this story very interesting (more credible than today’s photoshopped pics or forged videos) so we decided to look for other former officials(from anywhere) involved in such mysterious encounters.

That’s how we found out about Gennaro Martino, a former Navy SEAL who was dispatched in the short conflict between Argentina and Great Britain in 1982. He’s 65 now (27 back then) and mysteriously ill with an unknown disease. His relatives believe he’s been somehow poisoned by the secret services because of his knowledge.

Martino during the Falklands War

As he says, at his age he’s not afraid anymore, so when two of his brothers in arms recently died of different unknown flash diseases, he decided to speak about what he witnessed on the largely unpopulated island during the English siege, before his sickness silences him forever.

Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the time and space for his whole story, because he remembers everything to the smallest detail, from the point where his team boarded the ship to when he was back into the safety of his home bed.

He told this story to a provincial Argentinian magazine, which, of course, only comes out in print. He begins his story with a sort of disclaimer:

You have to understand the complex, complicated situation of our country, our people, even more in that time. We are a patriotic people, and I always thought the government used that against us. We knew we were slaughter lambs, they wanted to get back public support by conquering the island that had no value whatsoever, but the patriotic one.

But we also knew if we didn’t, the people would consider us the traitors and them the good guys. It was a moral hell.”


Next he tells how they got to the island (which was officially in Great Britain’s possession) and occupied it without any resistance, then waited, he uses the same words, like slaughter lambs, for the British to come and smoke them out. When they did, it was absolute chaos and carnage.

There was so much fire from the English that the other Argentinians didn’t notice the ships (UFOs ) or did but thought they were hallucinating cause of the fear, but we both saw them, me and Pero. There were many models,” he remembers, referring to his mate Pedro “Pero” Escalante who recently perished out of unknown causes. “ We were all firing cannon like crazy, but we almost never hit anything, yet when I got home and heard the English death toll, I knew what we’ve seen was real,” he added.

To be continued.

Colossal Underwater Pyramids Discovered Near Portugal—Atlantis Missing Link?

In 2013, a colossal underwater pyramid has been discovered in the Azores islands of Portugal. The structure measures 60 meters in height, with its base being not less than 8,000 square meters, and it was discovered by an amateur sailor by the name of Diocletian Silva.

While he was fishing on his yacht in the Atlantic, between the island of São Miguel and Terceira, a strange signal was picked up by the radar that quickly drawn the attention of Mr. Silva. When he verified the underwater signals, a huge structure strongly resembling to a pyramid appeared, with its tip submerged about 40 feet below the water.

He now believes that his discovery may be a vestige belonging to the legendary lost city of Atlantis, because the pyramid is perfectly shaped and apparently oriented by the cardinal points, just like the pyramid of Giza. When interviewed by a local newspaper Terra, Mr. Silva stated that:

It’s amazing because it forms a perfect pyramid. And moreover, orientation, deployment of the pyramid: the vertices are oriented north and south, just north and south, such as the Giza pyramids in Egypt.


The pyramid appears to be situated in an area of the Atlantic that has been covered by water about 20,000 years ago. Before that, a civilization distinct from the Portuguese is believed to have inhabited the land, and now researchers believe that this unknown civilization is responsible for building the underwater pyramid. After the discovery, the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute of the Navy tried to determine if the pyramid was man-made, or it occurred as a result of natural phenomenon, and what they found next surprised even the most skeptic of researchers.

Other signals coming from massive underwater structures were picked up by researchers in the nearby area, and after they’ve sent divers in for a closer look, two other pyramids were discovered, bigger than the one found in 2013. The underwater formations have about 120 meters in height and a 20,000 square meters base and they appear to be indeed artificial structures.

Since the beginning of our written history, legends of an advanced prehistoric civilization known as Atlantis have existed, and while countless people went searching for the mysterious city, they couldn’t agree on where to start looking first. As some believed that Atlantis was somewhere near the Azores, others considered the underwater city to be somewhere in South America, because the many pyramids discovered there were interpreted as undeniable clues of its existence.

Records depicting the mythical Atlantis were first mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, written in 360 C, and according to Plato, Atlantis was a naval force “lying across the Pillars of Hercules”. It succeeded in conquering a substantial part of Western Europe and Africa, 9,000 years before the renowned Athenian lawgiver Solon. After an unsuccessful attempt to conquer Athens, the entire Atlantis was swollen by the ocean “in a single day and night of misfortune.”


Another interesting thing to note about this recent underwater pyramid discovery is that it received almost no media cover, except from a few local newspapers and websites. If the colossal pyramids are indeed part of the legendary Atlantis we are yet to find out, but whatever the case, this discovery might rewrite history books, or at least add a new chapter unveiling a former and at the same time advanced civilization that managed fantastic accomplishments in a time when technology was believed to be inexistent.

The pyramids discovered in October 2015, are located 80 meters under the water and are perfectly aligned with the four cardinal directions, much alike the Great Pyramid of Giza. Also, at a closer look, they appear to connect with the pyramid discovered in 2013 in a huge symmetric triangle. Could this be indeed part of the legendary city of Atlantis?

Shadowy UFO Captured on Tape, then Reported in Different States

This mysterious flying object was first caught on video as it slowly departed by a father and son who were filming the sunset near the border between Kentucky and Ohio on the 24th of October.

Soon after they posted the footage online, the video became viral and the UFO community started debating what the aircraft is and where it might come from. Its triangular or rather butterfly shape led many to believe it’s a military Stealth aircraft, but those have been antique pieces for some time now and being held in museums.

Few claim it’s just a commercial airliner and tech experts say it’s definitely a home-made drone, but the size makes anybody question that theory. Even the people who agree it’s a drone say it was engineered after previously found alien craft.

As the debate raged on, reports of identical sightings started coming in from all over the country. Keith Hart, a resident of Atlanta posted this picture, taken before the Ohio father and son tape, and couldn’t hide his amazement: ” I swear, with very little, I mean VERY little adjustment, the sighting in Atlanta a couple days ago, looks identical to the sighting last night in Ohio. I mean crazy similar. Same depth ‘tier’ type ship. Maybe at a slightly different angle, or a slight shape shift which has been mentioned. They stills look very similar!”


Some even claim the same aircraft was visible when astrologists studied the distant planet named Ceres, though we have very little clear evidence to support that possibility. The same butterfly shaped aircraft was spotted in the skies above Phoenix, Arizona and people posted photos of it on twitter. The debate is now centered around weather the aircraft is man or alien made, and few people believe it’s just a hoax.

The footage captured near the Kentucky border seems very real and it would take a lot of time for even the most accomplished professional to forge it this good, but, of course, there are skeptics who claim it is fake.

Tyler Glockner, the man operating the YouTube channel where the video was first uploaded, made the following statement:  “The reason I am calling this an alien craft rather than just a UFO… is in the stunning detail, where we can see the true structural characteristics of this ship. And guys you take a look and tell me with a straight face this has anything to do with humans. The features on this thing don’t make any sense.”

Mainstream media has failed to approach this story, which leads us to believe governing forces wish it to be overlooked. The aircraft is not similar to any official commercial or military model, from any country, so it could also be prototype being tested or a man-made spaceship built in complete secrecy.
It’s doubtful this is the last we’ll hear on the matter, as reports of sightings and pictures continue to surface from different parts of the US. We’ll keep you updated.

A Strange UFO Was Caught Spying on the Apollo 15 Manned Mission

The Apollo 15 mission is considered the most successful manned lunar operation ever achieved. Even if NASA considers this because of the big amount of material collected from the Moon’s surface, it’s possible that other unknown reasons exist as well.

Apollo 15 was the fourth mission to deploy astronauts on the Moon. It began in 1971 and had commander David Scott and astronaut James Irwin stay on the Moon for three days. During this time, the crew explored the lunar surface using the first lunar rover, which helped them cover distances like never before.

They returned to Earth with 77 kilograms of lunar surface material and an entire collection of photos showing breathtaking sightings seen from the natural satellite. Among these pictures, an even more interesting sighting has been discovered – a presumed alien craft spying on the astronauts.


Even though this isn’t the only evidence of alien activity near the Apollo missions, it sure adds up to the overall mystery and reveals yet another UFO spying from nearby. The picture also shows a more distinguishable type of UFO, probably because the distance between it and the astronauts isn’t so big. It appears to have bent wings and is different from the classic disk-like UFO apparitions.

With so many UFOs caught on camera while near the lunar missions, it might be possible that the Moon is home to at least one secret alien base. If the crafts are designed by humans or by extraterrestrial beings, we can only guess, but one thing is clear – the UFO phenomenon is real and it’s amplifying, and with new evidence still emerging from past events, we can only make others aware of what is happening.

So once again: Why is NASA considering the Apollo 15 mission the most successful one yet? Is it because of the big amount of lunar rocks recovered or is there another cloaked reason possibly involving ET contact or secret lunar bases?

NASA link.

Humanoid Alien Pushes Three Cars Aside Using Invisible Wave of Force

The recent event from China reveals how three cars are lifted up in the air by an invisible force, and just when people thought it was but a forgery, the Chinese government stepped in to give a plausible reason for this bizarre happening. So why would the officials get involved into this matter if it wasn’t the real deal?

At a closer analysis of the video, it seems that there is more to it than meets the eye, and it’s likely that the Chinese government got involved in order to cover-up a possible alien encounter here on Earth. Yes, you heard this well – an actual ALIEN encounter, and while the media closed this case by taking the official explanation for granted, it remains our duty to point out to this other hypothesis.

To recap, the following video shows how three cars are uplifted one by one for an unknown reason. After the footage got viral, the Chinese government felt the need to offer a reason for all this, so they tied wires below a car, therefor claiming that a cable entanglement caused all the mess, but can they be trusted? From what we know, investing time in a matter is not done without an actual reason, and when we think about the government… it must be something really important. So, instead of letting the case slowly slip away, the authorities decided to cover it up in order to hide a totally different explanation that can clearly be observed by anyone watching the video carefully.

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How can a wire lift three cars up, one by one, if many others drove through the same spot only a few moments ago and nothing happened? Another interesting thing to note is the lifting force which manifests with gradual intensity, so it has a bigger impact on the first vehicle than the other two. Now, can this be caused indeed by a tangled wire?

When viewing such a shocking video, it’s hard to focus on all the details, not to mention that your attention is drawn by the circled cars, but if you look on the left side of the crosswalk, you’ll notice the most bizarre thing.

Just when the lights turned green for crossing, a man suddenly appears from the back, and it’s possible that what happens next is because of his actions. Look carefully how the man appearing from the back stretches his arm just before the accident occurs. His arm is pointed right at the cars, and that’s not all. (Starting from 0:06 to 0:08 in the video)


While the other two people waiting to cross the street are panicked and scatter in fear away from that area, the mysterious man starts walking on the crosswalk like nothing happened. Could he be the real reason for what happened here?


While this hypothesis might sound a bit extreme, but the fact that the government got involved and felt the need to offer an explanation raises some question marks. Why not let people believe what they want? Why try to offer reason when most of the people are skeptics when it comes to things like this?

Once again, it might sound strange, but it’s possible that an alien being possessing a human form was the actual cause of this peculiar accident. When reviewing the episode in slow motion, it’s obvious that he raises his arm and points it at the inflicted cars. If this is indeed the case, could his actions be interpreted as an act of anger aimed at the driver from the left who didn’t stop even though the traffic light was red? Is it possible that the alien sent a force-push wave similar to that of Star Wars movies?

Whatever the case, some things regarding this case do not add up, so a potential out of place reason for this mess exists. With all the unexplained phenomenon from across the world, we can only let our minds wander, and remember – the truth is out there!

The Story of the Self-Moving, Self-Conscious Metal Sphere

At, we check out any reports or sightings said to occur on a daily basis, but also take time to research the past, because if often holds more answers (though questions too) and advanced technology than present times.

The 70s represented a time period when UFO sightings and bizarre discoveries were taken seriously and reported by the media, and people simply weren’t feeling the need to hoax these events.

One such case is that of a bright metal ball found by a family in their back yard in March 1974. At first, they didn’t report it and took some time to observe and study it. They thought it was a medieval cannon projectile due to the Spanish occupation of the land before the year 1600.

The strange sphere was first animated by music, as it started rolling around the floor by itself when Terry, the family’s 21 year old son was playing his guitar. Amazed, the parents put it on the table. Where it continued to roam around and somehow managed to contain itself without falling off.


Then the family remembers an episode when the doors started closing by themselves and music resembling an organ started playing. That is when they decided to seek help, because no family member was ever in possession of a similar musical instrument.

They also discovered the ball responded to natural heat, as bright sunny days often resulted in more activity than cloudy or rainy ones, but it didn’t respond in any way to artificial heat projected upon it.

The first man outside the Betz family who got to see the strange object was a photographer named Lou Anger, working for the Jacksonville Journal. He watched the ball propel itself through the room before stopping right in front of him, like a happy dog. After the story was made public, the media made it a headliner and almost everybody was certain mankind had stumbled upon some kind of alien drone, taking samples from our planet and studying our species.


The metal ball was subjected to a number of examinations in Louisiana at an institution called Omega Minus One. Dr. Carl Willison, who was in charge of the operation, was first amazed to discover that the sphere had not one, but three or sometimes even four magnetic poles.

No object of any nature with these particularities has ever been found on Earth. Then they found that the ball’s inner density wasn’t a constant either, varying widely following a strange and asymmetrical pattern. At the time, the world’s most accomplished physicists failed to explain or even understand the phenomenon.

But the most interesting part was yet to come. An X-ray taken on the strange ball showed three other spheres inside, just like those Russian wooden dolls. After all these bizarre findings, the metal itself was tested and found to be somewhat similar to stainless steel, but still different and of unknown nature or provenience.

So, where is the mysterious metallic sphere today? No one knows. Soon after the examination, the media hype suddenly stopped and the subject faded into obscurity. Nothing has been heard since and the Betz family is nowhere to be found either.

If you have recent news of this strange item, we urge you to share it with the UFO community.

Why the ’78 Polish UFO Encounter Is the Most Credible One Yet

On the morning of the 10th of May, 1978, a 71 year old farmer named Jan Wolski from Emilcin was the subject of a very long and clear alien encounter.

Of course, non-believers were quick to search for reasons why this abduction, like any other, lacks credibility, but could come up with no more than a handful of highly dubious ones.

The extraterrestrial beings were also seen by a 6 year old boy.

Just for yoga practice, let’s give the 6 year old to the skeptics and say a small child’s imagination can run free, although in 1978 there was no internet and they weren’t showing any occidental UFO movies in Poland at the time. The kid had no prior UFO knowledge, so at most, the skeptics can argue collective memory, but that would also work on UFOlogy’s favor, meaning his ancestors had also encountered extraterrestrials.

The official MUFON report detailing the case

Modern day encounters are hard to believe because of all the hype and technology that make it easy to hoax such an event. However, the complete absence of media exposure in the 70’s and 80’s, especially in a country like Poland, makes these people’s statements very credible. Now let’s focus on Jan Wolski and his depiction of what happened on that morning.

He remembered leaving his house in a wagon at 5 in the morning. More than 2 hours into his trip in the countryside, up the road, he noticed what he first thought were two hunters headed in the same direction. He describes them pacing their steps so his wagon could catch up. When he did, the official report says: “It was at this point that Wolski was struck by the greenish tinge of their faces,”

The way in which they walked was like the way that divers walk on the seabed: they were performing ‘supple jumps’, recalls the old farmer. Dr. Zbigniew Blania Bolnar, a well-respected sociologist questioned Wolski and wrote a report, including personal conclusions.

In his own words, the farmer described the aliens wearing something resembling one piece scuba diving gear: “People say that such outfits are worn by divers, but I never saw a diver so I cannot say.” This is also a statement which gives strong credibility to this case.

Dr. Bolnar interviewing Wolski shortly after the event

Jan Wolski was a religious man, raised a Roman Catholic, so he did not believe in extraterrestrial existence. His first guess was that the strange human like beings were probably of Asiatic descent, and his thoughts when asked about this were: “Nothing, what is there to think?! I see more freaks. So what?!”

The two walked along his wagon for a short period of time, then peacefully seated themselves on each side until reaching their destination. Wolski remembers not feeling endangered at any time, even though he couldn’t understand what they were saying: “They did not address me, they talked among themselves, but who could understand such a language?!”

When they got to the actual alien craft, the farmer, with no prior UFO information whatsoever, saw a gigantic rectangular shaped bus (with a base made out of wood) simply “sitting” in the air. Let’s see the skeptics try to explain this one. Wolski told investigators how the human like beings were eating something that crumbled like bread which he refused when offered.

Another detail he remembers are tube shaped holes in the corners, with fast rotating screws. The aliens used gestures when asking him to step on a pad that lifted him into a dark room with small benches. Here, two more similar creatures were waiting and signaled him to strip:

I took off everything and just stood there. And the other one held in his hands something like two plates… he stood in front of me and put these plates together so that they clicked. Then, that one who came with me turned me on a side, raised my arms and the other clicked again.”

The basic, simple language used by the farmer when describing the incident makes it hard to deny. He also tells of crows on the UFO’s floor, that were not dead, but somehow inanimate or paralyzed. These small details simply wouldn’t add up if he was just seeking attention or trying to hoax the event.

Today, this monument stands as a reminder that our world is not as it seems.

In the official report, Dr. Bolnar concluded that:  “There is no doubt that the witness is deeply convinced that all what he has experienced was an objective reality.” The local priest, who would be practically obligated by the church to deny any extraterrestrial existence at the time, was of the same opinion. Q.E.D.

In the years since, a small monument was erected in the location of the encounter, and the event even made the pages of a Polish comic book. So, at least locally, people believe a sane man when he sees strange things.

The Legendary Thunderbirds That May Still Exist

Our planet has plenty of room left to explore, and judging by the tens of thousands of new animal species discovered each year, who knows what exotic and bizarre creatures are waiting for us out there?

Each year, between 15,000 and 18,000 new animal species are being discovered all around the globe and are classified using the latest DNA tests. As it happens, extinct or even unknown creatures are still being found on Earth. So what happens when the legendary becomes the ordinary, or better said: what happens when creatures believed to be extinct come into the picture?

North American indigenous people often sculpted totems, told tales and also sang about the great Thunderbirds. These legendary creatures were depicted as large birds, capable of creating thunderstorms with the beating of their enormous wings that measured no less than 20 feet.


They were believed to reside on desolate mountain peaks and were the servants of the Great Spirit of the World. While these creatures were usually venerated, the indigenous people feared them because of their wrath and most of the time they were careful not to cross the Thunderbird’s path.

In the modern world, the Thunderbirds are associated with Pteranodon, a genus of Pterosaurs that included some of the largest known flying reptiles. Fossilized remains were discovered mostly in North America, more precisely in present day Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota.

But what’s the point if these timeworn birds have gone extinct millions of years ago? Well, as a matter of fact, they haven’t. For more than 200 years, inhabitants of the areas mentioned above have reported several incidents involving enormous birds with lizard-like features, very much alike the extinct Pterosaurs.


A bizarre photograph has surfaced in the 1950s that caused quite a stir in the U.S. It revealed an unknown event from the American Civil War in 1864 – Near the city of Vicksburg, a huge bird distinct from any known species at that time, was standing under the feet of six American soldiers equipped with rifled muskets.

It had a remarkable wing span, along with a prolonged beak and an unfamiliar head. Is it possible that this creature was indeed one of the famous Thunderbirds depicted by the American indigenous people?


Another report from July 25, 1977, highlighted an incident involving three children from Lawndale, Illinois. They told how two giant birds chased them until one of them grabbed their ten-year-old friend Marlon Lowe. The bird had long legs with distinguishable claws, and it managed to get hold of the boy and lift him up about two feet of the ground before he was released as a result of his struggle.

The local authorities were informed about this incident but didn’t pay too much attention until four-fingers footprints were discovered about half a mile from the area where the boys were chased.


Since our planet has a lot of unknown and inaccessible places, we find it likely that these creatures exist even today. We might consider the hypothesis of it going extinct, but because of its predatory features and imposing proportions, it’s hard to believe that it did not manage to survive.

Even though no recent reports of such birds have surfaced, the known cases along with a symbolism rooted into the Native American culture might prove that these legendary birds have surpassed the test of time and managed to preserve their species for millions of years.


If they are to be found remains once again an issue of time, but with all the technological progress this century, it’s likely that someday the magnificent Thunderbirds will be discovered, and hopefully the witnesses will live to tell about it.

A Bizarre Levitating Woman Appearance on Mars is Spying on NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Of all the Martian sightings, the woman appearing to levitate on top of a cliff while looking at the Curiosity rover seems to be a true living being.

UFO enthusiasts have recently stumbled upon this bizarre sighting from the Martian soil that is strongly resembling to a woman or the spirit of a woman standing on top of a cliff.

While certain features can be determined, such as two arms appearing to be lighter in color than the rest of the body, a light face and long, black hair over her shoulders, it’s not clear enough if the presumed woman is alive or only a statue.


According to alien observer Scott C. Waring, the woman might be alive or it could be an actual statue of a former Martian dweller. According to his analysis:

It’s hard to tell if this is a living being, or a statue of a being from long ago. However, a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being. Also it is facing the Curiosity rover … watching it from a distance. This being is about 8-10 cm tall. This looks real. And it should concern every country in the world. There is life out there.


Even though NASA’s Curiosity rover has returned quite a few promising photos of presumed Martian artefacts, beings and even artificial structures or remains of a former civilization, we have to admit that this photo of the Martian woman might be only an anomaly occurring as a result of the phenomenon known as pareidolia – when the brain tricks the eyes into viewing known objects and shapes in textures and patterns.

However, since many things from beyond Earth exceed our understanding and earthly expectations, we do not exclude the possibility of this women being a real phenomenon. If what we’re seeing is some sort of spirit or even an alien being similar to ourselves we can only speculate, but for now, it’s likely that.

Official image here.

Glowing Alien Spirit Photographed as the Sun Rises Over a Lake in Texas

How would you react if among your recently taken photos, a mysterious being would show up?

There are cases in which different apparitions show on photos taken in certain spots. Even though it comes hard to believe, it’s possible for some places to hold unexplained energies that manifest through a simple picture. So what determines these things to appear on certain occasions?

According to some researchers, it’s either because a temporary breach between our world and the spirit world opens, or because these ghostly appearances are invisible to our field of view and are only seen by chance in certain photos taken at the right time and place.

Such an apparition was witnessed last year at the Marble Falls, Texas. While trespassing on private property in order to take some beautiful pictures, a group of people was puzzled by a strange green, glowing shape that was standing right above the surface of the water. It only appears on one photo, but the green entity can be clearly observed and it comes hard to believe that what we’re seeing is a camera anomaly or light reflection.


The strange case was recently reported to MUFON after a year in the shadows in the hope of finding a plausible explanation for the captured phenomenon. However, after analyzing the picture, no conclusive reason was given for it – the glowing entity remains a total mystery. As the eyewitness describes:

WE were on private property taking pictures of this area surrounded by hills and when we looked back at the pictures later that day, we saw this glowing object on the surface of the water. I had taken other pictures in succession and none of the others showed this object. I cannot explain what this glowing object it.

This spectacular picture reveals an unknown entity similar to a spirit or an alien being possibly dwelling inside the lake. Its shape is not that unclear as it reveals features similar to a human. If we look closely, a pair of legs can be distinguished along with what seems to be its hands. Other elements like shoulders, head and a pair of ears can also be interpreted. The entity appears to be standing on water and is radiating in a green color. If we zoom in on the picture, a pale shadow can be observed, therefore making it likely to be an authentic phenomenon.


Even though the witness took several pictures of the same spot, the bizarre being only appears on one of them, but this is a good thing considering the chance for seeing such an apparition, which is quite small. Because of the perfect timing, the suns angle and the reflection from off the water caused this entity’s cover up to shatter for a few moments, thus making it visible on camera. Could it be an actual alien being? Or is it the spirit of the lake?

According to some analysts investigating into this matter, the strange apparition could be the spirit of the place. To back up these claims, a possible doorway into the mountain was highlighted and is believed to be the secret entrance to its otherworldly lair.


Other hypothesis point towards a possible alien base under the Texan lake because of the local stories depicting strange lights at night that are seen in the sky and also descending near the place where this picture was taken.

After considering a lot of possibilities, MUFON declared the case unsolved. What could this mysterious creature be, and from where does it come from? Is it possible that an interdimensional rift opened near the lake, allowing traveling spirits to come to our realm? Or is this in fact a lens anomaly, a fata morgana or even a strange reflection of the sun when it touches the water surface?

Fargo: Epic Crime Show or Unexpected UFO Documentary?

The enigmatic UFOs in the show that won multiple Emmy Awards are all references to real events.

As many of you know Fargo was a Coen brothers directed movie from 1996, which recently got made into a well-known, critically acclaimed TV series.

The first season caught the eye of cult, crime based movie lovers but the second isn’t yet over and already has everybody hanging on the edge of their seats. This is a good thing from an UFOlogic point of view, because people are, and will continue asking questions about the short sequences in which different characters encounter either UFOs, bright lights or strange drawings.


While the first season was your classic one man murder spree, the second is an all out war between, very well chosen, organized crime, represented by the Kansas City Mob, and a local criminal family from Minnesota. The story, in its entirety, is real and only the names have been changed.

The show also references the infamous encounter of deputy Val Johnson from 1979, who claims a bright UFO first observed him for a short time before quickly accelerating in his direction and making contact, leaving him unconscious for almost 40 minutes. When he woke up, he also realized his watch had at one point stopped for a quarter of an hour, but was now running perfectly.

But this particular incident hasn’t yet come to light in the show. Instead, we were all left jaw hanging, just like Rye, who, at the end of the first episode of season 2, after leaving a body trail at a diner, encounters bright and strange flying lights just before being run over by Peggy.

Keep in mind that, at the beginning of each episode, there’s a disclaimer saying that the story we are watching is entirely real and only the names have been changed. So if the piles of bodies and acres of grave digging are historically accurate, so must be these alien encounters, which were also reported at the time by some local papers and news agencies.

Pilot, 'Flying Saucer' Battle Over Fargo, N.D. 10-2-1948

Then, in a later episode, when the Native American tracker named Hanzee goes to the diner in order to investigate the murder scene and possibly find out what happened to Rye, he also encounters an alien ship, probably the same one.

This time, we are given a fast glimpse holding many mysterious details, because the scene only lasts, on screen, for a few seconds. However, in these short seconds we can clearly see Hanzee closing his eyes and acknowledging the UFO presence. Then, after we see the tree line shadow move from one side of the road to another in a 2 hour time lapse, he opens his eyes and immediately finds the piece of head light that helps him identify the hit and run car.

The Iroquois confederation tribes are known to hold alien communication knowledge or to have at least developed a mental defensive mechanism against UFOs. Some people concluded that Hanzee was somehow helped by the aliens in finding the broken piece of glass, while other believe he just took a mental defensive stance, for two hours, until the UFO left.

The second theory is also backed by the fact that Rye stared directly into the mysterious bright lights and, well, died. Some people on Reddit have also observed that the clock in the diner only had one hand.

Just as we were trying to make sense of these scenes and preparing for more encounters, we got another short puzzle on our hands in episode 7, when Lou’s wife went into a room up stairs at her father’s house and found a wall full of strange drawings. We haven’t got a clue what happened to her mother, who is absent from the story, so she might’ve been abducted. Others think it was the Sheriff himself who was the architect.


The series’ writers could also be trying to subtly show people that the late 70s and early 80s were the period when UFO encounters were so common and the problem got so serious that the governing forces decided to take it into the Sci-Fi area by making blockbuster movies.

The first scene in episode one depicts an actual shooting of such a movie, while during the cinema murders scene later in the series, a UFO movie was playing.

If you watch Fargo and noticed something we didn’t please leave it in the comments.

IF you haven’t watched Fargo yet, we suggest you do so, immediately. It’s on Mondays at 10 eastern on FX. 

An Entire Fleet of UFOs Was Filmed While Flying Below a Jet Plane

A fleet of UFOs was captured on tape by a passenger on board of a jet airliner heading to Taiwan. The man managed to film this amazing proof of UFOs on planet Earth until he was asked to turn off his phone due to the landing policy.

After the case was reported to MUFON on October 23, 2014, analysts and UFO hunters tried to find a reasonable explanation for this peculiar sighting, but ended up without any reasonable justification, apart from a UFO scenario, therefor closing the case unexplained.

The bright UFOs appearing on the plane window do not resemble to any known crafts. They appear relatively small in size and their shape is likely to be circular or round. Also, the strange orbs are flying at a lower altitude than the jet airliner, right above the clouds that provide a perfect cover up from ground radars and other devices that could spy on them.

Are these flying orbs following or spying on the plane? Or is it that they’ve been spotted and filmed by pure coincidence? From what the witness revealed, it appears that a powerful light coming from the window captured his attention. He stated that:

I was on the airplane of Eva Airline from Canada to Taiwan. It was October 16, 2014, 30 minutes before landing. The first clip was only five seconds. I saw a bright light flying under. In the second picture I saw three UFOs in my camera.

The third video I have is 38 seconds and it shows about eight UFOs flying under the plane. I used slow motion to film the video until they asked me to turn my camera off due to landing policy. The location is at the northeast of Taiwan.

We can see clearly how the bright orbs are flying just above the clouds while at the same time maintaining the same speed as the plane. They don’t appear to have an organize formation like a military squad would, therefor raising a lot of questions about their origins. Could these be alien crafts? Or is it that the military is testing their new toys?


After further analyzing this case, we have found a lot of similarities between these UFOs and the bright orbs reported all over the world. The objects are flying at the same altitude, which most of the time is just above or below the clouds and have the same characteristics in shape and brightness. Also at a closer look, they appear to pulsate, thus explaining the powerful ray of light which drawn the attention of the witness.

These curious bright orbs were seen by UFO hunters countless times and are either interfering with the chem trails – HERE, or they perform “bizarre rituals” on the night sky by executing some law-defying maneuvers. This however, is a rare case surprised from above, and it reveals an alarming number of these orbs, as well as an oblivious attitude towards our earthly aircraft. Why are these UFOs not going for a cautious approach, behind the plane or even on its sides? Is it because they are already used to our extreme ignorance or maybe because we’re talking about military technology here?


Whatever the case, this phenomenon is becoming more and more alarming, and as their numbers appear to increase, so is their level of ignorance towards us. If these orbs are indeed of extraterrestrial origins, military devices or even artificial intelligence, we are yet to find out, and based on their fearless behavior, it might not take that long until they publicly reveal themselves to the world.

You can also view the case of the fallen UFOs that are strongly resembling to the orbs from the video. From what we know, the military immediately secured the objects and NASA declared that they were only space debris from the ISS.

Another UFO Appearance on Mars Deepens the Mystery Even More

As time passes by, planet Mars is becoming more and more intriguing. From the countless shapes that could one day prove to be real artifacts left behind by a former Martian civilization, to bizarre shapes witnessed by Curiosity rover upon the sky of the Red Planet.

Newly released images reveal another UFO speeding across the sky. Could this be an authentic craft, or is it just another lens artifact? At a first analysis, the object appears to be closer to the rover than the previous recorded sightings. Because of this, its shape can be observed better, however, its interior is somehow mixed with the sky contrast, thus raising some questions of it being an actual flying object or not.

o2 (1)

If we look at the second picture taken only moments after, the strange object disappears. Could this confirm the fact that the presumed UFO is traveling at a very high speed? Or is it just another step towards the dust/ lens artifact hypothesis? Why doesn’t it appear on the second photo as well?

Because it’s hard to judge from only one image, here are a few similar ones which show the activity of UFOs near NASA’ rover. In the sky and on the ground, the curious phenomenon slowly dissipates the hypothesis of a mere coincidence.

A black dot appeared on two consecutive images captured by Curiosity this November. Its position was different in both pictures, revealing the traveling speed of the UFO. Because of the big distance between the object and the NASA rover, its shape cannot be accurately determined, but it’s likely that it was indeed a significant discovery because the Youtube account describing the event was closed after a couple of days. Fortunately for us, the pictures still remain.


Another similar case from Mars exposes several bright orbs which appear to be attracted to the Curiosity rover. Looking like a bunch of local spirits, the strange orbs can be seen in a series of eight photos. This case is even more interesting because the UFOs are really similar to the ones seen on Earth.

o3 (1)

Is it possible that an intelligent design is spying on us? Well, if we analyze all the manned missions in space and all the different sightings from Earth, it’s always a UFO present in sight that’s spying from afar or from a close view. Are these all coincidences that can be explained by normal phenomenon occurring in space?

Does this image reveal further evidence of flying objects on Mars? Or is it just another camera malfunction, a bit of dust on the lens that’s clouding our judgement?

Sources: I, II, III, IV

Creepy UFO Jumps Right Out of a Lightning Storm

It’s always a good idea to turn on your video camera whenever a lightning storm is near you because we all know that UFOs are somehow attracted to these intense phenomenon, similar to how bees are attracted to honey.

While driving close to a massive storm in Nebraska, a man decided to film the energetic event, and how inspired he was. As the storm was showing its tremendous power, the most bizarre shape emerged from the fiery clouds, and it’s not like anything you’ve seen before, maybe except for the Harry Potter movie.

The strange UFO can be noticed while it’s speeding besides the car. It came directly from the storm while passing by the car at an extremely close distance. Even though it looks like a “dementor” because of the black color and smoky trail that was left behind it, some other possibilities can be considered. Judge for yourself after you’ve seen the video below.

Is this some sort of paranormal phenomenon? A ghost maybe, or a wandering evil spirit attracted to the energy generated by the lightning storm? We don’t know much about these things, but according to THIS footage, UFOs seem to adore the lightning storms as well, and since we don’t know any videos with electric ghosts, the images provided by satellites from space clearly show the activity of UFOs above lightning storms.

Other theories suggests that the intriguing sighting is in fact a pulse jet aircraft, and that the distance between it and the car is exponentially bigger than what we first see, thus giving new, bigger proportions to the speeding black object. But how is it possible for an earthly craft to fly that low and without any lights turned on?

After further analyzing the video, we did not manage to conclude on what this UFO might be. It doesn’t resemble to anything we’ve seen so far so could this UFO in fact have extraterrestrial origins?

They Were Looking For The Hollow Earth But Find Underwater Skyscraper Instead

Now this is something you don’t see everyday!

Scientists, archaeologists and UFOlogists alike have been using the Google Earth software, which has proven a very competent tool, to find relics, unknown geological structures or even signs of extraterrestrial existence.

There have been countless theories and even tens of detailed descriptions of a place called Hollow Earth where one or more human or alien civilizations discretely make their living, far away from the savage jungle of our society. The fast growing worldwide interest made UFOlogists actually begin searching for it, using Google Earth.

Searching based on symmetry, they divided the globe in 3 zones and zoomed in on a spot located exactly opposite to the great Giza Pyramids. This exact spot held nothing interesting, but widening the search area and zooming in even closer, the UFOlogists discovered a massive structure, measuring approximately one mile in height, on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


Most believe this tower not to be a natural structure, simply because nothing even close to it has ever been discovered on our planet.

For firm believers of the Hollow Earth theory, this was the final proof they needed, not only of its existence, but also the location or pathway. They geologically inspected the tower’s surroundings, and found something looking like a layer, a very large gap somewhere deeper than the ocean floor.

This so called layer is said to be similar, more or less, to what people who claim to have visited it describe. These people also claim that the race inhabiting inner Earth don’t really hide there, but have chosen to come out very rarely, which probably means they do so in order to study us and not for resources (We didn’t believe that Earth was going to run out of resources soon anyway).

Hollow Earth theorists and UFO encounter believers don’t normally agree. This case is a rare exception, and for completely different reasons. UFO researchers don’t really believe in the existence of another, slightly different or more advanced human race, but they have always accepted the possibility of inner Earth.

More than 95% of the world’s seas and oceans are entirely unexplored and most of the globe is covered in water, so mankind only knows very little about the planet it inhabits. What geological structures or life forms lay in the vast unknown areas might be beyond human comprehension. The possibilities are endless.

Also, people normally think of UFOs as pure aircraft or spacecraft. But if aliens could travel through space then a UFO would have no problem whatsoever submerging and navigating the oceans just like a submarine. UFOlogists now believe this tower to be part of a global network of such gigantic structures, used by ancient advanced civilizations (human, alien, or both) to transmit and receive large amounts of energy through great distances, or as some would say, from one side of the Earth to another.

Tesla also came up with a similar theory about transmitting the energy through air, proving it possible, but researchers who believe the ancient Egyptians, Mayans or Sumerians mastered this technology are still not being taken seriously.

No country has yet to make an official statement on this discovery, which seems a bit odd, let alone send an exploration team (at least not officially). So here are the exact coordinates if you want to take a look yourself on Google Earth. Let us know what you think:
32 ° 30’07 .74 “S 149 ° 52’46 .51” W

Airplane Passenger Captures Several Pictures of a Huge UFO Near Area 51

While on a flight heading to Houston, TX, a nameless passenger noticed that something strange was glowing on his window. What he saw left him speechless.

The man’s attention was drawn by this huge round and metallic shape that was releasing bright lights from it in the middle of the day. The witness was on an American Airlines flight from San Jose, CA to Houston, TX, when he was surprised by the sighting.

The first thing he did was to grab his phone and take as many pictures as he could. Before the strange objects got out of sight, he managed to capture 6 pictures showing what seems to be a huge craft with other small bright orbs surrounding it.


The airline passenger claims to have captured pictures of a huge disk-craft that was somehow releasing other small UFOs. He also claims that the spot where he saw the peculiar sighting was near the top-secret Area 51 military base which, as you probably know, was publically acknowledged for the first time by the US government in 2003.

What seems strange based on this man’s claims, is that neither the pilot of the plane nor the other passengers noticed anything out of the ordinary. After he disembarked, the man went straight to the Mutual UFO Network which investigates the UFO phenomenon in the US. He stated that:

I was on an American flight from San Jose, Ca to Houston, TX on October 30, 2015 when I noticed a blinding light in the desert near Luning and Gabs, NV. I saw a large silver disc that appeared to be in the middle of the desert. This disc was shooting orb like lights into the air.


The disc itself had multiple lights that were blinding to the eyes. I pulled out my phone and took pictures until my phone died. No other passengers seem to notice the disc or comment on it. Upon my return home, I asked multiple Air Force employees if they have ever seen anything like this and all replied never. Initially I thought it was a satellite but now leave it up to your interpretation. What the hell did I witness?

This particular sighting has led some UFO analysts into believing that the huge UFO from the pictures appears to be landed on the ground. As Scott C. Waring also appreciated, the pictures might reveal a cloaked craft in the Nevada desert, only 140 miles south-west of Area 51. He considers that the UFO might be partially camouflaged to look like the surrounding area, but because of its metallic design, its cover-up is partially exposed.

Another explanation of this bizarre sighting comes from the Mutual UFO Network who believe this to be a huge solar power farm, more precisely the Ivanpah solar farm. Even though the pictures are somehow resembling to it, the fact that the power plant is located in California’s Mojave Desert instead of Nevada, where the sighting was witnessed leaves this case unresolved.


Are we dealing with an authentic UFO phenomenon here, or is it just a solar panel conglomeration? And even though the plane was near that area only for a short while, how come nobody else seen what was happening below?

Inner Ceres: Mysterious Entrance Discovered Near its South Pole

Ceres is a dwarf planet from our solar system which holds more questions than answers. Scientists can’t even study one discovery before stumbling upon the next, bigger one.

It all began when a spacecraft called Dawn took pictures of spots with intense luminosity on the planet’s surface, lights that haven’t been explained to this day.

UFOlogists, scientists and even simple curious people have all been trying to come up with theories on the matter, even comparing the view from space of large modern day cities on our planet to the photos taken on Ceres. When paired, the two look strikingly similar, but scientist say that, while it’s not out of the question there can be another civilization, the photos hold no evidence whatsoever that there actually is. The pictures aren’t conclusive enough, and the human eyes might also see what the mind wants them to.

While everybody was busy launching theories and debating them, an even bigger find occurred on the dwarf planet. In an open, desert-like area, holding no natural rock structures, a structure resembling a pyramid was discovered. NASA then combined shots taken from Dawn during a period of 3 months to create a high-res, HD map of the planet’s poles.


The map shows a 20 km wide mountain and a vast amount of craters, but also a gigantic dark zone that has worried or at least confused scientists worldwide.

On the Official NASA website, two craters are identified in the vicinity of this pitch black area, named Zaddeni and Atlas. There is also a statement claiming Ceres’ South Pole is under complete darkness and has been so since March, when the spacecraft first started orbiting the mysterious planet.

But this might not be that strange at all. We tend to think of other planets, stars (suns) and their particularities as similar to Earth and its sun, but this is most often not the case. The sun shedding light on Ceres might be so distant and placed so asymmetrically that the spacecraft itself is blocking its own cameras from receiving any light.(like trying to take a picture with no light, inside a closet).

This theory is also supported by the fact that the North pole, weirdly, is almost perfectly illuminated, like a sports arena. This region holds the Ysolo Mons, a large mountain neighbored by many craters, most being considerable in size as well.


The closet theory we came up with is not very popular at a global level though, as many are firmly convinced that the shadow covering the south pole of Ceres is artificial, which means someone (like NASA) or something (like an advanced alien race) is trying to hide something very important, like the possible entrance to an underground military base, city, or as some extreme believers claim, a universal information collecting center (kind of like the universe’s archive).

However, these extreme theorists are backed by the fact that no object or form of life has been seen entering or existing the area in the period in which Dawn has been orbiting it. This would be almost impossible if it was a military base or inhabitable area.

NASA has only begun studying Ceres, so you can only imagine what discoveries and puzzles await in the near future. In the meantime, what’s your theory? Maybe you’re claustrophobic and hate closets. Tell us…

Official Evidence of a UFO Spying on the Apollo 10 Lunar Mission

What happens on the Moon stays on the Moon. Well, maybe if our moon wasn’t such a sensitive subject, the world wouldn’t even know about this bizarre apparition.

While the Command Service Module was tailing the “Snoopy” Lunar Module from the Apollo 10 mission, the most fascinating thing happened: a small, speeding UFO passed just below the two crafts. With skeptics ready to debunk any UFO that comes in sight, it feels like no video on the internet is authentic, however, this particular video has its back covered as it represents official NASA archive from the Apollo 10 lunar mission.

The Command Service Module represented one of two space crafts, together with the Lunar Module, used by the US in 1969 to transport astronauts on the surface of the moon. While the two modules were orbiting around our natural satellite, a peculiar guest made its presence noticed, but only for a few moments.

Saucer photographed during the Apollo 10 mission

If it wasn’t for the camera in the back of the Lunar Module, this would had probably gone unnoticed, but fortunately for us, NASA slipped this before someone thought about editing it; or who knows – maybe at that time, the space agency was well intended and acted less like a tool.

As you can see in the following video, a small white dot is passing by the right of the Command Module. It leaves no trace behind and it’s also hard to see its features as the UFO passes at a considerable distance from the lunar expedition convoy.

However, the most important fact is still in sight – the MOON. While some might consider such an object a common sight on Earth, it’s hard to explain why we are seeing this on the lunar surface, and also why does it look like it’s scouting our earthly crafts?

While some people consider the white dot to be only a small piece of lost trash from space, we might want to look at the year when this was captured – 1969. With the technological age at its starting point, the hypothesis of space junk flying by is very unlikely, not to mention that it’s the Moon we’re seeing here.

Could this be an actual UFO, curious about the lunar mission? It might sound strange for some, but such a claim is likely to prove real. Judging by other Apollo missions, this wasn’t the only sighting of its kind. Similar objects were caught spying on other lunar modules, and while some of them were seen in space or near the Moon’s surface, others were witnessed right above the ground, in the vicinity of the landing platform.


With most people ready to accept the truth only if it comes from an official statement, it’s easy for NASA to cover up any incidents of this nature. While the field of rational explanations is as wide as the field of conspiracy, a small gap is left for people to decide on their own, based on personal experience, awareness and other disclosing evidence encountered during their lives.

With the truth up there, it remains our duty to show others what is going on, while also questioning every bit of information we receive. Stay vigilant!

And if you want to download and watch the raw  2 MB video, NASA has it stored on the internet for everyone who is interested. Here is the official link.

Watch the Best Collection of Skyrocketing UFOs [NIGHTVISION]

How often do we look at the sky? And how many times does the sky offer relevant sightings?

If you usually check for strange phenomenon in the sky and receive no feedback, it’s probably because you’re not stubborn enough. Waiting for the right sightings to appear might be tricky considering the wide expanse of the sky, but it will eventually reveal the most fascinating things.

From shooting stars to UFO formations, the sky can surprise even the skeptics with its fabulous appearances. Investigating on our own can bring great benefits to ourselves and to the rest of the UFO community, as is the case of UFO Lou, an UFO enthusiast and analyst. During the past few years, this guy managed to film a lot of interesting UFOs and space phenomenon using a P8079HP night vision tube.

As you will see in the following video, the night sky is full of activity. It reveals how different shaped UFOs fly over Earth either on their own or in full formation. Some of them have a luminous tail, while others are pulsating or performing extreme maneuvers that are impossible for our earthly crafts.

 Even though not everything you see in the video is an actual space craft, some particularities are to be noted in order to better distinguish between the different sightings. The large group of shapes in the sky strongly resembles to a flock of birds, while the UFO with a luminous tail can be explained as a fighter jet. Apart from these distractions, the bright orbs so popular nowadays are also present in the video and also a fascinating sighting of a speeding UFO.

In the end of the clip, Mr. Lou highlights a few commercial planes in order to see the huge difference in shape, color and altitude between our earthly crafts and the rest of the UFOs surprised by his night vision camera. Thinking on a larger scale, the night sky is always full of such bizarre crafts.

They travel the world without any fear for boarders or official authorities stopping them. While it is hard to imagine that such sightings were not detected using ground radar technology by now, we tend to believe that they are intelligent and somehow manage to dodge our earthly technology.


Are these crafts coming from Earth or from outer space? From what we know, military technology is well ahead of our time, so the possibility of these coming from Earth is also considered. Do they have bases here on Earth? If we look at the vast amount of unexplored land, also desolate or hard to reach places, this idea doesn’t seem far from reality either.

Are we looking at physically controlled crafts or is it possible that someone is flying them using a remote? Judging by the extreme maneuvers, they could be intelligently controlled, but because we see the UFOs at a very high altitude, it’s either possible for them to be piloted or remote controlled somewhere from space or from a structure orbiting Earth.

The possibility for them being AI devices is also not far from reality, with the ongoing technological progress such a scenario would be quite plausible. Until we find out more details about these UFOs, we can only speculate using what we have, but each day analyzing the phenomenon is a day in the right direction. Keep your eyes on the night sky!